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 The White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer - A Review 
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Post The White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer - A Review
The White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer - A Review
by: Kelly Dickinson

This article is a review of the White Mountain ice cream machine and more specifically, the hand-poweredhand cranked model. If you regularly read review, you know that, you usually have to wait until the conclusion to find out if the product is worth buying or not. Well I'm going to say up front that I really enjoy using this ice cream machine. So I guess the real review here is why you should choose a hand-cranked model over an automatic model.

First, I understand that many people might have reasons for choosing an automatic rather than hand cranked--problems like disability, or just too busy but if you really enjoy ice cream, the hand cranked freezer will do a better job. The way an ice cream maker works is that an ice cream mixture is brought to freezing. If this took place in your refigerator's freezer, you'd get a block of frozen ice cream mix not ice cream. What the maker does is work air into the ice cream mix instead of letting the mixture become a solid mass. This is the first advantage over an automatic model because as a you turn the lever, you can feel the resistance of the ice cream and as you feel the resistance increasing, you can work a little harder to get more air into the mix.

The second reason to use a hand cranked model is that you can use it just about anyplace. As a kid, my family did a lot of camping and going to the lake. And for us, it was customary to have a big BBQ just about every evening. After the food was gone, a quick run to the local gas station for some ice and pretty soon we'd all be enjoying some homemade ice cream. You won't be able to do that without a generator and if you're using one of the more modern canister type ice cream makerfreezer, you'll need to be able to keep the canister and ingredients cold the entire your out. With a hand-cranked model this is a snap.

So if you have decided to get a hand powered ice cream machine, what is the best way to use it. Well the best way is unquestionably with family. My White Mountain ice cream maker is a 6 quart unit. That's a gallon and a half of ice cream, which of course takes a big crew to consume. But more importantly than that, all those eaters can help out cranking the ice cream. When I was a kid, usually my grandma would make the ice cream mix, and my cousins and I would do the churning. My little brother would sit on a folded towel on top of the ice cream freezer. This helps to keep the ice cream freezer from moving around while cranking. And because these ice cream machines aren't water tight, as the ice melts, some of it will leak out so my grandmother would also put the ice cream maker in an old wash bin. You'll also want to wash the ice cream machinethoroughly when your done with it. Anyone, who lives in America's rust belt can attest, rock salt and metals don't get along.

In conclusion, the best thing about the White Mountain ice cream machine, in addition to the really great ice cream, is how when I was a kid, it always brought the family together. I grew up in the southern part of the U.S. and hand-cranked ice cream maker were everywhere at social events, be it, family get togethers or out camping during the summer.

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