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 Galactic Empire, a Space-age Third Reich 
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Post Galactic Empire, a Space-age Third Reich
Galactic Empire, a Space-age Third Reich
by: Francesca Black

Born in May of 1944, in Modesto, California, George Lucas lived a world away from the horrors of Fascist Germany. Yet its imprint is more than evident in Lucas' life's work and creative brainchild, the Star Wars Saga. Admitting that the Galactic Empire was based on Germany's Third Reich, Lucas drew from history the characters and imagery needed to paint his evil regime. While some parallels are obvious-such as the robotic white soldiers Lucas named "storm troopers," the same name Hitler gave his personal bodyguards during World War II, other comparisons require a little digging. These comparisons make for a fascinating study.

Senator Palpatine and Adolf Hitler: The story of Senator Palpatine as fleshed out in Episodes I, II, and III bears remarkable resemblance to Adolf Hitler's rise to power. Both men rose from obscurity to power, outwardly embracing democracy and the republic, while behind the scenes they worked for its ruin. In Episode II Senator Palpatine faces the dissolution of the senate with, "I love democracy…I love the republic," while reluctantly accepting supreme power. It is unknown that he is also the Sith Lord, orchestrating the downfall of democracy. This echoes the history of Hitler, who also outwardly supported democracy, promising to play by its rules, all along forming a shadow government and an army among the ranks of his Nazi party. The similarity is most striking in the burning of the Jedi temple and the 1933 burning of the Reichstag which effectively dissolved the German senate. These spectacles were both masterminded to bring Palpatine and Hitler into power. Afterwards, Palpatine installs himself as Emperor, while Hitler declared himself "Fuhrer," or supreme leader.

The leadership style of Palpatine continues to be modeled after Hitler, who then withdrew from the public eye and surrounded himself with only those whom he knew to be his loyal followers. While Hitler formed the SS-a black-coated protection squad which protected him day and night and publicly carried out his orders, Palpatine as emperor created Darth Vader-his black robed crony whose obedience to the Emperor extended to destroying whole planets. Hitler is remembered as evil embodied, and as such, Lucas could not have chosen a better figure to model Palpatine after.

Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker Parallels: In German, vater means "father." Thus, Vader is a most interesting and deliberate choice for a character who is the father of the spiritual Star Wars hero. This father-son relationship finds its parallel in the relationship between the German poet and political rebel Albrecht Haushofer and his father, Karl. Karl's frequent travels to Japan greatly influenced his life and thinking. He was particularly entranced by the samurai--the Japanese military aristocracy which Lucas drew on heavily for inspiration for the Jedi. In the 1920s Karl became involved with Hitler through his close student, Rudolf Hess (who later was considered Hitler's #3 man after Goring). Karl became instrumental in forming the alliance between Germany and Japan. An additional interesting side note is that a geopolitical contemporary named Maull existed at this time. Maul was a contemporary sith of Anakin Skywalker.

Young Albrecht, in a poem entitled Der Vater, alludes to an evil that shows itself once every thousand years. When Star Wars begins the sith had not been seen for that long. The poem continues by saying that Albrecht's father had power to stop this evil but instead he unlea
[Note: Due to size restriction, this articles title has to be abreviated. Apologies to Tom Gauger. - Admin.]

This article was posted by permission.iüÜ
1e15008ee1#Song Demos - How To Get Them Heard!3Song Demos - How To Get Them Heard!
by: Tom Gauger

By now you’ve probably read a myriad of articles with individuals who claim to have all of the answers and secrets to getting your songs heard and cut – for a price of course. I will not claim to have all of the answers and neither will I promise you fame and fortune, but I will give you some solid advice as to how to get your songs heard. As a former talent booking agent with the William Morris Agency, I can attest to the number of individuals out there who really don’t have a clue as to how to not only write and produce their song demos, but how to market their songs and themselves as viable acts. Let’s look at some key ideas that I’m sure will help you and hopefully further your writing career.

As we say at, a song worth hearing is a song worth hearing. Is your song that you are pitching worth hearing? I can’t answer that, but you can. It’s the obvious and we won’t say any more other than that – Make sure your song is worth hearing. Is your song that you want to get heard and ultimately cut, have marketing viability? Does your song have too narrow a niche where you are shorting yourself on possible acts and artists that can cut it? Don’t adjust a great song just for pure marketing, but the odds are greatly increased with a more broad range of appeal. Are all of your songs starting to sound the same? Do you need a writing partner to broaden your song writing horizons? I am asking all of these questions to get you thinking and then I am going to head into the marketing department for a minute to see where you are at. You see, I can’t possibly answer any of the above questions, because I haven’t heard your material, but if you’re honest you can and will. Answering these questions is your first assignment.

Before I go on, you

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