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 Hints On Getting A New Shar-Pei Puppy 
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Post Hints On Getting A New Shar-Pei Puppy
Hints On Getting A New Shar-Pei Puppy
by: Linda Coffee

Proper socialization is essential for puppies. Shar-Pei are very social creatures. It is very important to help them bond with other people rather than canines. At no time is socialization a bigger concern than when bringing a brand new puppy to the home. This is sometimes a little disturbing for everybody involved, especially the other pets that could already be there. Keep reading for many suggestions and things you ought to know to make the arrival of a brand new Shar-Pei pup the best experience possible.

Genetic Makeup

The first thing to realize is that a pup's inherited genes set a cap on exactly how well-socialized it can become. Early handling and learning to trust are important, but inherited genes are more important. Many reputable shar-pei breeders produce remarkably tame and contented puppies. Some other dogs, such as those found in rescue programs, may have a genetic predisposition for mean or aggressive behavior that no level of socialization will get rid of.

Early Handling

Handling pups from a young age is critical. When all of their encounters with humans are great, they will figure out to anticipate that. It's crucial to encourage them to connect to people in lieu of dogs. As they are weaning, I feed them by hand. The shar-pei puppies lick a blend of gerber rice cereal and goat's milk from my hands and fingers. They never associate with family pets till they're 4 months of age and complete their puppy vaccinations. After that they start to head to training sessions, go in cars, and so on.

New Household

Shar-Pei are tolerant with family pets, adults and children, yet are very intelligent and alert guard dogs having fantastic safeguarding instincts, letting you know as soon as a person comes to the doorstep, for instance. Shar-Pei really should be kept inside as house dogs since they wish to be around their human loved ones.

Older Dogs

Never let anxieties concerning connecting issues stop you from choosing an older pup. A dog's age at the time that it first encounters its new home is much less important than many are convinced. Any time I keep pups which could be show prospects for observation, they have zero issues connecting with new families at the age of half a year or older.

Diet Issues

From time to time the worries of its fresh conditions will change a dog's drive to eat. In case your dog disregards their meals, you might try incorporating a little baked chicken to help encourage it to eat. Young pups should really have 3 feedings daily. After 16 weeks of age, 2 feedings daily is just fine.

Joining The Pack

For those who currently have numerous family pets inside the family home, the social pecking order might be upset for two or three days following a puppy's introduction. Subsequent to this kind of realignment stage, in my own experience, the pups are invariably approved by the older animals.

Top Dog

Should there be a preexisting canine inside your family, make an effort to supply the older dog flexibility to claim its dominance over the new pup, merely shield the pup from actual physical injury. It is really fine to allow for it to growl and also intimidate. It's best not to scold the older dog or try and cause it to become submissive. Allow the senior dog to define the boundaries for your pup so that your pup understands right from the start the fact that the older canine is the alpha dog. Making it possible for this kind of normal progression to go forward with no disturbance should help the older canine to unwind and acknowledge the newest member in the pack.


Oftentimes the older canine can behave indifferently to the brand new pup and possibly with your family members for a little while, as if it's angry at your family members. Following that stage the older canine will commonly acknowledge the pup and comprehend that it will not be a threat.

Multiple Males

Male dominance can be a headache. In times when 2 or more adult males happen to be inside the same place, I normally suggest that all adult males get neutered. Needless to say, owning opposite genders will be least difficult option.

Crates and Confinement

Your dog crate should be a safe home for your pup in a new habitat. Really don't be worried about using it. After a long play session, most shar-pei puppies will contentedly plop straight down into their dog crate for a quick slumber. Confining a pup within a dog crate can also be a simple method to provide your older canines (along with yourself) with a precious rest from the energetic new member to the household.

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