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 " maybe Seth wants english-speaking white folks to make 
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Post " maybe Seth wants english-speaking white folks to make
FIG. 5 is a cross sectional side view of random pressure switch 100 taken along plane 5 - 5 of FIG. 4. FIG. 5 shows power-in electrode 16 that supplies power to conductive pressure plate 17. Also shown is spring coil retainer clips 25 that hold conductive spring 19 into position with respect to conductive plate 17 and distribution plate 18. Insulator sleeves 22 are located between conductive spring 19 and electrical terminals 24 at each contact plate 20 functioning to isolate conductive leads 23 and power-out electrodes 21 when conductive spring 19 is in a neutral (non-pressure) position. FISHBONE CLOTHES. On the 11th of September 2008 I bought some boots from Jigsaw costing 215. At Christmas we went away to Antigua and I was wearing my boots during the journey, once I got to Antigua I had to take my boots off for a security check and could not put one of the boots back on. I took them back to the shop and explained the situation. I also stressed that I was not interested in money back but would like a replacement as I liked the boots. After five weeks of investigation, Jigsaw Head Office decided that there is no fault found and therefore they will not replace or refund. What are my rights? I only had them for 3 months and they were quite expensive. I have lost my money and I’m left with boots that I cannot wear. The fault in the left boot occurred in the first 3 months and it’s not a matter of wear and tear as Jigsaw said in their defence. TENNIS SHOES. Over a million battledress suits were made during the war in New Zealand factories, together with over half a million greatcoats, four and a quarter million pairs of socks, and corresponding quantities of other military clothing. Seven hundred thousand pairs of blankets were also made to military orders. Clothing factories and boot and shoe factories received an impetus from this wartime ordering, which was to continue into the post-war years and enable them to produce many civilian lines which had previously been imported.Hi, I am having a HUGE problem with Gucci. I bought a pair of shoes last August and they were ballet pumps but they were made of leather with pvc on top so not very stretchy I found out. After wearing them for a few weeks I found there were cutting into my foot just under the big toe. They used to leave a deep dent there whenever I wore them but I kept thinking they would stretch. Then I finally got fed up as they were causing a lot of pain, and even when I wore flip flops they would cut in when they never used to before, so the Gucci shoes have caused some lasting damage. In October I took them to Gucci Aftersales in Bond Street and explained the situation and they said they can’t so anything. They were extremely unhelpful and rude. So I went into the Bond Street Store who told the aftersales to send them to Italy. I called the Aftersales in December as I had not heard anything and the lady I spoke to said I would probably get a refund as the shoes are unwearable. Then I got a call saying the shoes have been stretched and have come back, I had already told them I had stretched them a number of times and that it failed to solve the problem as the material was so hard. So I went today to collect the shoes and nothing had been done to them, I tried them on in the store and they even after 5 minutes of wear gave me the same dent in my foot. No one was prepared to do anything, the Aftersales were called, the Managers, they were just totally useless. I asked for a credit note so the money I spend did not go to waste but they just said the shoe did not suit my foot!!!! I have been wearing shoes for 34 years and I have never had such a bad pair of shoes and from Gucci, who are supposed to be a premium company! Is this fair what they have told me or am I entitled to at least a credit note? The shoes are totally useless, I can not wear them and they have caused bad damage to my feet.Almost all of the higher-cost countries have seen their footwear production fall. In the United States, the industry has declined - since the late 1970s - more than in any other industrialized nation, although footwear production in France, Germany and the United Kingdom has declined significantly in the ensuing years.The production to retail relationship is characterised by: · business processes and data models based on XML specifications: common contents, an OASIS UBL profile of use derived from CEN/ISSS Texweave and Cecmadeshoe results · interoperability with EDIFACT legacy · anonymous collaborations (large numbers). It is to note that the UBL profile of use for the TCF sector will be the first large scale profile of use for UBL in a manufacturing sector in the world (the other large scale profile of use of UBL is NES, for the public procurement in North Europe countries).During the exemption period, a customer purchases an $85.00 dress that qualifies for the exemption. Later, during the exemption period, the customer exchanges the $85.00 dress for a $125.00 dress. Tax is due on the $125.00 dress. The $85.00 credit from the returned item cannot be used to reduce the sales price of the $125.00 item to $40.00 for exemption purposes.FIG. 3 is a schematic illustration of individual EL star graphic light strips 11 of the present invention hooked to random pressure switch 13. EL star graphic light strips 11 may be directly connected to the random pressure switch 13 thus making the lighting of EL star graphic light strips completely random. Control switch 15 may be opened to disable EL lighting effects. Random pressure switch 13 may also turn on more than one EL strip at a time for various effects. The preferred embodiment of random pressure switch 13 is to use random pressure switch 100 as described below in FIG. 4.
