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 "Trikke with Your Whole Family: Spend Quality Time..." 
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Post "Trikke with Your Whole Family: Spend Quality Time..."
Trikke with Your Whole Family: Spend Quality Time Enjoying Fun, Health and Adventure
by: Jae Winters

What do Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt and David Spade know that you don’t? Well, probably quite a few things, and I’m sure you know a few things that they don’t as well. But keep reading and we’ll spill their secret in a minute.

Since its introduction and designation as one of the best inventions of 2002, the Trikke cambering vehicle has caught the attention of people of all ages as an innovative recreational ride that offers both maximum fun and amazing health benefits. An increasing number of Trikke devotees have discovered the Trikke scooter in the past few years. Though most of the growing numbers of enthusiasts are of middle-age, what many of the uninitiated don’t realize is that the Trikke HPV (human powered vehicle) is perfect for everyone in the family.

As mentioned, the middle-aged and the elderly have been some of the first ones to recognize the many enjoyable and health-promoting advantages of the Trikke. Since our parents and grandparents belong to the age bracket riddled with various diseases, this necessitates an effective workout regimen that improves their health but doesn’t aggravate their already ache-y and pain-filled body. Enter: the Trikke HPV.

Since your body serves as the battery that moves the Trikke scooter, the Trikke gives you a full body workout without undue impact on fragile joints. Moreover, your Trikke workout can be enjoyed in the fresh air and beauty of the outdoors.

If you are conscious of your family’s fitness and health, you can keep everyone fit and toned, burning excess calories, making memories and spending fun quality time together by making Trikke rides a part of your regular family routine. Spending a half hour a day out on a family Trikke ride will do wonders for, not only your family dynamics, but their overall mental and physical health as well. And a couple of hours together out Trikke-ing on a weekend afternoon just magnifies the benefits. And did I mention how much fun you’ll have?

Imagine the laughter and camaraderie as you set up a simple Trikke obstacle course when you want to enjoy family time while staying close to home.

Riding your Trikke scooter is not the burden that most people see as their exercise routines. In fact, Trikke-ing is so enjoyable that many have warned that the Trikke scooter may be addictive.

The Trikke scooter is so easy to maneuver that it can even be used at the workplace to burn off stress and renew energy, so workers can come back recharged and focused to tackle the rest of their workload with zest and inspiration.

Young children and adolescents, with their preference for active experiences and their abundant curiosity will want to test ride the Trikke and figure out how it moves in the absence of motors, pedals and need for push. Once they experience the sensation of “slalom-ing” the slopes in their very own neighborhood, they will be hooked on their Trikke. Furthermore, they can practice tricks on their Trikke just like they can on their bicycles and skateboards until they are revered as the neighborhood Trikke-master.

Any kid old enough to have mastered the bicycle will get a thrill riding the Trikke scooter. In fact, no child is likely to turn their back on fun, and Trikke offers tons of it. The feel of the wind as you speed along on your Trikke scooter provides excitement and adventure as well as a novelty that the bicycle just can’t match.

Children who are too small to ride on their own don’t have to be left behind. They can always catch a ride with older members of the family. The Trikke is stable enough to hold an adult and a small child. They can enjoy the Trikke scooter with the rest of their family. When they are big enough, they can have a Trikke of their own.

And don’t forget to take your Trikke scooter on vacation! They are portable and fold-up easily. What a great way to see the sites and be immersed in the local flavor and atmosphere when you’re out traveling!

Undoubtedly the Trikke scooter is quickly becoming more and more popular as celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, and David Spade promote the Trikke by incorporating it into their workout regimens and family outings. They recognize the incredible health benefits that accompany the fantastic family fun found on a Trikke.

Riding the Trikke is a thrilling experience and a fun activity that can bond your whole family. You can ride together and explore previously unnoticed areas of your neighborhood or neighboring communities. You’ll end up reliving your Trikke adventures over your family dinner. The Trikke scooter provides a great opportunity for your family to spend quality time together.

About The Author
For additional information on the Trikke HPV, the Trikke Skki, and the electric Trikke's, and to get your two free Trikke reports "How To Set Up A Trikke Obstacle Course" and "Low Impact Workout on Your Trikke," please go to


Thank You Again.
To Your Many Trikke Adventures.
~~Jae Winters

Copyright © 2001-Present
[Note: Due to a size limitation, the title, above, had to be abbreviated. Apologies to the author and - Admin]
This article was posted by permission.

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