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 Balance Your Life: Take the Quiz 
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Post Balance Your Life: Take the Quiz
Balance Your Life: Take the Quiz
by: LuAnn Kennedy

You may be thinking that your life needs more balance, more time spent at home and with friends and less time spent at work. Perhaps you’ve even mentioned this to your spouse, girlfriend, best buddy, doctor, or co-workers.

If you have, it's likely that at least one of these people raised an eyebrow and explained the facts of life to you. That is, that nearly everyone is overworked these days, and you should get used to it. Besides, your friend Joe said unsympathetically, “I work a lot more hours than you do, so you have no reason to complain."

Yet there's still that nagging doubt. That feeling that you shouldn’t always be so stressed, so tired, so short on time, coupled with the knowledge that you can’t seem to think clearly anymore, that you always forget family birthdays, and that you rarely eat dinner before 10:00 p.m.

You should definitely listen to your own intuition and take control over your life before you have no OTHER life than what exists in the workplace! But if you still need convincing, or perhaps some more objective feedback, try this little quiz:

Just answer "True" or "False" to each of these statements. Be honest!

1. I am spending more time than ever at work and on work-related projects and activities.

2. I usually feel that I’ve run out of time at the end of the day, and I worry about all the things that didn't get done.

3. I don’t have any time for myself, my family, or my friends.

4. I don’t get to visit with or talk to my family and friends very often.

5. Social meetings always seem rushed, and I find myself thinking about what I have to get done, and how I should be elsewhere, instead of enjoying the time with my family or friends.

6. On most days, every minute of every waking hour is scheduled with an activity, or I have something urgent to accomplish.

7. I’m not sure who I am anymore, and I often wonder why I chose this job or career.

8. It's hard to recall my last vacation day or day off, or the last time I just sat and read a book or relaxed.

9. I don’t have much fun anymore, and I rarely do something just because I want to do it or because I think it will be pleasurable or fun.

10. I feel stressed out much of the time and find myself losing patience easily.

11. It's sometimes hard to sleep at night and to unwind at the end of the day.

12. My life is a blur. I feel like I have to keep moving from one thing to the next with no time to catch my breath.

13. When I do sit down to read a book for pleasure, or to watch a movie, or TV, I find my mind wandering back to work related subjects, or I fall asleep from exhaustion.

14. I want more time for entertainment, hobbies, and activities, but never seem to get it.

15. I often have to postpone social engagements, doctor’s appointments, or other personal things, or am often late to these appointments.

16. I'm usually very tired in the morning when I arrive for work and, even after the weekend, I feel exhausted.

17. It's hard to find the time to help my children with homework, talk to my spouse or friend about their day, or just sit and write out checks.

18. People depend on my income, but they also expect me to be there for important dates like birthdays and soccer games, and I often feel torn and misunderstood.

19. I almost always bring some work home at the end of the day, and/or I nearly always work for part of the weekend or on my days off.

If you answered "True" to less than five of these questions, you're not overworked, and your life is in good balance. Just be sure to keep it that way!

If you answered "True" to more than eight of these questions, your life is seriously out of balance.

If you answered "True" to more than twelve of these questions, you should immediately start a program to regain control over your life, before stress and overwork damage your health and your relationships.

Stress is very real, and anyone who tells you to "just deal with it" is ultimately setting you up for failure--failure in relationships, failure to protect your health, and in short, failure in life in general. In addition, going to stress management workshops will only teach you to tolerate more stress! So, the time to act is now. And the thing to do is find ways to control your own life. When you do, you'll be surprised how much free time you have and how much more you enjoy it!

About The Author

Copyright 2006 by LuAnn Kennedy. This article may be reprinted in its entirety, as long as the copyright information and resource box are included.

LuAnn Kennedy's Balance Your Life - The Complete Guide to Managing Work and Family offers simple, practical tips to save you time and money. You'll finally learn how to "work to live" not "live to work," and enjoy yourself more in the process! For more information on the e-book and paperback, visit:

Copyright © 2001-Present

This article was posted by permission.

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