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 Cubs Fans as Metaphor for Chicago Dating 
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Post Cubs Fans as Metaphor for Chicago Dating
Cubs Fans as Metaphor for Chicago Dating
by: Andy Eliason

Cubs fans, known throughout the baseball world, and the country in general, as the most die-hard, loyal, and dedicated fans in the sport. Wrigley Field regularly packs the stadium with fans... fans who are sure that this year things will be different. This year they'll make it to the World Series.

And yet...

The Cubs haven't been to the World Series since 1945, and they haven't won the Series since 1908. And yet the Cubs fans continue to believe. They continue to hope against hope, and show up at every game, cheering them on and throwing back the opposing team's home run balls. For what? A team that continues to let them down?

One could examine Chicago dating (or any dating for that matter) in the same way. We hope against hope that this time our blind date will be worthwhile or that this time a relationship will make it past the third date. Like a true Cubs fan, we are completely dedicated to our cause, and our belief is pure that someday our Chicago dating will garner success. It's the epitome of Blind Faith, but let's face it, we love the struggle and the journey into the unknown.

Sometimes, when we go through a dry spell (maybe month for us, a century for the Cubs) we tend to look for reasons – anything that would explain why these failures or rejections are happening to us. But of course, we tend to look for reasons that are beyond our control That way, it's not our fault.

The Curse of the Billy Goat has dogged the Cubs since 1945. Every time the Cubs get close to the World Series, something “outside of their control” steps in to ruin everything and stomp on the hearts of Cubs fans one more year. Chicago dating also offers plenty of scapegoats. “No one understands me”, “Girls always want someone with a better job”, “Guys are all jerks”, and so on and so forth. We fall back on these because they are a simple way to avoid Chicago dating demands.

And just when we think we can overcome all these problems and have an enjoyable life, Steve Bartman reaches out and knocks the ball away from our grasp.

And we were so close!

Every time we get close to achieving that long term goal it seems like any number of obstructions can pop up and and make trouble for us. For the Cubs, it was Steve Bartman, for Chicago singles it could be any of the common speed bumps that we pin a failed relationship on. Nevermind that the Cubs were still leading after the incident, and nevermind that it's only a simple misunderstanding that has come between a couple, these speed bumps become our focus and our reason for letting everything else fall apart.

Now here's the tough question: As all these speed bumps and problems pop up in a Chicago dating situation or on the road to the World Series, do we really want to overcome them? Or have we gotten too comfortable in the status quo?

The Cubs have a history of questionable trades and not using their funds to improve the team. Part of the current Cubs identity is “the team that is cursed.” Every year we get to watch them battle against an overwhelming curse year after year. Would they really still be “The Cubs” if they didn't have a curse to overcome? Could the owners still fill the stands if the Cubs were just another team in the MLB?

Do our Chicago dating habits follow the same trend? If we come across the means to change our dating life, do we take the chance to grow the relationship – to take the relationship to the next level – or do we pass it by because “it wouldn't be me”?

The Cubs have employed various means to eliminate their curse. Most recently, a fan paid more than one hundred thousand dollars to buy the Steve Bartman baseball and blew it up in front of a huge gathering of fans. Rather than taking the basic steps to build up a winning team, they seemed to think a big explosion would solve all their problems.

Are we also looking for a mystical cure to our Chicago dating woes? Do we think that a big explosion will solve all our problems?

There is, luckily, a cure. According to Sam Sianis, the nephew of the man who placed the curse, the Cubs have to show a sincere fondness for goats, and not just welcome them back as a publicity stunt.

The Chicago dating cure may be just as simple. One has to have the dedication and determination of a Cubs fan to make it through the rough patches, but dating has to be for the sake of dating. Because you really want a relationship. When you can honestly enter the Chicago dating scene with those intentions, rather than to keep up an image, you'll find yourself on the road to the World Series... or a happy relationship. One of the two.

About The Author

Andy Eliason is a writer at Main10. You can learn more about Chicago dating and developing lasting relationships at

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This article was posted by permission.

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