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 Do You Know Your Cat's Specific Play Type? 
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Post Do You Know Your Cat's Specific Play Type?
Do You Know Your Cat's Specific Play Type?
by: Eric Haaranen

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different types of cat toys? Sure, it goes without saying that cats love to play but did you also know that there are different cat play types? Every cat has a propensity towards one or more types of play and there are cat toys that make for better or worse toys based on your cat's play type. Here is how you figure out exactly what play type your cat really is.

Most cats are most active either at dawn or dusk so try this little experiment at either of those times. Put all of your cat's toys away for now and just start with one. Play with your cat with that toy for five or ten minutes and see how your cat reacts. Are they engaged? Does the toy keep them amused? Try the exercise again with a new toy the next day. There is a good chance that your cat will be drawn to one or more of the toy types listed below.


These include toys such as fishing wand toys with birds, feathers or string at the end of a stick. These toys require you to be involved for two reasons - one obviously to move the stick, the other because feathers and the like present a choking hazard and string could get swallowed or tangled around your cat. Make sure to put these toys away after use to be safe.

Another type of interactive toy has some kind of moving part, such as a toy attached to the top of a scratching post on a spring, or a ball that moves around a groove in large round plastic piece as the cat pushes it. These toys are often connected to scratchers and can often be enhanced with catnip.


These are usually balls, either plain or stuffed with some type of treat or bell. Be careful of the quality of the toy. Make sure that the ball can't come apart easily, or if it could, that there is nothing inside the cat could choke on. Light "bouncy" balls are usually favorites, as cats love to jump and try and catch them, and they are easier for the cat to bat around and chase than heavier balls.


The most common type of fabric toy is the standard mouse. Some have a squeaker, noisemaker or catnip inside. Find ones that are small enough for your cat to toss in the air, but big enough that they can "bunny kick" the toy once they catch it. Make sure there are no small beaded eyes that could come off and cause a choking hazard and be sure that the tail is fastened securely.

Light toys:

Many cats absolutely adore lights and shadows. As a result laser toys have become very popular with cats and some felines can play with this endlessly. Of course, you need to be careful not to allow your cat to look directly into the laser or you risk damaging the eye but if you're worried about this, a small mirror and a ray of sunshine works well too.

Make sure to put all the toys away at the end of each day. It shouldn't take you more than about a week to figure out your cat's preferences. Once you know your cat's play type you can stock up on those types of toys and you'll be able to rotate different toys throughout the week. This will keep your cat engaged and anything but bored. As we all know, nothing good happens when cats get bored.

About The Author
Eric Haaranen is the owner of and frequent catsitter for Cheetos and Corona. Visit our store for great deals on accessories for you cat
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