Big Obey Clothing Drop. Huge, huge drop of Autumn/Winter 2010 Obey T-Shirts this week. A crazy number of new tee designs to choose from this season, with more cut & sew turning up over the next few weeks. New Brand: Gourmet Shoes Gourmet Shoes are the second new brand to join Urban Industry this week! They bring with them a great premium selection of footwear. If you're into Clae or Pointer shoes then these guys are worth checking out for sure. Amos Arrives At Urban Industry. We're proud to introduce this latest brand to Urban Industry.AMOS now stands proud amongst our ever expanding brand mix. A collaborative effort started in 2002 between head honcho James Jarvis, Sofia Prantera and Russell Waterman. Carhartt Fall/Winter 2010. More great products have been coming through this week from Carhartt's strong Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection. Great collaboration pieces with 123klan, solid shirt designs and accessories to round things off. Dickies X Rebel8. The originals American Work wear company, Dickies teams up with new brand on the block, Rebel8 and its founder Mike Giant to create this very limited range of clothing. Taking Dickies classic workwear items and adding in a whole host of Mike Giant designed artwork and touches. Fall Collection from LRG. LRG deliver their huge batch of autumn stock this week. Massive selections of new products and colourways, everything from Grass Roots Tee's, Core Collection Sweaters to a huge selection of new shirts and denim. Herschel Supply Co. Bags. Urban Industry welcomes Herschel Supply Co to the store as we add yet another UK exclusive to our name. Inspiration is drawn from vintage mountaineering, American heritage, world travel and fashion. Herschel reinvents these products with modern shapes, fits and feels, with fine regard for detail. Obey 10th Anniversary T-Shirts. Obey are celebrating their 10 Year Anniversary milestone by digging into their archives and re-issuing timeless OBEY Graphics from that very first catalog. We feel these tees are as classic and relevant now as when they were first released ten years ago. Super limited quantities. Big Nike Sportswear Winter Delivery Believe it or not Nike are now busy delivering their Autumn-Winter 2010 products! Already we've had some great Vintage Blazers, All Courts and large range of AW77 Hoodies, Windrunners and t-shirts. Still way more to come but a solid start! Stussy Summer T-Shirts and James Jarvis Collaboration Nice big delivery of Stussy Summer t-shirts have arrived and included amongst it are the excellent James Jarvis Prints featuring ways to conduct Responsible Street Culture! As always Stussy always deliver on a great graphic, still after 30 years. New Rebel8 T-Shirts and Snap Backs Mike Giant has been busy with his San Francisco based brand, Rebel8. Big drop of graphic t-shirts, posters and some great Snap Back Caps. Plus we're featuring some strong collabs with Actual Pain and Jay Howell on the tees. Aerial 7 Headphones Restock and New We've just taken delivery of a new batch of the great Aerial 7 Headphones. The Chopper is also a new style with retro features of the big ears cans and vintage colour ways. Always stylish, all ways good listening, Aerial 7 are a quality product. New Brand: Raen Sunglasses. We introduce the latest sunglasses brand to join Urban Industry with Californian based, Raen Optics. An independent, classics driver brand, aimed at bringing quality and authenticity to the boutique eyewear market. Dennis McGrath For HUF. Very limited edition t-shirt release, Dennis Mcgrath for Huf, fresh for Summer 2010. The Huf collab collection focuses on some of his work shooting on Porn Sets so be warned, there's some fairly graphic content.all tastefully done of course! New Brand: Brass Tack. Brand new edition to Urban Industry Store and a total UK exclusive!! Brass Tack arrives direct from Orlando, Florida, USA the brainchild of Graphic Artist Hydro74. Fantastic drawn, illustrative designs make Brass Tack a fantastic find! BROWSE BY:If you are buying seconds, you are still entitled to an item of clothing which is undamaged and fully wearable. If you knowingly buy a damaged item of clothing or footwear, the specific defect must be pointed out to you before you buy, and although you cannot then return the item on the basis of that defect, it does not mean you cannot return the item if you discover something else wrong with it – even if they have reduced the price. Don’t let the sales assistant tell you otherwise! ITALIAN CLOTHES. Juandos asked, Makes me wonder how much the stock holders are being ripped off for this sort of training. well, I suppose all of it that can't be passed on as