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 Mass Transit & Gasoline Prices: Time to Go Public? 
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Post Mass Transit & Gasoline Prices: Time to Go Public?
by: Steve Singleton

How do you get to work every day at the beginning of your shift? How do you get home? For many of us, our commute is a routine as unchanging as eating and sleeping. A large number of us get to work every day by driving a personal vehicle. We take it for granted that we are taking advantage of the most cost-efficient and satisfying means available to arrive promptly and ready to work.

But the swiftly rising price of gasoline should be an urgent stimulus to make us re-examine our commuting strategy. Across the U.S., the price for one gallon of regular-grade gasoline has risen from about $1.50 pressive car, powered by a W-16-cylinder 8.0 liter engine developing 1,001 bhp. The ‘4’ stands for the four turbochargers needed to boost the engine to that amount of power. The whole Bugatti project was the idea of Dr Ferdinand Piech, then chairman of the VW Group. He wanted VW to build a car to showcase technology and to move the goal posts so no one could get close. Evidently, during testing this engine was proved to be reliable when producing 1,200 bhp.

The car does showcase technology. The engine is similar to the W-12 installed in the Audi A8 and S8, and in turbocharged form in the Bentley Continental GT and Flying Spur.

The gearbox is also based on VW Group technology. It is a seven-speed sequential box with automatic or manual shifting. It has a dual clutch arrangement so that when you change gear the power continues to be transmitted all the time, one clutch disengaging exactly at the moment the other engages. Stunning technology that really delivers benefits.

The same concept is available in six-speed form in the VW Golf, Audi A3 and S3. It is called DSG. Of course, the Bugatti has a special version of this concept, made by Ricardo, a powertrain specialist in the UK.

The Bugatti has a carbon fiber structure, suspension like a racing car, and two large air intakes in the roof to keep that huge engine cool. Of course, the engine is mounted behind the driver and passenger but forward of the rear wheels.

Most exotic cars have rear-wheel drive, but the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 has so much power that it has four-wheel drive. Actually, some Audis, including the 450 bhp RS4, and all Lamborghinis - also in the VW Group - now have four-wheel drive. Again, the Bugatti is showcasing group technology

If you are wondering why four-wheel drive is needed, just think about it. With two-wheel drive there would be 500 bhp going through each tire! Most makers of supercars and exotic cars think that 300 bhp per tire is plenty.

Ok, so the Bugatti was timed at 248 mph, and reaches 60 mph in less than 3 seconds. Did the other makers of exotic cars give up, and say: ‘Well, we can’t match that’?

No, Pagani, produced the 650 bhp Zonda F with an option of 700 bhp. Saleen upped the power output of its S7 to 750 bhp, while Ferrari produced a few FXXs with 850 bhp, and Maserati also has a version of the MC-12 developing 750 bhp or so.

On the other hand Koenigsegg decided not to pursue the power race for the time being at least. After all its CCR has a 806 bhp engine, and was timed at 242 mph. Instead, Koenigsegg has introduced the CCX which is designed to meet US regulations and is a more practical street machine.

Others have decided to go for maximum power including one of the tuners of Porsche 911s. Then, a small British company is introducing a car with a turbocharged 7.0 liter V-8 with a power output of 1,000 bhp. They say that the engine could be tuned to 1,200 bhp.

More will follow down this route to madness. Me? I’d go for the 500 -600 bhp myself in a car that really handles and is very, very responsive. Like a Pagani Zonda or an Ascari KZ1.

About The Author
Paul Cooper is an automotive and technical writer who specialises in high-performance cars, and runs a web site about exotic cars,, where you can learn more about exotic cars.

Copyright © 2001-Present

This article was posted by permission. „üHè
9e6b937ae2 Windshield Crack Repair PointersQ by: Jake Newberry

No one likes seeing a rock flying at their car on the freeway. Even worse is when the rock causes a crack in your windshield. There are some options when repairing the crack and some tips to avoid spreading of a crack.

Windshield cracks and blemishes can be troublesome. You can never really guess what is going to happen; they almost always start small and end up spider webbing across the remaining windshield. Some rock blemishes only leave chunk of glass missing. If not treated correctly it can turn into a large crack as well.

