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 Skechers Shape Ups - Getting A Workout All Day 
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Post Skechers Shape Ups - Getting A Workout All Day
Skechers Shape Ups - Getting A Workout All Day
by: Joel Henderson

We all live busy lifestyles. Most technological innovations were intended to simplify our lives, but it seems that each new time saver only serves to make room for more work. Exercise is one of those things that you know you have to fit into your busy schedule, but it always seems to get put on the back burner. When it comes to physical fitness, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to truly multi-task? Well Skechers Shape Ups make it possible to do just that - workout while you’re out at work.

Skechers Shape Ups are designed to intensify any activity you perform while on your feet. You may have seen these distinct sneakers at your local shoe store and thought to yourself, "Skechers really came out with a bizarre pair of shoes," but that curve shaped sole is there for a reason. Shape Ups are designed to give you the same feeling you would experience you would get while walking through sand. Remember what it's like to trudge through the soft sand at your favorite lake or beach. After only a few short yards you're huffing and puffing, and you're calves are on fire. No imagine that same effort all through the day or for as long as you’re wearing a specifically designed set of sneakers.

The curved profile of Skechers Shape Ups is what promotes weight loss for the wearer. These shoes force the wearer to exert greater than normal force through the range of each step. Muscle tone, posture, stance - these are just a few of the areas in which many people experience improvement after wearing Shape Ups for only a few short weeks. Many wearers even report improved ankle strength and reductions in foot pain, even after the onset of weak ligaments and reduced foot arch.

If you do end up purchasing a set of Skechers Shape Ups, here's a few exercises to help you become accustomed to the difference in stance and foot placement you will experience through standard range of step.

Kick Back: While standing upright, place your feet parallel to one another and about hip distance apart with your center of mass balanced. Roll the weight of your body onto the back of the foam heel for a five count, and then roll back to the center. Ensure that you keep you knees bent. If you lock them up you might loose your balance and tip over backward. This exercise is designed to stretch your calf and hamstrings. Repeat this exercise for five to ten reps.

Rock and Roll: Use the same stance and motion from above, except this time roll yourself forward so that your body weight is balancing on the underside of your toes. Hold this position for two seconds then slowly rock back onto your heals and hold there for another two seconds. This continues the stretch of your calves and hamstrings and also warms up your Achilles and ankles. Do this exercise for five to ten repetitions.

Roll and Rock and Roll: This exercise uses the same motion as the Rock and Roll previously, but instead you want your feet moving in opposite directions. While one foot is rolled forward the other will be rocked back. Change positions at the same pace with both feet and continue for 5 to 6 reps.

The Lean: Place your hands palm down against a wall, parallel and slightly above your head. With one leg in front of the other and your arms forward, press with your palms as if you were leaning on the wall while keeping your back leg straight and your front foot on the floor. Then bend the front leg and lean forward by moving your hips toward the wall. Hold for a count of five, and then repeat on the other side. This continues to stretch the calves and Achilles. Repeat for 5 to 6 reps.

You will definitely notice improved strength through your legs, buttocks and thighs as your muscles tone and become accustomed to the effort taken during each stride. The great thing about Skechers Shape Ups is that you won't get all worn out and sweaty like you may expect for a traditional workout session. The beauty of Shape Ups is that while you may not feel it right away, your muscles immediately begin adjusting to the new stance and exerting more effort.

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