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 "How To Select The Ideal Catering Thermometers For..." 
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Post "How To Select The Ideal Catering Thermometers For..."
How To Select The Ideal Catering Thermometers For Your Application
by: Alexander Sutherby

Catering Thermometers are utilised in food preparation environments in hotels, restaurants, bars and eating places in which food cleanliness and hygiene are of key importance. In catering situations it is very important to choose thermometers of the right specification. When choosing ... characteristics of importance are , the measurement range , the equipment accuracy, the resolution of the temperature marking and the response time.

Why fridge and freezer temperatures are important.

Preserving the correct fridge and freezer temperatures is important for food safety and hygiene. A temperature of 4 degrees centigrade is acceptable for keeping food in refrigerators for short periods. For more prolonged periods it is best to drop the temperature to 2 centigrade.

The perfect temperature for food in a freezer is between -18 and -22 degrees centigrade as bacteria will not survive at these temperatures. The specified temperature range is small which shows the importance of using a good catering thermometers .

Safe food temperatures to control bacteria.

Killing bacteria is necessary to stop food poisoning. The killing of bacteria on food is vital to avoid poisoning. The majority of bacteria are killed in the temperature region between 75 and 100 degrees centigrade. If food is between 0 and 75°C then there is a high risk of bacteria escalation which means that care should be taken when using the microwave and when food is reheated to be certain that there are no areas which remain cold.

These points clearly show the reason why it is important to use catering thermometers with the right dimensions and characteristics to control temperatures and bacteria growth.

What are the the basics in choosing catering thermometers

For checking the temperature of food it is customary to use probe catering thermometers. These can check the temperature of the food internally at any position that is reachable. Catering Thermometers of the probe type as offerred in a range of varieties to meet different requisites including handheld, pocket sized and dishwasher safe.

Freezer and fridge catering thermometers that either hang inside or stand within the appliances can be found with advanced features like audible alarms and power warning systems. This type of device is customarily water resistant and can be purchased with either dial or digital displays to serve the usage needs.

At the other extreme of the temperature scale there are a collection of oven and microwave catering thermometers available. Oven and microwave versions are constructed to meet the high heat operating conditions and specific varieties include a countdown timer which is a highly appealing feature for cooking.

Operation of catering thermometers.

Another critical consideration for catering thermometers is ease of use. You can purchase the most accurate devices in the world , however, if they are not used correctly then they service no purpose. For this reason it is important to ensure that the dials are clear and easy to read and use colour coding effectively to minimize any operator errors. If catering thermometers look basic to use, have a clean display and have the capability to mount in decisively visible places, then they are often a good choice.

About The Author
I like to cook for fun and enjoyment and am always focusing on temperature management to curb bacteria growth. Please review ... order to check out more on this subject.
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