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 10 Powerful Mental Attitudes for a Powerful Softball Hitting 
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Post 10 Powerful Mental Attitudes for a Powerful Softball Hitting
10 Powerful Mental Attitudes for a Powerful Softball Hitting
by: Marc Dagenais

When both physical and mental skills are underlined by a softball hitting plan to prepare a softball player to become a great hitter, that plan is definitely comprehensive. And with regular executions of those plan and careful attention, a softball player can definitely create an explosive stroke. Developing physical skill is one aspect of hitting and the other important one is mental skill, the need to have a positive attitude towards softball hitting.

When these two aspects, physical and mental, are combined a powerful swing is created. That’s why every softball player must learn the proper way of softball hitting together with a positive mental attitude to make it even more effective and produce remarkable results. However, in order to create a powerful swing, it must be prepared by a powerful attitude guide.

Developing mindset of the hitter is the objective of a positive mental strategy. Positive mindset is responsible for releasing powerful softball hitting plan. Just like how the physical skills are developed, mental skills also need careful practice and repetition. With this in mind, below are vital keys for an effective softball hitting plan. These keys are powerful mental attitudes.

1. Always prepared. Stepped in the field ready to play softball.

2. Allow no room for distractions. A good hitter nails his attention on the game.

3. Learn from the pitcher. By observing the pitcher, you can pick valuable information that you can use during the play. Watch and learn from him as you read his style.

4. Be triumphant over fear. Never be engulfed by fear when you enter into the field. Allowing fear to develop can only ruin your entire softball game performance.

5. Be confident. As you approach the plate, stand with no trace of hesitation and tension. You have to believe in yourself that you can and that you are a great hitter.

6. Feel easy on the plate. As you take your stance, pose comfortably. Concentration may be lost when you feel uneasy on the plate. Avoid stance or positions that you are not accustomed with. You have to remember that physical balanced and easiness at the plate is an important consideration to create a great hit.

7. Relax. Ease the tension by taking a deep breath. Proper breathing can make you feel relax while your concentration is enhanced by having a peace of mind.

8. Focus on the pitch. Once you are in the box, your eyes must tightly focus on the ball. Never allow your mind or eyes to wander outside or inside the field.

9. Smash the ball. When the pitcher throws the ball, expect that it would be in the strike zone. Smash the ball hard when it is strike and leave the barrel cocked if it is a ball.

10. Think of success. You have to be optimistic. All your focus and efforts are towards victory. However, when changes on the softball hitting plan are needed, do so, as long as they are not radical changes on the plan.

About The Author
Marc Dagenais, MHK, CSCS, is a softball peak performance coach that helps players and teams hit with more power, run faster, throw harder, become mentally tougher, and be more dominant on the softball field. Visit us and sign-up to get tons of great FREE softball.
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