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 Power Dynamics of Dating and Seduction 
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Post Power Dynamics of Dating and Seduction
Power Dynamics of Dating and Seduction
by: Rion Williams

To be an effective ladies man, this is what you have to do (it all boils down to this):

Take them from their being the 'stimulus' to their being the response to your natural and masculine character.

When you can convert them from being a prickteasing, overrated, socially desired woman to the innocent, responsive, enthralled little girl inside - that is seduction.

A woman's true sexual nature is her natural character. It is NOT her sexually exploited or social character which is akin to porn videos.

Remember the National Geographic women? That is an example of natural women without any level of extreme social influence. Compare that to today's Ashlee Simpson clones.

Today's women that you want to instantly sleep with the second you see, are accentuating and exploiting their sexuality to trigger men to 'respond'. They have learned and adapted to this from their own social environment.

None of this is natural. Social influence is now a great game of power and influence. It is no longer our tribal societies where we banded together for the common good. You ability to differentiate that is incredibly powerful.

By saying that we are social creatures, you're dooming yourself to be a pawn that is subject to the power and influence of someone who is higher than you in the now social power game and hierarchy.

And when you're a pawn at the low end of this social hierarchy, you don't have much power or choice when you play that game.

It's similar to the tax advantages an employee has; hardly any because you're stuck in a relationship which you're not clearly aware of.

Any woman with no true character can now become a soft porn clone. She can dress, act, look, accentuate, talk and behave like her high social status role models.

Doing this means she'll have instant attention from men because she is leveraging this social power to be the 'stimulus' for men who have been conditioned to automatically respond to this exploitation of women.

So when it comes to succeeding with these women for physical relationships or dating, if a man is acknowledging the social hierarchy that she is above him, he doesn't stand a chance except fools mate. Why? Because he is lower down on the social hierarchy and women expect men at their level or above in relational power.

He's the lower status 'response' who is someone trying to 'get some' of her massive desired (exploited) sexuality. Whoever has the most power (the woman here) can easily say no with no sense of loss.

She's the prize and despite what society promotes, it's all a great big fantasy. It's not what she wants either.

To be a true seducer, you're concerned with that which really matters; the natural game of attraction. That means you will put aside the contrived hierarchical power game because you don't take part in it and instead you see the woman for who she REALLY is on the inside.

You look for her truth within and bring that out of her. Her inner character may be overwhelming as well but it's not even's the true feminine core within her that knows how to respond to a strong man.

It's her guaranteed biology within that overrules all level of social development or someone else's power game in which she is taking a part of.

So to seduce these women, don't play the game of disempowerment where you ARE lower than her on the hierarchy and then have to determine higher value, break her down, be cocky, etc. just to EQUALIZE your power in relation to her.

Instead, be truly EQUAL or greater in relational power in the first place. In fact you HAVE TO BE to have anything other than here and there success (especially with the MOST desired and beautiful women).

There doesn't have to be any tricks or techniques because all those guys (most of the seduction community) are trying to do is just level out the power in the relationship anyways so that it can officially begin.

I teach you to actually BE equal or greater in relational power in the first place so that you don't have to waste time with proving yourself of playing the power game; instead you can move ahead and they'll be helping you to seduce them because they finally met a man who gets it and who they can 'trust' to respond to.

From there, it will be a lot easier for her to put her logic aside because she can trust you to be yourself, then she will starting representing and bringing out her natural and responsive character with your leading.

-Rion Williams

About The Author

Rion Williams is one of the foremost experts in dating advice, personal power, body language and social dynamics.

Learn how to be an alpha male who is comfortable in his own skin and succeeds with women and dating @ Also, you can get instant access to see the 'secret of women' for yourself @


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