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 Making Homemade Carp Boilies and Readymade Bait Secrets! 
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Post Making Homemade Carp Boilies and Readymade Bait Secrets!
Making Homemade Carp Boilies and Readymade Bait Secrets!
by: Tim Richardson

If you are like so many carp, catfish and barbel anglers, you will recently have taken a deeper interest in adapting your ready made baits or even making your own homemade baits to improve your catches. Far too many anglers think that bait making is all about mixing ingredients but the truth is the real power is all in manipulating and exploiting fish internally triggering maximum feeding for maximum bites – read on for the truth and catch loads more fish!

When you say to someone do you know how your bait works almost inevitably they will not really know thereby missing out on exploiting its full potential to catch fish. For example how many anglers realise the impacts of the enzymes in hemp sweetcorn and maize quite apart from proteins, sugars, omegas vitamins and other more specific potentially bioactive compounds?! When you discover what certain of these things do once inside fish you really have more power to manipulate fish behaviours in different ways at different levels by altering their brain chemistry, their taste preferences and sensitivity to your bait substances and making your baits far more noticeable to fish when in solution by applying them in the most specific ways and so on.

Many anglers have an incredibly out-dated impression that successful bait making is all about the boring process of making round boilies and frankly I hate doing that – what I look for and use are the fastest short-cuts to making really outstanding super-potent bait. In this regard my bait takes into account aspects of many bait formats to save time including aspects of preparing particles like hemp and nuts, to preparing ground baits or method or stick mixes, to paste and boilie making additives and liquid foods, palatants, flavours and some very much less well known substances. All this and far more is channelled into multiple bait approaches in my fishing and I certainly am not dependant on readymade baits and I do not advocate ever making round boilies. I mostly make my homemade baits nowadays in very many other ways and have not owned a bait paste extruder or boilie rolling table for many years.

If you are into making boilies you have no need whatsoever to make round boilies – in fact making round boilies only replicates features and characteristics of the millions of ready made baits that fish are obviously so successful at not getting hooked on! The answer of course is not to do things like the bait companies and do things in very much more unique ways. It may sound strange until you find out how but you can make as much bait as many bait company machines and in the same time. The difference is that your bait will be in different shapes and format and the fish will be easier to catch because they will have to deal with the new characteristics of this unique bait.

I cannot believe it but I actually read on a bait company front page the other day that their baits are round and this makes it much easier for boilies to be sucked up high into the mouth of a fish. This was supposed to promote their baits and frankly it did the opposite because the fact is that a smooth round bait will shoot back out in a linear straight direct extremely effectively too – thus making it very much easier for fish to eject any suspicious baits with hooks!

It seems that most anglers like their baits being easier for fish to eject because they insist on using smooth and rounded baits – this mind set is crazy considering just how relatively few wary fish get banked on such baits and how many thousands of anglers crowd the banks day and night! Think about it – just how many natural food items that fish feed on naturally without any fears are perfectly round balls?! Even 99 percent of seeds and nuts are never perfectly round.

If you have experimented using cut pieces of meats fish and other materials on rigs with odd-shaped homemade steamed baits and used dehydrated fruits alongside such baits (which are obviously far from round) the results showed a marked improvement in the numbers of fish hooked. I am only interested in baits in order to get as many bites as possible – and not into conforming to what currently most popular brand of readymade bait is the going bait on any particular water.

That brand-loyalty stuff is a totally artificial mindset propagated and massively pushed by commercial interests who basically want you to remain dependant on their products and ignorant of how to be totally independent of them! Think about it; how many of you are walking billboards without being paid?! How many of you will not hear a negative word even suggested against a particular brand name of readymade baits. Maybe you have been so sucked into the commercial exploitation of fishing that you practically have your preferred brand names tattooed on your forehead instead of just everything else.

Yet the reality is that fish could not care less if you were using acai berries re-hydrated in beetroot juice - or using fresh goose droppings gathered by hand! You simply do not require limited edition specialist essential minge juice under the counter force 1000 concept wafter hooker fusions of high impact flavoured feed-inducing balls – all in highly subliminal psychologically attractive packaging!

The vast majority of non-bait company boss advertorial writers promoting readymade baits have no idea when the bioactive substances in their baits specifically do or do not impact internally acting to alter fish behaviours in specifically desired ways! Yet this is ultimately the only point of boilies and pellets and other such baits and which are incredibly major things that make them perform to maximum effect to induce the most bites!

When someone of the standing of Terry Hearn when writing in magazines once again harps on about the crunch factor of tiger nuts used in new readymade boilies as being so important (instead of other massively more important factors,) this seriously needs highlighting as being not only vague and misguided but possibly misleading!

The fact is that some anglers are talented, exceptionally sharply focused, extremely motivated and have the creative vision to be able to adapt and exploit the rigs and baits and tactics of other anglers far more than the average angler. This is even more so if they become by definition professional full-time anglers. Most anglers who go from part-time to full-time anglers supporting commercial interests will up their game but not just do this but improve their fishing if merely because that is what they are doing hour after hour day after day on the bank.

This is like the difference between top professional cage fighters or world champion boxers and those guys who visit the gym or the dojo 3 or even 7 times a week. Arnold Schwarzenegger got so big so fast not merely due to steroids (they were in use by many others too,) but by being innovative and by training with far more frequency than other body-builders; the cumulative results all added up!

But even these guys pale into insignificance when you see the kinds of full-on full-time training that the original Shaolin monks performed; training all day every day for at least 30 years from young childhood - to become official masters. You hear about all kinds of things in the news and see all kinds of scandalous stuff on the web but how many times do you hear about a genuine 30 year Shaolin master getting beaten up?! Many of the real masters have become bodyguards of Asian VIPs. When they have their job interview they have their level of chi tested – no test fight or other references are needed!

