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 The Best Way to Get a Woman's Phone Number 
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Post The Best Way to Get a Woman's Phone Number
The Best Way to Get a Woman's Phone Number
by: Stephen Nash

A guy recently emailed me a GREAT question that stumps everyone I meet. It has to do with a simple challenge, but one that most of you would love to handle better. Let’s hear what he has to say:


First of all, thanks for all of your solid advice over the years. I am a huge fan of yours, and Mike too. Your dating and fashion advice are number one, as far as I am concerned. Recently, I have improved a lot of my dating woes and am meeting lots of women. However, when it comes time to go for the phone number, I get all tongue-tied and confused. Help me out man! What is the best way to ask for her phone number?

Thanks a lot!

Los Angeles, CA”

Good question Owen, and thanks for writing us. So, let me guess, you spotted her in the mall, you approached her, you have had a great conversation, but you feel clueless when it is time to take it to the next level and get her phone number? Yep, that problem is common…

Lots of guys get hung up when it comes time to “close the deal”. They don’t know what to say, so often they won’t say anything and just split!

How many times have I heard women exclaim, “Why didn’t he ask for my number? I would have given it to him in a heartbeat!!”

The best way to get her number is, of course, to ask her. If she is into you, it won’t matter how you ask her – she won’t care! However, if you want a solid script to use, which helps you feel prepared – here is the best one yet:

“I have to run, and so do you, but I would love to continue this some other time – what is your number?”

I know, I know…it couldn’t be that easy…

But guess what – IT IS. That’s really it guys!

You graciously tell her that you have to leave, and you let her know that you also realize that she has to go too. Also, by exiting, you indicate to her that you are a busy guy and don’t have all day to chat. Then, you set it up as a continuation of what has already been started. People are less likely to feel uncomfortable continuing something (unless she doesn’t feel comfortable around you) than they are starting something completely anew.

If you don’t get her number with this script, something is wrong with your presentation or conversational skills. Or, maybe she’s just having a bad day…

In any event – keep it simple, and just be sure to ask. And remember, if she likes you, it won’t matter how you say it. So, be sure to be playful, humorous, build a little intrigue, reveal some interesting facts about yourself…cover the basics.

Speaking of that, if you still don’t get the basics, let me suggest you take a look at the CEIC product line. My ebook How To Get A Girlfriend: The Seven Essential Skills for Attracting the Woman of Your Dreams covers all the basics, while our 7-day Audio Program, Natural Attraction takes these seven skills and expands upon them, including exercises designed to EASILY transform your dating and relationships with all people, not just women. Click here to read more about it.

Otherwise, use this to your heart’s content. Unlike some of my friends, I won’t even charge you royalties to use it!

Remember to send me those questions, and write “Mailbag” in the subject line. I really thank all the guys who send me questions (I get a lot, and I appreciate ALL of them – seriously) as it lets me know what kinds of challenges you are all having, helping us to help you…

About The Author

Stephen Nash
Cutting Edge Image Consulting

Stephen Nash of Cutting Edge Image Consulting (CEIC) is author of the book How to Get A Girlfriend: The Seven Essential Skills for Attracting the Woman of Your Dreams and Natural Attraction, 7 CD Audio course on image enhancement and dating for men. Learn how to become a man that's magnetically attractive to women of exceptional quality and how to build positive and healthy relationships through charisma and self-image enhancement.

Copyright © 2001-Present

This article was posted by permission.

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