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 Forbidden Technologies 
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[Preamble: Readers should take this article 'with a grain of salt'. - Admin.]

Forbidden Technologies
by: Ernie Vegas

Ever since I have discovered that there is actually a cure for HIV, cancer, and a polluted environment, I have been trying to figure out a way to convince those that are responsible for keeping the cure from the public for so long, that it's not really a good thing to do; it creates karmic debt (bad or negative karma). I still haven't figured out who the responsible people are, but until then, enjoy the following information; the solutions to 3 major world problems (if you can disregard what you are spoon-fed on the news for a moment):


In 1990, at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, in New York City, scientists (Steve Kaali, M.D., and others) discovered a way to neutralize the HIV virus in vitro (this means the blood is removed or the skin is penetrated). Dr. Bob Beck, a Doctor of Science (scientist), took this BLOOD ELECTRIFICATION technology a step further and developed a device to do the same job, but in vivo (meaning the blood isn't removed or the skin isn't penetrated).

Here is the URL for Bob Beck's lecture notes:

Hats off to Steve Kaali and the others for creating the BLOOD ELECTRIFICATION technology, and to Bob Beck for making it affordable (about $200). And hats off to the people using this technology to neutralize HIV and many other organism-based diseases.

Here are two different websites selling the devices:

And here is the schematics for the device (if you want to build your own):

An interview with Dr. Beck can be found here:

A 2-hour video of Dr. Beck can be watched here:

For more information, search the internet for these keywords:




In the 1930s and 1940s, DR. ROYAL RAYMOND RIFE discovered how to cure cancer and many other organism-based diseases using frequencies, then helped a lot of people with his RIFE TECHNOLOGY.

The discovery of a cure for cancer was such a great event that on November 20, 1931, forty-four of the nation's most respected medical authorities honored Royal Rife with a banquet billed as "The End To All Diseases" at the Pasadena estate of Dr Milbank Johnson. Here is the URL of an article that shows this picture and has a lot of good information:

News of the cancer cure made it to the headlines of many newspapers. Here is the URL of an article that shows a headline and has a lot of information:

Here's plans on how to modify your computer and turn it into a RIFE machine (there's also a link to download BLASTER5 free):

Here's another link on how to build a "Poor Man's Rife machine" that has some photos, but is only available from the internet archives:

You can watch a video of a paramecium being destroyed with this technology here:


The technology already exists for running a car on

water by extracting the 'H' (hydrogen) from the H20.

The plans can be downloaded free here:

You can view a video demonstrating an engine running on water here:

BLOOD ELECTRIFICATION, RIFE TECHNOLOGY, THE WATER CAR. All technologies that were suppressed for a long time because the people responsible for suppressing the technology thought that money was more important than people, rather than thinking people are more important than money.

I hope that whoever reads this can help to eliminate needless suffering caused by Cancer and AIDS, and help fix the environment by building or buying a Water Car, then driving it.

Thank you in advance, for helping people, by helping our future. In particular, my children, both born and yet to come, and their children.

About The Author
Ernie Vegas

One of the things I enjoy doing is research on 'forbidden technologies' that could solve our world's problems if certain individuals were to do the right thing and come clean.

Copyright © 2001-Present by
This article was posted by permission.

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