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 "Are You a Daily Latte Drinker? Then Get Your Own..." 
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Post "Are You a Daily Latte Drinker? Then Get Your Own..."
Are You a Daily Latte Drinker? Then Get Your Own Latte Maker!
by: Mike Andrews

You can't create a truly good latte without having a really great latte maker. And a latte maker is really an espresso maker! And a excellent latte truly demands a well made shot of espresso. Can you see where I'm going with this?

For most types of coffee drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos, the base ingredient is espresso. If the espresso isn't good then your coffee drink won't be great. And espresso is more than just a powerful cup of coffee. In truth, an espresso is much more complicated than that. A properly created espresso comes from approximately 700 soluble and 800 volatile substances, and involves 13 independent physical and chemical variables. Who would have thought?

Espresso is really a coffee drink that is made utilizing a process which has been extremely refined over the ages. For any great espresso you must start with freshly ground roasted coffee beans. The coffee beans need to be ground a lot finer than if you were grinding coffee for a drip coffee maker. The ground coffee is then placed within a little basket that has been engineered and designed in such a way, in a perfect ratio of depth to diameter, that when the grounds are added and tamped down it offers just the correct amount of surface area for the water to be forced over. Then water which has been heated to between 195 - 205 degrees Fahrenheit is forced through the coffee grounds using around 8-9 bars of pressure, and taking between 22 to 32 seconds (timing from the moment the pump begins). All of these elements working together produce a coffee drink, espresso, which has been made by extracting all of the aromatic and flavorful oils from the coffee. If carried out properly the espresso should have a cap of rich foam called créma.

Making a latte or a cappuccino requires the addition of steamed or frothed milk in various quantities that are in relation to the quantity of espresso used. Like lattes use 2 parts steamed milk to 1 part espresso. Cappuccinos use 1 part steamed milk to 1 part foam to 1 part espresso.

So when you are searching for a high quality latte maker, what you truly want to be looking for is a top quality espresso maker. The greatest espresso makers on the market these days may be the super automatic espresso machine. These are simple to use simply because almost everything is "automatic". They may cost a little more, but they make an excellent espresso and latte. Making an espresso drink is really pretty easy with one of these machines. Just put beans in the hopper, fill up the water reservoir and push a button. Ahhhh... So simple and so delicious!

About The Author
Say good-Bye to Starbucks and the $5 latte. If you're going broke feeding your addiction then get your own latte maker today and save lots of money. Learn about the different types of latte and espresso makers at
The author invites you to visit:

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Thu Dec 02, 2010 3:45 pm
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