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 Six Tips To Help Your Overweight Children Lose Weight 
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Post Six Tips To Help Your Overweight Children Lose Weight
by: William Winch

Childhood obesity has more than tripled over the past 40 years. More than 30% of children and teens are overweight and 20% are classified as obese. Most parents wait for their child to grow out of it, encouraging them to be proud of who they are. That is certainly noble in theory, but being overweight increases the risk for type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, elevated blood cholesterol levels, and premature heart disease.

It can certainly be a challenge for parents to provide children with opportunities to lead a healthy lifestyle. You never know what they could be stuffing down their mouths in the school cafeteria or at their friend' house. That is why it is so important to teach proper nutrition in the home. They will not learn about it in school, not even in health class. The more you practice good health at home, the better choices they will make out in the world.

Here are a few weight loss tips to get your children started on the road to good health.

Children Lose Weight Tips #1: Be The Example Yourself

If you are overweight or obese yourself, you are setting a bad example for your children. Be a responsible parent and go on a diet. Yes, YOU! Children often mimic what their parents do, and if you are fat, they will think it is OK to be fat. It is a rare occasion that I see fat children with skinny parents, and vice versa. How often do you see fat kinds with skinny parents, or skinny kids with fat parents? Not too common.

Children Lose Weight Tips #2: Pack Their Lunch For Them

Do not hand over a five dollar bill for your child to purchase a lunch themselves just because you are lazy in the morning. Nine times out of ten they will spend it on junk food because you are not there to tell them no. If you want your children to eat properly, do the most you can. Pack their lunch so they are forced to eat it. If that is all they have, they will suffer through it and come out better in the end.

Children Lose Weight Tips #3: Think Ahead

Kinds want to grow up fast but they do not think of the consequences once getting there without planning. Studies show that if a child remains obese by the age of 10-14, they have nearly an 80% chance of remaining at a dangerously heavy weight through adulthood. Let them know that, especially if it scares you (which it should!). A childs weight is the most important predictor of whether or not the child will become an obese adult. Nearly 65% of obese adolescents will still be obese as adults, even if neither parent is obese.

Children Lose Weight Tips #4: Eat Together

When I was a child, it was a rare occasion that my family ate dinner in separate rooms. Do not let your child heat up a burrito and slam it down in their room in front of their computer or television. It is important to monitor their eating and make sure they are paying attention to the luxury of having dinner, especially if they are trying to lose weight. Eating together as a family is an activity that will help everyone follow a healthier lifestyle.

Children Lose Weight Tips #5: Fix Them A Healthy Breakfast

You know this is the most important meal of the day, so handing over a sugary pop-tart to your child on their way out of the house is extremely counter-productive. And do not even think about stopping off at Starbucks and buying them a fatty latte either. A healthy breakfast at home does not have to be time consuming. I make a soy based protein smoothy every morning that provides me with the best nutrition possible. It takes me literally 2 minutes to make it in the blender.

Children Lose Weight Tips #6: Introduce Healthy Snacking

Children are quite active with school, sports and other extra-curricular activities. It makes sense that they need a boost of energy in between meals. Stock your cupboards and refrigerator with healthy snacks instead of processed trigger foods. Cut fruits and vegetables so they can grab them just as they would a candy bar. Protein bars and soy nuts are a great alternative to cookies and chips. Premix flavored water with green tea to give them natural energy boosts instead of providing high sugar soda and sports drinks they are not healthy.

Helping a child to develop lifelong healthy habits can be rewarding in so many ways. Introducing healthy alternatives into your child's diet is not rocket science. Try the Children Lose Weight tips listed above to prevent resistance to healthier eating. As a parent, you are responsible for what, when and where your children eat. It is up to you to help your children adopt a healthy lifestyle.

About The Author
Bill Winch is a Personal Wellness Coach whose mission is teaching and coaching others who are struggling with getting healthy, losing weight safely and keeping it off for good. You can contact him for assistance on his website at or by calling (585) 271-3767.

The author invites you to visit:

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