These guys can do things with their bodies and minds that the best cage fighters know are beyond modern scientific explanation - even if they have done a number of cheap party tricks for public show under the suggestion of the Chinese powers that be in promoting Chinese heritage and culture – which is ironical as during the cultural revolution the Chinese communists destroyed the Shaolin Temple and forced the monks underground!

It is like the real guitar greats who spent 12 to16 hours a day, day in day out for years and who attained legendary status. The fact is that pop stars today just do not have the stomach for it like so many of those guys did because today there is a easy quick way mentality that is fake and produces incomparable results; the state of the pop industry and quality of the songs and artists today says it all! Just reading carp magazines and forums etc will never bring the kinds of results many seem to imply are possible – it takes hard work, commitment, and sacrifice in all weathers and desire to do what it takes to become successful. But it seems that very many carp anglers people do not want to hear that and prefer to buy a bag of new baits – and expect miracles!

Some anglers simply dump as much bait as possible into their chosen swims on the quiet or in full view – even just for a night session to stitch up a lake temporarily! I know this because I have often done it successfully and I have watched particular higher profile anglers doing too.

I often wonder what it takes to be defined as famous or high-profile and it is really simple – whatever you catch just chuck it at the magazines, papers and other forms of media with an article thrown in for good measure, and the effect will build cumulatively over time - even if your catches are only average on your day ticket water or syndicate. Fame and high-profile is an illusion because it is based on a faulty judgement of impressions of success in the media.

Very many catches come from incredible amounts of hours on the bank fishing, baiting or observing patterns and feeding habits and so on and as a result catches simply do not correspond to those catches average weekend anglers who form the bulk of the people buying the magazines and buying readymade bait!

Think how many of the more successful anglers have at some point been in jobs that afforded them much more time in order to pursue fish; many may have been postmen or builders or plasterers or other self-employed roles and professions or were in jobs that enabled access to waters and fishing that gave particular competitive advantages other than simply time, money tackle or baiting opportunities.

I was a self-employed professional grower, garden and irrigation designer and landscaper for 25 years following in the footsteps of Jack Hilton for example. It was a deliberate choice and a path I chose because my primary aim was to go carp fishing and fishing for other large species along the way – for me this path was by deliberate design and due to extremely hard worked and sacrifice afforded me more time to learn my craft on the bank than anyone I ever met apart from professional anglers. I am still self-employed now because it allows me the freedom to plan and be flexible in fishing. It is a huge financial sacrifice but it all comes down to what you value in your life. (Having nearly died at 21 this was a very easy choice for me!)

All these things and more are all part of the bigger of carp fishing picture but having a really good deeper understanding of fish internally in relation to bait substances is a massive edge against any angler - providing you put it into action in original and innovative ways. Modern fishing is really a game of chess against the fish - and other anglers. In my opinion just using a couple of kilograms of shop-bought readymade bait for the weekend is not going to give you the catches of Terry Hearn unless you really do have the skills, talent, refinements, years of experience and finely-honed fishing instincts and so on.

You might automatically assume I am saying this for egotistical reasons, jealously or whatever negative reasons and I would not be surprised if that is your mindset as so many anglers have been so brainwashed by the flashy adverts and skewed articles over the years suggesting that you too can miraculously imitate the catches of some of the best most well-supported anglers in the country. But I gave you this example of Terry Hearn and the tiger nuts example as vague and pretty misleading information purely because everyone deserves the non-biased truth - and the bigger picture of what really makes carp baits most effective!

Sure tiger nuts are crunchy textured. They also mimic certain natural foods and they also improve food through-put through the carp gut. Sure carp to the crunch of many substances in their natural environment. Carp and other fish will obviously respond to many sounds in water because sound waves travel twice as fast in water as they do in air. These kinds of vibrations literally resound within internal structures inside fish - but these are certainly not the most important reasons that tiger nut work as hook baits and when used within other forms of baits such as in boilies.

For instance that are far more important to tiger nut bait success include these examples: the fact that tiger nuts are very significantly rich in 2 of the most exceptionally well-proven amino acids stimulatory to carp feeding. Tiger nuts are also very seriously rich in soluble fibre that speeds digestion and lowers harmful cholesterol levels that boost metabolism and vital energy levels related to other factors and substances in tiger nuts to do with thermogenics and chemothermic heating etc.

Even the capacity of the fibres in tiger nut to absorb water or other liquids is a highly significant point in their success for a variety of reasons plus there are very many substances factors and features of tiger nuts that it seems the majority of high profile anglers are yet to become aware of! Just adding betaine and Talin and other enhancers, and palatants and sweeteners etc are the tip of the ice-berg of what intrinsically really turns fish on in regards to these tubers and boosts fish responses!

When scanning the popular magazine advertorials it often really makes me wonder what many bait-sponsored high profile anglers really know about bait other than that they catch fish. When you discover how many bait-sponsored anglers chuck in just so many kilograms of boilies and other baits repeatedly over series of sessions as full-time anglers it is a wonder that anyone else even gets a bite as lakes can often get stitched up so badly. Obviously one certain way of beating the bait-sponsored anglers is to make your own baits using ingredients, additives, and liquids and extracts and so on that the fish will not fear having never experienced before and in forms of bait using bait applications they have not been caught on before.

This is easily possible when you simply get off the copy-cat readymade bait train and look into carp more deeply – then things really get exciting! Having done this, then when you fish against the vast majority of anglers who are ignorant of deeper aspects of carp senses and physiology etc in manipulating different modes and intensities of behaviours using little known bait substances, you will have many more competitive fishing advantages - and far more consistent big fish success. (For further information on making, adapting, designing and boosting your baits see my website Baitbigfish right now!)

By Tim Richardson.

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