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 "Ferret Care: A Whistle-stop Look At..." 
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Post "Ferret Care: A Whistle-stop Look At..."
Ferret Care: A Whistle-stop Look At The 5 Startling Things You Need To Consider Before Bringing A Ferret Home!
by: Rob Stevens

In today’s article we'll take a look at the 5 top considerations to make before bbringing your pet ferret home.

So before you bring your ferret home here’s five things you need to know…

1). Have the right home for them

First you must choose a home for your ferret. Keep in mind this is the place your ferret will spend most of their time so it should be a comfortable, safe place with enough room for your ferret to run around in. Make sure there are no gaps in the different levels because this may catch your ferret and hurt it. The cage should always have soft bedding, so that your ferret is comfortable and does not hurt itself. Plastic bottom cages are easy to clean; metal bottoms rust and look dingy after multiple washings. It is important if you buy plastic coated metal that your ferret is not chewing the coating off because this can cause intestinal blockages. Make sure the cage has multi layers, and large doors. Again we don’t want the little fellows getting stuck!

2). A happy home needs a happy bed

Where will they sleep? You see a great home isn’t a great home without somewhere to sleep. You also need to purchase a sleeping sacks and hammocks. The more areas your ferret has to sleep the more comfortable and happy they will be. Remember ferrets sleep 15-20 hours a day on average. However don’t let them oversleep and be under-stimulated; your ferret needs to spend two hours a day outside their cage. Think about ferret proofing a room so they do not get hurt.

3). Get them some welcome home toys

Your ferret will also need toys, but be careful in what you purchase; some toys can actually harm your ferret. Make sure toys are durable against the ferrets sharp teeth. Cat toys are wonderful for ferrets. Stay away from foam or plastic toys they are easily destroyed. Do not leave toys in the cage if you are not keeping an eye on them; if your ferret damages a toy and eats the piece it can result in an obstruction and it will need to be surgically removed.

4). Get the Vet ready

Your ferret will need vaccinations and regular check-ups. Most baby ferrets may have had some shots already, so it's important you know what they've had and what they need. After the first series of distemper shots are finished your ferret will only need the shot annually. Ferrets also need their booster shots.

5). Ferret food for hungry ferrets

The type of food you feed your ferret is important make sure it is a high quality ferret food that is not made from frozen meat. You should find out what brand food the ferret has been eating before you bring it home. If you choose to change brands you must wean the ferret off the old food. Mix a small amount of the new food in with the old food and gradually increase the portion of new food daily until the ferret becomes used to the new taste. An occassional treat is often encouraged. If you choose to feed your ferret a snack, healthy options are cook eggs and meat. do not feed them sugary snacks!

Bringing your ferret home takes a lot of preparation but it will ensure the safety and health of your furry little friend. Checkout more great articles on ferret care...

About The Author
Written by Rob (The Ferret Guru) Stevens from
The author invites you to visit:

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This article was posted by permission.

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