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 Driving and Texting - A Fatal Combination 
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Post Driving and Texting - A Fatal Combination
Driving and Texting - A Fatal Combination
by: Stefanie Schoonmaker

Chances are, you have texted while driving and nothing happened. So, you do it again. And again. Each time you risk having a car accident. Sometimes you lose. This is one of the increasingly leading causes of car accidents for all age groups. Blackberries are amazing new gizmos, right? This new technology seems to have also come with a huge price in terms of the increased risk of being in a car accident. Car accidents have been more common since mobile devices have been introduced, but do we really have to suffer the consequences of new technology? That is the question.

As most drivers know, keeping your eyes on the road is a basic rule of driving. Ignore this one rule for a fraction of a second and you could find yourself on the verge of a car accident almost instantaneously. That new text or calendar reminder isn't as important as the safety of you and other drivers. The attention being given to the phone should instead be on the road 100% of the time.

This advice falls on some deaf ears however, because some drivers insist that they can somehow text messages without looking at their mobile phones. Although you might not be looking at your cell phone to text, some part of your brain is still involved in thinking about your messages, pressing keys, and even those funny little smiley faces.

The most offending age population that use mobile phones the most while driving is not surprisingly teenagers. This certainly isn't a shocking statistic, since they are also the group that most easily adapts to new technology. Older drivers are most likely to refrain from using a mobile handset and talking while driving. Younger drivers just don't have the driving experience to tell them that what they are doing is highly risky and dangerous. Although they know right from wrong and have no doubt been lectured to about texting and driving, many will still read a text message the instant their phone beeps.

Experts propose that parents of teen drivers enforce mobile phone rules to try to instill good driving habits in their children. One of the ways to do this is for the parents to refrain from using the phone or texting while driving. Lecturing and simply speaking to your teen may not be enough though, so think about instituting consequences for breaking the "no texting while driving" rule. Allowance deductions, extra chores, loss of phone and loss of driving privileges are all possible consequences. It is crucial for them to keep their children on the right path and realize the dangers that lie ahead if the no-texting-while-driving rule is not followed.

If you text while driving, you are 23 times more prone to car accidents than people who wait until they are at their destination to text. Virginia Tech Transportation Institute conducted a study to determine how long do drivers look or peak into their mobile phones while operating a motor vehicle. The study concluded that drivers glance at their mobile phones very often while driving, as much as every 4 to 5 seconds. This is more than enough time for an accident to occur. In fact, a crash can happen in only a second or two. Other studies have been done that arrive at the same conclusion. And, as with other driving distractions such as reading a book and driving, this one is easy to fix. Setting the phone to silence all sounds and beeps is one way to handle this problem. For those drivers who would still have the tendency to check the phone, putting it somewhere in the car where it cannot be reached, such as the trunk, may be a better idea.

Laws Addressing Texting While Operating a Motor Vehicle

Only a handful of states have laws in force to restrict the use of cell phones while driving; but others have acted fast to mandate the use of a hands-free device when you want to speak and drive at the same time. Legally, most states have simply not caught up to the necessity of cell phone driving legislation, but there are bills pending before various legislatures and more are expected to pass in the next several years.

Many people remember the beginnings of the "Don't Drink and Drive" movement in the 1980's. Just 30 years ago, it was alright to have your last drink just moments before getting behind the wheel of a car to leave a party. Drinking and driving was one thing that people did not want to be associated with because it was now illegal and unacceptable. Driving while texting can have the same effect on you as drinking and driving; all it takes is more people to recognize just how dangerous it really is.

Even new technology that claims to make life easier has flaws, and you need to look at the advantages and disadvantages of its practical use.

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