Taking care of small chunks or blemishes is the easiest fix for a windshield. There are professional companies that will come out to your vehicle and use a resin mixture to fill the star or crack that is existing. By filling the mark the crack is aesthetically more pleasing, and more importantly the resin prevents the crack from spreading further. This method is great for prolonging the life of your windshield and saving you money up front. However, eventually the windshield will need to be replaced.

If your windshield has a large crack, the best option is to replace the entire windshield instead of attempting a repair kit. Repairs are meant for smaller stars and chunks, but larger cracks are uncontrollable. The most important thing to do is prevent the crack from getting larger. Avoid temperature change. Do not wash your car; the cold water from the hose on a hot or warm windshield causes the crack to spread. Try to leave the car in a protected garage as much as possible to avoid cold or hot weather from expanding the crack.

Replacing a windshield is a relatively painless process. Some companies will bring the new windshield to your home and replace it on site. This is convenient and does not disrupt your day. Sometimes it is quicker to take it to a shop where they have the windshield and have them replace it there. It depends on your needs and availability. Once the job has started it should take less than a couple hours to replace your cracked windshield with a brand new one.

Paying for a new windshield can often be a drag, especially if it happens often. After all, most cracked windshields are not the driver's fault, just bad luck. Many auto glass shops will bill your insurance for you. However, for many drivers this is not the best option. It all depends on your insurance deductible. New windshields can cost anywhere from $300-$700. If your deductible is more than that, it is easiest to just pay for the new windshield out of your pocket. This is also the quickest way to have the issue resolved. However, if your deductible is significantly less than the cost of a new windshield, then let the insurance pay for it, that is if it is included in your policy. Again, this decision is based solely on the cost of your insurance deductible and the convenience of making a claim.

Repairing or replacing windshield cracks is a fairly simple process. By assessing the size of the crack and your payment options you are ensuring the best possible repair job for your car and your wallet.

About The Author
Jake Newberry sells for NuStar Motors, a used car dealer in Sacramento CA, which specializes in lifted 4x4 trucks and fast cars such as Mustangs, Cameros, and Honda V-techs.

Copyright © 2001-Present

This article was posted by permission.
c016c8d609,VW Passat-ism: Off to Boggle Car Aficionados

by: Shane Morgay

Passat, a car named after the wind, is the latest big thing from Volkwagen. Since its inception, said model has distinguished reputation in the automotive world. The versatile car has won some 20 international prizes. Awards like “iF design” and the “Gelber Engel” from ADAC automobile club, are just few of the awards receive by Passat. With the passage of time and with the breakthroughs that go with it, Volkswagen has designed the newest version of Passat in a way to boggle the desires of car aficionados.

The new V-Line aerodynamic package introduced by the automaker, clearly demonstrates that Volkswagen car accessories used in Passat have the true making of an exquisite and true sports car. Said package includes side sills, rear skirt, front skirt, tailgate lip and double tail pipe trim. The package is responsible for reducing the aerodynamic drag of standard cars. Aside from that, it also complements the looks of Passat.

V-Line aerodynamic package concept used in VW Passat is based on Moonraker, also from Volkswagen lineup. Conceptualization and creation of said project took seven months to complete. However, the effort is worth it because Volkswagen Passat turned out to be an epitome of impressive synthesis. It exudes a racy aura that meets high consumer’s high demands.

Volkswagen designers gave the new Passat a distinct honeycombed design on the front grille to make it more striking. The middle and side grille also come in contrasting colors to give it distinct aesthetic identity. It is ideal for drivers who want a daily dose of driving adventure in a premium character plus the bold style that every driver wishes to possess.

Volkswagen Passat V-Line has undergone slight modifications in its springs. Said modifications lower the vehicle by 25 to 30 millimeters as well as the suspension travel limiters. The V-Line aerodynamic package is also complimented by the 18-inch Velos alloy wheels, which come in titanium and chrome-silver color. The rims of Passat are also wrapped with Pirelli P Zero R Assimetrico to complete the sporty appearance of the car.

About The Author
Shane Morgay is a 34-year-old native of Ohio. She love cars and knows detailed information about them. She has a collection of miniature car collectibles and would love to have these collectibles become real ones. She works for a car part supplier most days of the week.

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