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 "Trikke Race: How to Plan an Amazing and Fun Trikke..." 
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Post "Trikke Race: How to Plan an Amazing and Fun Trikke..."
Trikke Race: How to Plan an Amazing and Fun Trikke Race Event in Your Community
by: Jae Winters

Ready… Get set… Bang!!! And off they go, speeding down the track at the local high school on their three-wheeled vehicles. What awes the silently captivated audience is the fact that the riders are propelling their unique vehicles without the aid of pushing or pedals, only the rhythmically graceful movements of their bodies. Imagine the scene when you stage a Trikke Race Event in your neighborhood or community for the first time.

Races have been staged since time immemorial for various reasons, including fund-raising, promoting awareness, and the like, but the most common universal motive is just plain ol’ fun – both the exhilaration of the race for the racers and the excitement of watching them competitively fighting to pass one another for the spectators.

Though originally developed as an outdoor recreational human powered transport vehicle, the Trikke scooter is geared nevertheless for speed. Like other fast vehicles, both motorized and human powered, the Trikke can be raced in competition, from distance or endurance races to sprints to hill climbs.

Regardless of the type of race you choose or the reason behind the Trikke Race, be aware that to have a successful Trikke Race Event, though the race itself is adrenaline-pumping excitement and barrels of fun, organized planning is the most critical part of your Trikke Race Event

Your first job in planning a Trikke Race Event is selecting the time and place for the race Since wet weather conditions prohibit Trikke-ing for safety reasons, usually the best time for your outdoor Trikke Racing Event would be during the summer when the likelihood for rain is the least. If the Trikke Race is coordinated to support a charity or awareness program, timing your event during the charity's awareness day or month will ensure the community recognizes and supports your project.

Selecting the location for your Maximum Quantities of Fun Trikke Race Event depends on what type of race you want to stage. Sprints will require a smaller area with flat smooth pavement. On the other hand, Trikke distance races are better served on large, wide areas like your shaded residential streets and back streets, or even local wilderness trails.

You must personally check all potential suitable locations and avoid dangerous spots along the Trikke Race trail in your final course. Don’t forget to place warning signs for the unavoidable ones.

Be sure to obtain an authorization from the appropriate authorities in order to use the area, and request your law enforcement agencies to establish roadblocks, traffic barricades, and address crowd control and other security issues on your specified Trikke Race Event date.

Planning any event requires great workers and access to community resources. You will never seem to run out of things to do; so you must learn to delegate tasks to others. To do this, you must first find volunteers who are willing to help with different aspects of the Trikke Race Event including registration process, aid stations, traffic patrolling and clean up along the course, as well as awards distribution. These volunteers should be easily identified by donning a special uniform. Getting matching Trikke Race Event tee-shirts made for your volunteers is an easy way to visually coordinate them. Volunteers can stay in contac with walkie-talkie to relay any issues which crop up before, during and after your Trikke Race Event.

As in any sport, accidents can happen in Trikke-ing. You have to prepare for the worst scenario. It is advisable to obtain insurance coverage for your event. Furthermore, you should notify your local hospital about the upcoming event and if possible, have them send a medical team and/or ambulance to the site for any illness or accidents that occur.

Once all the requirements have been written down, it is time to plan a budget for your Trikke Race Event. You will need money for administrative costs, advertising (website, flyers, posters, race results booklets, etc.), banners for the start and finish, megaphone, digital clock for the finish line, bib numbers for participants, safety pins, food and beverages for the refreshment area and finish area, paint for marking the course, trash cans, awards for the participants, and thank you gifts for volunteers.

You can personally shoulder all these expenses, find sponsors or set a registration fee. You can also find local food vendors that will pay a fee to be able to set up their food cart to sell refreshments to the attendees.

In finding your Trikke Race Event sponsors, it is best to approach them personally and explain the purpose of your race. Any local businesses are great, but start with those associated with athletics or sporting goods stores, as they are especially good ones to contact for sponsorship. Developing a good relationship with your sponsors from the start allows you to continue to work with them year after year if you decide that you want to make your Trikke Race an annual Trikke event.

The key for a successful Trikke Race Event is advertising. People need to know about the race so participants will sign up. The earlier you start promoting your local Trikke Race, the better. Allowing people to sign up as early as possible to participate in the Trikke Race Event gets them committed to your success.

There are many ways to let your community know about your Trikke Race Event. You can and should utilize the mass media, i.e. local television or radio station or newspaper, and the internet to spread the word of the Trikke event.

Inviting local TV, radio and newspaper personalities to participate or form a team will draw even more interest to your Trikke Race, as the community will be highly involved with how their favorite local weather forecaster or sports reporter or talk show host does in the race. Their notoriety will bring even more notice to your Trikke Race. You could even get competing stations to compete head to head against each other in a Trikke Race Showdown Event. The media personalities are sure to talk about it on the air in the days before your Trikke Race Event, bringing even more free publicity.

Making flyers to distribute around town is another effective way to disseminate the news. You should plan to devote a lot of time and effort to encourage more Trikke riders to participate. Remember, the more participants who register, the more spectators will pour in, and the more awareness and money you can raise…for you, the race organizer, or the charitable organization that you are Trikke-ing for.

About The Author
For additional information on the Trikke HPV, the Trikke Skki, and the electric Trikke's, and to get your two free Trikke reports "How To Set Up A Trikke Obstacle Course" and "Low Impact Workout on Your Trikke," please go to


Thank You Again.

To Your Many Trikke Adventures.

~~Jae Winters

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This article was posted by permission.

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