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 "Trikke: How to Accompany Your Runner When You’re In No..." 
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Post "Trikke: How to Accompany Your Runner When You’re In No..."
Trikke: How to Accompany Your Runner When You’re In No Shape To Do So
by: Jae Winters

Are you a little jealous of the fitness level of your running friends? And aren’t you just a little annoyed at their amazing energy level and their insistent enthusiasm for running? Don’t you sometimes wish that they’d just keep their glowing health and fitness to themselves?

Well, now, whether you believe it or not, you can join them on their run. Now, don’t go getting too cranky at me, there. Hold up, and I’ll tell you how. And No, you don’t have to go buy a new pair of running shoes and sweatbands…at least not yet, anyway! But you may choose to later. :)

I know you believe that you enjoy the benefits of lounging around in front of the TV and sitting in front of your computer, cruising the internet on a quest for sedentary adventure. But I’ll tell you this; you think you’re enjoying the couch and the World Wide Web. But you can’t actually enjoy poor health. You enjoy good health and suffer from poor health. And you would naturally enjoy your whole life more if you could actually participate in some of those amazing active adventures that you’re currently watching from your spectator seat.

Now we’re not going to turn you into a gladiator or a bungee-jumping maniac, unless that’s really your heart’s desire. But for most of us, we’d just like to be able to enjoy spending fun family time with the kids, shooting hoops or riding bikes over to the park, going for a day-hike, juice and sandwiches packed for a not-so-spontaneous picnic lunch, and we’d prefer to not be completely exhausted after five minutes of adventure-induced heavy breathing. Maybe even taking that trip to the ski slopes this year. But of course, we’re not really in the shape to do that…yet.

So here comes the lecture:

Don’t use your age or fitness level as an excuse to sit all day in front of the television or computer. Don’t use the monotony of your usual exercise program to justify withdrawing from a life-enhancing regular work-out. I know you think you don’t have the time or energy, but if you want to keep a healthy mind and body, you have to invest at least some time and effort.

You already know that inactivity causes your body to atrophy. If you’re already out of shape, don’t let whatever normal cells you have left turn to mush, too. It’s time to start moving! And have I got the rock and roll toy for you! Read on, my friend…

One of the most popular exercises that allow a full body workout is running. However running is far from the ideal starter program for people who carry a lot of excess weight or who have joint and bone problems. So I’m not going to suggest that you immediately “run” out and join your favorite runner tomorrow. You can do that, but for most of us, that’s just too much too soon. Instead I suggest starting out with something easier and more fun. And something the whole family can enjoy, no matter their age or fitness level. Nope, not a bicycle!

Over the years, advancements in technology have introduced many human powered vehicles (HPVs) giving us low impact workouts that can keep us fit and healthy. One of the most recent and technically superior HPVs is the Trikke cambering vehicle.

If you haven’t heard of it, the Trikke is a three-wheeled scooter-like vehicle that allows Trikke riders to use their bodies as the engine that propels the Trikke scooter forward and keeps it moving. The innovative (and fun) Trikke scooter gives you a low impact aerobic exercise that won’t aggravate your bone and joint problems, while at the same time it’s improving your flexibility, core strength and cardiovascular and respiratory health. Moreover, Trikke’s effects not only manifest internally with improved heart and lung health, but also become apparent externally as your body develops a well-toned appearance. All easily accomplished without you suffering the monotony of a sweaty gym routine. Gotta Love That!

What if I have bad balance? For those of you concerned with stability and whether you can maintain your balance on a Trikke, let me re-assure you. The Trikke scooter is so much easier to learn than roller blades or skate boards or even a bicycle. In fact, unlike the bike or in-line skates where riders are susceptible to falling sideways, forwards or backwards, the three-wheeled V-shaped platform of the Trikke scooter is stable enough that you do not even need to balance when standing on your Trikke. This also makes the Trikke significantly safer as well.

What’s more, once you learn to coordinate your body’s movement with your Trikke, you will be able to control your speed from a leisurely cruise breathing in the fresh air and beauty to a speed that matches the pace of most runners and even to a heart-pounding, exhilarating Trikke race speed that can surpass most sprinters.

None of the previous HPVs has offered the level of fun combined with safety that is present with a simple and relaxed ride on your Trikke scooter. Furthermore, the satisfaction you feel in controlling the speed of your Trikke also gives you a sense of stress-relief, fulfillment and contentment that will go a long way to keeping your psyche calm and refreshed. You may even begin to refer to your daily Trikke time as your Trikke meditation.

So, don’t be left behind when your runner takes off for their fun. Just cause you’re not in shape to run doesn’t mean you can’t go with. Take your Trikke. Match your fit friends step by step, outdistance them and amaze them with your enthusiasm and skills and easy to maintain exercise regimen on your Trikke scooter. The Trikke is great fun and easy to learn. Soon the tables will be turned; they’ll be jealous of your Trikke scooter and want a Trikke of their own!

About The Author
For additional information on the Trikke HPV, the Trikke Skki, and the electric Trikke's, and to get your two free Trikke reports "How To Set Up A Trikke Obstacle Course" and "Low Impact Workout on Your Trikke," please go to


Thank You Again.
To Your Many Trikke Adventures.
~~Jae Winters

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[Note: Due to a size limitation, the title, above, had to be abbreviated. Apologies to the author and - Admin]
This article was posted by permission.

Fri Feb 25, 2011 2:45 pm
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