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 "...If Your Cats And Canines Could Be Friends..." 
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Post "...If Your Cats And Canines Could Be Friends..."
It Would Be Significant If Your Cats And Canines Could Be Friends With One Another
by: Frank L Cobert

If you love animals then you are more than likely to have a few different ones and you will need to ensure that they all get along together. Depending on which one you had first will determine how long it will take for your existing pet to adapt. Dogs are more easily going and will accept new animals being introduced to the house even if it is a kitten. There is no reason why your cats and dogs should not live together and get along.

Although it is often thought that dogs and cats do not like each other you will be surprised at the bonds they will make. Although the introduction is very important if you bring a kitten into your home you will often find that your dog will love it. Animals will only react badly if they do not like the situation they are in and feel pressured. This is why you need to deal with the introductions well and calmly.

When you first bring the new pet home you should try to remain calm for your animal's sake. They will pick up if you are stressed and this will make them tense. You should allow the animals to get used to each other supervised for a while. If it is a new kitten then done be surprised if it swipes at your dog this is natural and the dog will usually just walk away. Cats are very independent and like to show who is boss and even small kittens will try to stamp their authority. You should let the animals sort it out between themselves as much as possible.

Keeping an eye on your dog and cat is advised for the first few weeks just to ensure that they are getting along ok and learning to live together. You will find that the pets will set their own boundaries up and will know where each other's space is. You should try not to force your dog and kitten together and allow them to make up their own minds in their own time. For some this is very quickly and others it will take some time.

Every pet is different and some breeds are simply better at dealing with new situations better than others. Some dogs will not take to another animal in the house and you will need to deal with this if it happens. On the whole your dog will adapt and learn to live with the new house guest and adapt to having something else in the house. Your kitten will learn to love the dog even though it is bigger and clumsier than it.

You will be amazed at how soon they are living side by side and often the dog will take on the mother cat role. In the beginning you should assign a safe area that your kitten can be taken to where the dog cannot get to as this will allow them to adapt to the entire new environment without being hassled by the dog. For most pets they adapt within a few weeks for others it takes longer but they will get there given time.

About The Author
Frank specializes in dog training and you can see his latest website with advice on finding the right heartworm medicine for dogs and finding ivermectin for dogs online.
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This article was posted by permission.

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