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 Softball Performance Secrets 
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Post Softball Performance Secrets
Softball Performance Secrets
by: Marc Dagenais

When you supposed to do some movement, you should know whether not there was good just by the feel of that movement. For example, if you swing a pitch you should know right after bat whether not was a good swing, whether not there was a good hit. Just by how it felt, was effortless, didn’t feel fluid, and didn’t feel like you went through the ball and there was no like resistance, there’s no occurred feel all of it. You need to be able to tell from the keenness to the feedback. The keenness to the feedback means, the feedback your body is giving you whether where you are in space to feel of the extra movement whether not or you did is good and when seek a low fat, a low fat is too late or too dependent on the coaches feedback on the parents feedback about whether not without doing this correct or not. Let me give you another example, yesterday I was working with one of his pitcher and we were really focusing on trying to length, her length tribe and, length in her strike, she need to push up more from pitching over.

Where work those you know extension trills and pushing up the rubber have like a trills that use, one those trills is tell like a long jump or diving, basically were trying together to feel what to feel like to push up and maintain in posture attack meaning your leading for, attack for slightly longer manage time, she coming into part position very quickly when she push up so wont to length in the posture attack. What if after wonder of this option I did asked her what did she feel, if she is good and she looked at me like of those strangers and confuse about what kind of question it is basically she have no idea, she was expecting me to tell her whether it is not or it is good reputation, well if she is relaying on me or other people like coaches of parent to tell her whether or not what she’s doing is good then she has another work to do because she rash in rising to much on what she is doing instead of trying to looked inside herself to see if what she feels is what she is supposed to feel. Now, I’m not saying that she needs anything to do but as coaches, teaching athletes, or athletes trying to prove their skills, you should a long time in focusing on how it feels, you see, the body is in missing machine, and your body is giving you a feedback all the time. Let me give you another example, most players are round sick also base on there experience this of some point there life.

Try to remember back when you are actually hit in amazing rock chock, and did you fun port fall enough, how did you feel? Proudly felt effort loss it is just like sold the ball and hit the ball, you didn’t really tried that hard but it feels amazing like good in a sense that felt effortless, one of the ball nice and easy, nice smooth swings, it was like a great feeling. Sometimes would you feels and hard to describe but I’m sure that you can remember what it felt like. You see your jobs wants you know what that feel is to try to reproduce same feel again and again, again on each and in every swing that you have on practices, not anything things to do but you should know right away whether or not what you felt was the right feel. You should know as soon as you complete a reputation whether or not it was technically correct because your body is giving you signal and feels and that should be helping you to figure out whether or not felt right or not.

Most of the pitchers are intense level, no right after bat even before the ball gets to the gloves catcher whether not the pitcher because they know how it feels to throw a perfect pitch. Lets say the work comes the rise balls, do you know right after hands whether not it‘s goanna be a flat peach, the part it goanna be amazing to rise ball because it fell right. So your job as an athlete, or your job as a coach teaching athletes, try to get to feel what it feels like to correctly execute whether they trying to execute, so by that I mean you need to think a less about the mechanical aspect, you know bend the knees, think forward. You won’t to try to feel and a lot of that come trying to visualize for example coming back to my pitcher, trying to think about long jump or diving for how it feels like how she should do it. So I gotten to do stationary a long jump and we focus on how did feels like actually, you know low yourself, low the bit, and then push up in a triple extent all the joints, triple extent me means, you extent the hip, you extent the knees and push up the toes like standing the ankle. So I am trying to get to feels what the feels like so that when she actually takes to her pitching motion , she knows what the feeling of pushing up feels like just like were working her drag for tooth were you should feel the attraction trying to feels should be big toe were she feels so were trying together to feel, what it should feels like attraction doing, you do a lot of video work, but as a coach, you should try to come up with one key word that will help them to feel it, sometimes it is heeding to say stayed back or attack the ball , keep your hands inside, if one key word that they feels what it feels like and after précising that very much because I find that too many athletes or one relaying on the culture to send other people to give them feedback so they have not, no clue whether or not what they did was proper execute or not and secondly they focus to much in trying to think and make the body do what their thinking is suppose to do is to bend their knees should be the body should it takes on how to work, it thinks in terms of images and feel , you know in the throw ball, how did it feel and I give a lot of work done trough the eyes and getting them to feel what they doing , so all over the trills that I choose when I worked with my athletes or trills that I am trying to give them instant physical feedback whether their doing it, I wanted to feel, what it feels like to actually do what suppose to do the proper way.

So as a coach, instead of telling them was good, it was not, work on that, use the questioning methods to give them to give you the answer whether or not or they follows as good, they will be right at the time but if you get to have it of questioning your athletes about whether not was good and if they felt so what do you think, it is good, or why were is not good? You force them to remember the feeling of what they did. You focus more on the feel what you do rather on the actual technical way of doing. So if you heeding you should be nice and relax to the ball, and instead of bending knees, do this. If you despite too much technical aspect step by step, sometimes the athletes will be becoming too mechanical, becoming mechanical more like robot they don’t have the fluidity to flow on the movement like one, two, three, four, and five. So you see the step! Low! Bend! Or it is goanna be resistance! Stands! Your stands! Contact! Go! Then, finish! It is too mechanical you see those working parts.

This is necessary to understand on what they feel on how you hit to hit through how it feels so you wanted to do drills that are goanna hands in hands step. Most of the time you should is designed or marked it as something it is goanna in hands, bats, it’s not all the keys because if you’ll actually slowing down your swing it is the great drill to feel over coming to resistance, what I mean by over coming resistance is contact to the ball with the bat, that means bat is you have to reverse the forces that is coming with the ball in the absence directions, you have over come the resistance using your entire body, so doing thrice when there’s a shoot, realized the body on learn, the body use get entire body to over come their resistance that what I called a good drills because it makes you feels, what a feels like to use your whole body to over come the resistance so tell me that as coaches, spend more time working with athletes on what their feeling on the proper mechanic problem movement should feel like by telling them how they should feels like in time, helping them discover that question, ask them how did they feel, make them be aware of how it feels , ask them was it good or not don’t tell them the answer just figure it out if they don’t know the answers try to get until they find them the cues of the body providing them every time they keep on that movement. Question them why it is was good, as an athletes learn how the coach yourself by do the same thing, question yourself, you know, you should know right after bat was a good throw, good pitch or a good swings you should run after bat even though recognize the cues, as the same thing as the signal of what is a improper technique learn on how to identify that without leading the coach so that all thing is to some what by pass the brain to directly to your body. Worked your muscles memories because your muscles memory is about what you feel.

So as coaches you really, really changed your prospective on being to technique you don’t try the athletes not too much difficult, focus on feels, focus on drills that they were get enough to feel that , so if you can’t by pass the rusher side of the brain and go directly to go how the body feels takes place you goanna sure knob the learning curve so much is that is goanna be credible and after that the athletes peeks its comes falls and peeks its that they have for long time they understand what they’re doing wrong but they don’t feel what wrong they understand. They don’t know feels like to do correctly, so I always trying to finds ways to get the athletes to understands what should feels right, what should feel wrong and to be able to identified by them selves and correct by them selves. And some points they goanna feel oh that feels good, I have a great pitch, I goanna have great swing. Get them to recognized that And you goanna see that your athletes is improved by leaps and bounds just by changing your poach to poaching and working on what they feel rather than on just making them to rush and giving them to much instructional.

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Marc Dagenais, MHK, CSCS, is a softball peak performance coach that helps players and teams hit with more power, run faster, throw harder, become mentally tougher, and be more dominant on the softball field. Visit us and sign-up to get tons of great FREE softball.
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