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 Lucky Charms and Golf 
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Post Lucky Charms and Golf
Lucky Charms and Golf
by: Roseanna Leaton

Tiger always wears a red shirt of the final day of a tournament. That is part of his preparation and his winning mind-set. It's his good luck charm. In every sport you will come across a famous person who has a similar habit of wearing a particular "something" whenever they are facing a situation which matters to them. That something may be a pair of socks, a cap, necklace or pair of panties; it can in fact be anything at all.

It is not the actual item which matters; it is what it means to you. It is your emotional attachment to that item which creates the lucky charm as opposed to the physical properties of the item itself. Lucky charms are not embedded in logical thought; rather they hold emotional connotations.

Inevitably the greater the intensity of your emotional attachment the more likely it is that your lucky charm will work for you. This statement may not make any logical sense to you. But it does make emotional sense.

Why so? It has been proven over time that your own imagination shapes your reality. Your own beliefs and expectations will pave the way for the outcome which you expect. The stronger your belief the more likely it is that your expectations will come to fruition. Logically speaking, Tigers red shirt can not in itself help him to win. But emotionally, that shirt can make him feel like an invincible champion. And if you feel like a champion you will act like one.

It's not only sports people who have lucky charms. In every walk of life you will come across individuals who have all sorts of lucky charms which they would not like to live without. Lucky charms are in fact a fantastic invention; they can make you feel however you want to feel, just by them being there for you. The emotional connections which you create between you and your lucky charm may seem invisible and even ridiculous to others, but they are very real to you.

There is no down-side to having a lucky charm; but there is a major benefit to be gained. Whatever your charm is, it is associated in your mind with an instinctive emotional reaction. This means that you automatically feel something (without having to try to do so) whenever you wear that shirt, or particular tie, or whatever it is.

In my case, when I play golf, I have a very special club head cover. Brandy is a little brown dog and he sits on my three wood. He originally graced my driver, before they became so big! I'd take him off the driver and sit him down on the tee box with his nose facing down the middle of the fairway. The emotional associations which are immediately triggered in me are those essentials in my pre-shot routine - clear focus, calmness, relaxed breathing and a vivid picture of where I want the ball to go.

Now, if you are a golfer you will certainly appreciate the benefit of a lucky charm which instinctively and instantaneously places you in the right mental state to make an optimal tee shot. And what's the downside? Some people may wonder what on earth I am doing with my club head cover, or think that I'm a bit weird! But most people simply comment that they'd like to have a Brandy too!

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in golf hypnosis mp3s and author of the GolferWithin mind training system.

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