higher prices. And, from the link you provided, such diversity training may have just the opposite effect of that intended. "And research by a team of sociologists on more than 800 companies over three decades has found that the best diversity training programs make little difference in who gets hired and promoted, and many programs actually decrease the number of women and minorities in management." Just as the ADA has apparently reduced the number of Americans with disabilities who get hired. Who would have thought. Diversity training does serve it's real purpose, though, which is to protect businesses from lawsuits. If an employee is diversity trained, he/she can be fired for straying outside the guidelines, and the employer is off the hook. Sorry, guess I'm getting pretty OT here. CLOTHES SHOPPING. A general improvement in the economies of European countries has lead to a predicted 2% increase in consumer spending levels. It is forecasted that the improvement in the European housing market will revitalize the furniture and furnishings market. The footwear and clothing market is likely to be strong in the UK but in Italy pricing levels will be very competitive. General growth in spending has been less favourable in Italy and Germany but improving in the Netherlands, Spain and the UK. The unemployment rate can be a strong influence on the level of consumer spending within each country.A retailer advertises shoes as "buy one pair at the regular price, get a second pair for half price." The first pair of shoes is sold for $120.00; the second pair is sold for $60.00 (half price). Tax is due on the $120.00 shoes, but not on the $60.00 shoes. The store cannot sell each pair of shoes for $90.00 in order for the items to qualify for the exemption. However, a retailer may advertise each pair for 25% off, thereby selling each pair of $120.00 shoes for $90.00, making each pair eligible for the exemption.Catching the bride's bouquet automatically puts you next in line for the next blushing bride to walk up the aisle according to another of the old wives tales. Belief in yarns of yesterday should leave me standing before a court of law for bigamy. But tradition is tradition and the tossing of the bouquet isSeveral factors make the prospect of investing in South Africa's textiles, clothing and footwear market attractive. South Africa has trade agreements with the European Union and the United States. In the case of the US, textile imports have increased under the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (Agoa), which has been in place since 2000 and offers tangible incentives for African countries to continue their efforts to open their economies and build free markets. South Africa has preferential access to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region, thanks to the SADC Free Trade Agreement, which has been in operation since 2008. This means producers and consumers pay no import tariffs on about 85 percent of all trade goods between the 11 countries. The government's 2010 Industrial Policy Action Plan aims to help the country leverage more local procurement to raise domestic production by overhauling the Preferential Policy Framework Act and assigning points in the tender process to those firms that procure locally.Clothing and footwear repair businesses may not only focus on providing repair services for clothing and footwear. They may also provide other businesses such as the repair and retailing of bags. These businesses may also sell belts, bags, moccasins, rubber stamps, vacuum bags and house plaques. In addition, they may provide dry cleaning services of such materials. Other related services that may reflect the capabilities of the shop owner may also be provided in these types of businesses.FIG. 12 is an illustration of another embodiment of random motion switch 31 wherein switch 31 is connected to function interpreter 50 that energizes a series of predetermined switching routines bringing power 14 to EL strips via sequencer outputs. The function interpreter 50 provides power source 14 to a series of electrodes 12 of EL graphic light strip. Each of the four random contacts of switch 31 signals function interpreter 50 , based on the predetermined signal of each contact received, the function interpreter 50 may illuminate artwork 11 in sequence in a predetermined direction, thereby giving the appearance of animation motion in various flash directions. As illustrated, the artwork 11 would appear that two people were playing catch. Once a routine is finished, function interpreter 50 would be ready to be initiated again by random motion switch 31.

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