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 What Are The Best Guard Dogs? 
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Post What Are The Best Guard Dogs?
What Are The Best Guard Dogs?
by: Ron Ayalon

It is important to note that guard dogs and watch dogs are not necessarily the same. Depending on what you are looking for, you may want to choose a watch dog over a guard dog, and vice versa.

• Watch Dogs – Watch dogs are known to bark loudly whenever they hear strangers. They can easily scare strangers away and notify you when someone is approaching the house. But it is important to remember that being a watch dog does not necessarily mean that they will protect you. Many watch dogs (like Shetland Sheepdogs) are not aggressive. They will sound the alarm, but they will not be useful for protection.

• Guard Dogs – Guard dogs, sometimes referred to as "security dogs," are more aggressive. They will not only scare away potential danger, but they will protect their owners with their life, with a fierce loyalty that will help ensure that you stay safe. Guard dogs are much better for those that live in dangerous areas or are looking for serious protection.

Guard dogs are best for owners that are genuinely worried about protecting their home. Yet it should be known that their aggression can cause problems. Watch dogs are more useful for homeowners that simply want a deterrent, and a dog that will notify them of approaching danger.

Best Guard Dogs

• Bull Mastiff

Bull Mastiffs are able to not only protect your home, but also sense when someone is dangerous or not a threat. Bull Mastiffs pick up on small cues that show whether they need to be protective or forgiving. These large animals were bred for protection, and are able to defend your home or property with ease.

• Doberman Pinscher

Dobermans are some of the smartest guard dogs available. So smart, in fact, that they require a great deal of training not because they struggle to learn, but because their brains need stimulation or else they become destructive. Provided you can supply them with that kind of attention and care, Doberman Pinschers make excellent guard dogs.

• Rottweiler

Few dogs are as strong as the Rottweiler. They are also loyal, and willing to risk their safety to defend those they love. They do require a lot of training due to their naturally defensive instincts, but they are also incredibly smart animals, and can easily be trained to be safe and gentle creatures (provided their family is not threatened).

Other Types of Guard Dogs

A variety of breeds make great guard dogs. The Boxer, most breeds of Mastiff, even German Shepherds all make great guard dogs, and there are a variety of less common breeds that are equally as loyal and defensive.

Guard dogs will require a lot of time with their owners and a lot of training to ensure their natural loyalty does not get the better of them. But do not mistake their fierce protective instincts as a predication for aggression. Guard dogs, like all dogs, are still very friendly and gentle animals, even with kind strangers, provided they receive the right amount of training and the time and energy necessary to keep them exercised and well behaved.

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