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 Why Heyward-Bey Will be a Better Pro than Crabtree 
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Post Why Heyward-Bey Will be a Better Pro than Crabtree
Why Heyward-Bey Will be a Better Pro than Crabtree
by: Chris Limburg

When analysing the Raiders selection of Darrius Heywaryd-Bey I choose to be more open minded about the selection than many in the Raider Nation have proved to be. My only beef with the Raiders concerning this pick is the fact that they could have traded down numerous spots to get Heyward-Bey so I greatly question his value at number 7 overall. However, in terms of all of these receivers coming into the NFL from college nobody and I stress NOBODY knows how this will all play out. This is the NFL not the NCAA and all the stats and TD's that Crabtree put up in college doesn't mean crap at this level. Let me repeat. All the stats Crabtree put up at Texas Tech do not mean CRAP at the NFL level. Just look at all the WR busts throughout the years in the NFL who were studs in college. Charles Rogers, Mike Williams, Troy Williamson, and Reggie Williams are just a few of the first round busts that come to mind. With that in mind I have researched Heyward-Bey and Crabtree and I truly believe Heyward-Bey will turn out to be the better NFL player and I am about to explain to you why.

During the past 10 years 4 receivers that have been taken in the Top Ten in the NFL Draft have turned into playmakers while the others have been busts. They are as follows:

Calvin Johnson (Detroit)

Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona)

Braylon Edwards (Cleveland)

Roy Williams (Dallas)

What traits do these receivers share? They are all 6'3" or better and they possessed at least better than average speed if not blazing. I am not seeing either out of Crabtree. For starters, nobody knows how fast Crabtree truly is. The only publicly recorded time of Crabtree running the 40 is 4.53 however that came from a site that also greatly exaggerated his height so how can you really believe them? Throw in the fact that Crabtree played in a spread offense at Texas Tech and also has a foot injury that numerous NFL GM's were concerned with and one has to wonder how fast Crabtree truly is. I have seen a bunch of his games in college and it always seemed that he would take the angle on DB's rather than blowing by them. Whether this was by choice in an effort to disguise his lack of speed in unknown but one thing is for certain: Crabtree is not going to be running the 100 meter relay anytime soon. Furthermore, his height has been exposed as well. Originally, Crabtree was listed at 6'3" but we all found out at the draft that he is only 6'1 1/4 so now essentially the 49ers have a short/slow receiver that they are banking on for the next 10 years.

By contrast Heyward-Bey is at least an inch or inch and a half taller than Crabtree and the speed factor is not even a question. Jeremy Maclin is close to his speed but Crabtree is not. When you examine what the Raiders are trying to do it becomes painfully clear why DHB was the selection. As I mentioned my only problem with it is that they didn't trade down to get him when that could have been an option. Perhaps the Raiders could have nabbed DHB and someone like University of Arizona tackle Eben Britton thus filling 2 glaring weaknesses. However, when analysing the measurables and all of the health variables as well you clearly see why the Raiders favored Heyward-Bey over Maclin and especially Crabtree and that is not even including personality or "character" traits. All you need to see is one interview from Crabtree for you to see that he is extremely arrogant. Not confident. Arrogant. Arrogant to the point that I think he already has people working on his HOF bust before he has even run and NFL route yet. By contrast DHB is humble and has come to Oakland ready to work and I have liked every interview that I have seen of him to this point. People question DHB's production at Maryland as well as his hands but theses concerns are unjustified. First, unlike Crabtree DHB did not play in a spread offense in college and both Maclin and Crabtree played with far superior QB's at their respective schools than DHB did at Maryland. Everyone is saying that DHB is a bust and has Troy Williamson written all over him. I concede that there will probably be a bust at WR from this draft class but I differ by believing that Crabtree has a much higher risk for this distinction than DHB does. In summary: GIVE THE KID A CHANCE!!!!! You just might be surprised.

Cheers and Beers

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