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 How Some Common Meds Can Keep Your Pets Healthy 
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Post How Some Common Meds Can Keep Your Pets Healthy
How Some Common Meds Can Keep Your Pets Healthy
by: Daniel Woods

Your dog is your best friend. Your cat owns your heart. These family pets take care of needs you don’t even realize you have, and you should return the favor by keeping some common pet medications on hand to keep them healthy.

These days, there are many medications on the market to treat or prevent common pet health conditions. One such condition is skin allergy. Some breeds of dogs are particularly susceptible to skin allergies or atopic dermatitis. An oral solution of Cyclosporine can treat this extremely uncomfortable skin irritation, giving your pet relief and bringing back a quality of life that does not include incessant licking and scratching.

Cats, too, want to be comfortable inside their own skin. But some kitties suffer from hot spots, folliculitis or other conditions brought on by microbes. OxyDex Gel can treat these discomforts when applied once or twice a day to your pet’s affected area. This topical gel penetrates deep into your cat’s skin and dries quickly. But be sure to keep Kitty from licking the affected area as it is for external use only.

If you live in mosquito country—and who doesn’t—you must keep your dog and cat free of heartworms. A good preventative medication is Advantage Multi, which contains imidacloprid and moxidectin. This is a topical solution that is applied once a month between your pet’s shoulder blades. It not only prevents heartworms, but it also kills adult fleas and treats and controls intestinal parasite infections. There are separate formulations for dogs and cats, so make sure to get the correct one from your veterinarian.

Excessive shedding can be caused by a variety of conditions, including the simplest: heat. Your dog and cat can benefit from a shampoo like FURminator deShedding Shampoo. This promotes the underlying health of your pet’s skin and coat, which in turn protects against too much shedding.Vitamins plus fatty acids are the key to this beneficial shampoo, which stimulates hair follicles and invigorates circulation in the skin. And it smells nice—even your pet will enjoy the way he or she smells after being bathed with this shampoo.

Some dogs and cats tend to have an excessive build up of wax in their ears. This can be treated easily with a ceruminolytic ear solution. This liquid is an easy way to dissolve and flush excess wax that could become foul smelling, or simply annoying, to your pet. It could also contribute to bacterial or yeast infections in the ears of your pet. In that case, you’ll want to try Zymox Otic with Hydrocortisone to give him or her relief. This once-daily treatment will inhibit many microbes from settling into your pet’s ears. An all natural product, it is safe for long-term preventative use in pets who suffer from chronic otitis externa.

For cats that suffer from asthma, the solution is similar to that for humans. Advair HFA combines several medications to control asthma symptoms and to prevent wheezing. Your cat will breathe easier when her airway constriction and inflammation is treated with this simple product.

Also like people, some pets can suffer from high blood pressure. Amlodopine besylate can be used to manage high blood pressure in cats and dogs by giving it to them orally once per day.

What about joint health? Pets can suffer from pain and stiffness just as their owners can. If your cat seems a little less flexible than she used to be, you might want to give her Cosequin. Open a capsule of this chicken and tuna flavored supplement and sprinkle it on your cat’s food to give her relief that will have her moving like a kitten again.

Cosequin Soft Chews will bring about similar results for your dog. Follow package directions based on weight to determine how often and how many of these tasty chews your dog should take. Soon, he’ll be bounding around the yard like a young dog again as his joint function returns to optimal levels.

Dental health is important in dogs and cats, but what animal enjoys having its teeth brushed? Let your dog take care of his own teeth with C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews. These beefhide chews contain a natural antiseptic and offer abrasive action to control plaque. They taste like poultry, so dogs love to chew them. And for your cat, these great chews are made from freeze-dried fish. They come in fish or poultry flavors. At least one chew a day will help reduce plaque, which will help reduce problems with your pet’s gums and teeth.

One thing to keep in mind when treating your pets with any medication is that side effects can occur. Many medical treatments should be monitored by your pet’s doctor, but this will be explained to you before treatment begins. And when using over the counter medications or supplements, make sure you read and follow all package directions carefully.

About The Author
Daniel Woods is a freelance writer who writes about pet care and pet meds.
The author invites you to visit:

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This article was posted by permission.

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