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 Electric Tea Kettles 
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Post Electric Tea Kettles
Electric Tea Kettles
by: Joyce Kaaland

Electric Tea Kettles come in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes. What is the importance of each one of these differences to you? Let us look at sizes first. Most tea kettles are around the 1.5 litre size; that is roughly 53 ounces or 1.65 quarts. The following are by increases in size:

• Presto 02703 - 68 ounces

• Black and Decker KEKE20- 48 oz.

• Delonghi DSJ 900 - 50 ounces

• Hamilton Beach 40866 - 58 ounces

• Toastess Delfino DLJK459 – 58 oz.

• Toastess TJK28 - 58 ounces

• Delonghi DSJM350 - 60 ounces

• Rachel Ray Ball kettles - 64 oz.

• Hamilton Beach 40898 - 64 oz.

• Hamilton Beach 40999 - 80 oz.

• Hamilton Beach 40870 - 80 oz.

Choosing the right size depends on your need and weight of a full tea kettle. Many found that the 80 ounce size was a bit too heavy when full of water; the HB4099 is 11 pounds when full of water. The 32 ounce size is great for a single person or a couple who do not need hot water very often when wanting instant coffees, teas, chocolate milk and soups for one or two people. That would make the Presto 02703 a total of 4 pounds when full. Forty-eight ounces is a quart and a half, this is 6 cups of your favorite beverage and weighs 3 lbs plus the weight of the Black & Decker KEKE20 would total 6 pounds. Those that hold 64 ounces, 8 cups, along with the weight of the Hamilton Beach 40898 would be carrying a total of 9 pounds while the Rachel Ray Ball kettle would be a total of 7 pounds. The point here is it is good to know what your total weight would be when using the tea kettle completely full of water.

The best color depends upon the eye of the beholder. Do you light bright colors to lighten up your kitchen? Then the Rachel Ray Ball Kettles may be the right one for you. Like the kitchen to glisten with white cleanliness? Then the white Black and Decker KEKE20, Toastess TJK28 or the Presto 02703 may appeal to you. I know others who want the stainless steel or brushed aluminum look. The Delonghi DSJ 900, Hamilton Beach 40999, Hamilton Beach 40866, Hamilton Beach 40898, Hamilton Beach 40999 and Hamilton Beach 40870 may be the right ones for you. The Delonghi DSJ 900 is brushed aluminum in the delfino style. Again, if you plan to have an electric tea kettle around for a long time you would most likely like it to fit into your décor.

Shape is more than just a shape. Shapes of tea kettles make a difference in the balance of the container in your hand. It is also a visual thing that goes with your kitchen style. The shape of a round Rachel Ray does make a presentation difference from the Delonghi Delfino shape.

The last feature that hasn’t been disgusted is the quality of the electric tea kettle. The Delonghi tea kettles company has been difficult to interact with when something goes wrong with the tea kettle. Other tea kettles may be slower to heat than others. All in all, be a smart shopper and check with your “online retailer” who knows about the differences in quality of all the electric tea kettles they offer.

About The Author
Joyce is the owner of and is very knowledgeable about commercial coffeemakers having worked with churches on appliance choices for there commercial kitchens. She has written information on how to take care of coffeemakers, espresso machines and why one year warranties are not a bad thing on her blog site: http//
The author invites you to visit:

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This article was posted by permission.

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