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 Router Commands 
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Post Router Commands
Router Commands
by: Fiza Ali


Banner exec - for activation or incoming vty

Banner incoming - displayed on reverse telnet sessions

Banner login - displayed on all connected terminals. Displayed before MOTD banner but before login prompts

Bfe - manual emergency mode setting

Clear counters - clears counters on all interfaces

Clear frame-relay-inarp - clears dynamic mappings

Clear line 1 - clears vty 1 connection to a remote router

Clock set 10.30.10 28 may 2002

Config-register 0x2102 - changes config register

Copy flash tftp

Copy tftp flash - copies IOS image from tftp server default directory to router flash

Disable - to get back to user mode from privileged

Disconnect 1 - clears a connection to a remote router

Enable - to get into privileged mode

Enable last-resort - define enable action if no tacas servers respond

Enable use-tacas - tells the router to authenticate passwords through a tacas server

Encapsulation isl 3 - encapsulates ISL frame-tagging for VLAN 3 on an interface

Exec timeout 0 1 - sets console timeout to 1 second

Exec-timeout 0 0 - sets exec timeout to never timeout

Exec-timeout 1 0 - set exec timeout to 1 minute

Ip domain-lookup - enables DNS (use no form to stop this)

Ip domain-name - appends domain name to hostname (required for DNS)

Ip host nik - adds to host table (up to 8 ip addr)

Ip name-server - sets ip address(es) of DNS servers

Lock - locks the terminal

Logging synchronous - stops console messages overwriting commands

Logout - to logout of the router

Media-type 100BaseX - sets media type

Mrinfo - request neigbour and version information from a multicast router

No login - sets line, vty ports not to prompt for login info

Passive-inteface s0 - disables routing updates on interface (Global command) - they are not sent out this interface but they are still received.

Ping ipx 40.0000.0c8d.5c9d

Service password-encryption - encrypts passwords (Global command)

Terminal monitor - needed to view debug commands from telnet session

Terminal history size 50 - sets command history to 50 lines

Tftp-server system - Make router a tftp server


Show version - software version, config files, boot images, config register, basic config of router

Show ipx interface - status, ipx rip and sap received/sent, ipx access-lists

Show ipx route - ipx routing table

Show ipx servers - server list (name, port, hops, type of service)

Show ipx traffic - number/type of packets, RIP and SAP packets

Show protocol - ipx addresses of an interface, IP addresses and routing protocol

Show ip protocol - routing update times, networks active on, neighbour routers, administrative distances, AS number

Show access-lists - shows standard and extended access-lists on all interfaces

Show access-list 101

Show ip interface - IP addresses, masks, MTU, access-lists, split horizon, ICMP, CDP status, NAT statistics, LMI info, DLCIs

Show interface serial 0 - shows bandwidth, MTU, keepalives

Show ip route - ip routing table

Show cdp neighbor - deviceID, local intf, holdtime, capability, platform, remote portID

Show cdp entry * - IP address of neighbour, protocol info, platform, capability, portID, holdtime, same info as show version, neighbour device ID, local interface

Show cdp neighbor detail - same as above also IP address, version info

Show cdp traffic - info on traffic and errors

Show cdp interface - encapsulation, timer, holdtime for each intf

Show controllers serial 0 - shows DTE/DCE connections, buffer size, collisions, mac address

Show host(s) - shows hostname to IP resolution of hosts

Show session(s) - shows connections to a remote device

Show users - shows connections to your router, port and time connected

Show frame-relay lmi - lmi errors and lmi type

Show frame-relay pvc - all configured PVC's, DLCI numbers, status of connections, No. of BECN/FECN

Show frame-relay pvc 16

Show frame-relay map - ip to dlci mappings

Show run - display router config (RAM), configured PVCs, ACLs.

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Submitted By: Fiza Ali

Copyright © 2001-Present

This article was posted by permission.

Thu Aug 02, 2007 2:54 pm
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