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 "...Body Language...vs....Physiological Change" 
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Post "...Body Language...vs....Physiological Change"
The Body Language Technique Approach vs. True Physiological Change
by: Rion Williams

If you've been studying self-improvement and wanting to have more success with women and dating, you have probably come across different ways of doing things.

There are many teachers who will teach you how to 'act' the part because you aren't yet at the level of being truly comfortable and congruent in your own skin like a natural, 'alpha male' would be.

So they teach you things such as; stand up straight, stick your chest out, practicing holding her eye contact, moving slower, etc.

It may even look like progress is being made when you do these things that they have seen alpha male's do. After all you're taking 'action' and it must mean something.

Well, unfortunately that's pretty much what it is; acting.

Look, you can try ANY number of body language 'techniques' or exercises but you're STILL going to have the fear and incongruency around these beautiful and powerful women that you desire.

Ideally, you would want TRUE and PURE physiological change and a method to get there.

Isn't there ANYTHING out there that will finally teach you how to effectively have real, core physiological change? I mean, true and pure change so that all of your actions stem not from acting but from 'being' that man of higher natural character?

Yes, there is finally an answer. It extends beyond NLP, hypnosis and body language exercises. It's called Alpha Relational Dynamics.

No longer is it enough to just 'know thyself' anymore. Why? Because the root of your repression and lack of effectiveness is in these influential powers which you don't understand.

You were born with and inherently have 'the power' to succeed with seducing women, it's just been covered up and repressed by powers that you unknowingly allowed to be greater than you.

Women are representing a tremendous amount of socially leveraged power and no level of 'inner game' fixing or NLP is going to change the reality of that. You just have to understand your relationship to the root of the power she represents and what it means to you.

Things really aren't that difficult but you just have to see through to the truth of what is going on and what has covered up your natural ability.

Once you understand your relationship to the powers of influence and where you fit amongst it all, THEN you will be able to clearly 'be yourself' and 'be' comfortable in your own skin because you can move that repression of your natural character into it's proper place.

This equals fast physiological change and it happened for me too. One of my students said that it's like 'when someone tells you that your father wasn't your father'. It's that type of change.

In fact, I don't see any other way if you were brought up in a social culture like this.

It's either, remain ignorant to the grand relational dynamics and keep hitting the wall OR have cognition of the relational and social truth and reclaim your power.

Once you have your power, you'll be able to consistently succeed with women and dating because you will always be doing the 'right' things physiologically and nonverbally around them. The social power they represent won't be intimidating you and getting in your way anymore. You'll be free to be yourself; but with power!

Though studying alpha male role models such as movie heroes can be important, it doesn't necessarily lead to true change for yourself.

Apply alpha relational dynamics and you will 'be' more of what women want without resorting to gimmick tricks or techniques to 'act' the part. We all know that women will catch your 'acting'. Find out more about the path to empowerment.

-Rion Williams

About The Author

Rion Williams is one of the foremost experts in dating advice, personal power, body language and social dynamics.

Learn how to be an alpha male who is comfortable in his own skin and succeeds with women and dating @ Also, you can get instant access to see the 'secret of women' for yourself @


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