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 "Make Carp Baits Like Tiger Nuts And Boilies Even More..." 
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Post "Make Carp Baits Like Tiger Nuts And Boilies Even More..."
Make Carp Baits Like Tiger Nuts And Boilies Even More Irresistible To Big Wary Fish!
by: Tim Richardson

You might think that carp baits like boilies and tiger nuts have little in common in terms of massive potential for improved and new different preparations - but you would be wrong. Sure tiger nut is used in some boilies, but there is plenty you can exploit in terms of boilie ingredients and liquids to make your tiger nuts, boilies and pellets catch loads more fish so read on now!

Many carp anglers I meet have the idea that tiger nuts are great baits that do not need any adaptation or boosting in totally unique new ways to catch out many more really wary carp. The truth is that carp being such constantly adaptive creatures can easily get progressively much harder to catch where they become all too familiar with conventionally prepared tiger nut hook baits for example.

Just as in the case with using boilies and the need to balance their buoyancy to negate hook weight to try to avoid carp detection of suspect baits, tiger nuts baits and catches are improved by the same means. Of course tiger nuts are oily and the very high fibre content teamed with its carbohydrate absorbent capacity holds liquids extremely well. Such features and characteristics make re-hydrated tiger nuts very light in water compared to very many dense machine extruded rolled, shaped and heated boilies and pellets etc.

This means they can take on all kinds of liquids and be very effective carriers. They are also easily found by carp due to their low density in comparison to water (i.e. their comparative light-weight in water,) and their attractive movement in water disturbed by carp moving near them. In fact this kind of density compared to water resembles very many of the natural carp food items that are also high in water and other liquid contents.

Now the fact is that if a new or adapted bait does not resemble a form of bait a fish has good reason from previous experience to fear or resembles a natural food item it has no suspicion of, then it is far more likely to feed with added confidence, make a mistake with that bait – and get hooked!

Plenty of carp around the world have been hooked on ordinary cooked sweetened tiger nuts. Of course there are many forms tiger nuts might take, from mini-sized 6 millimetre ones to giant sized tubers over 16 millimetres long. You can get mixtures of sizes, graded sizes and even naturally black not brown tiger nuts. But instead of dealing with the inner secrets of tiger nuts and why they can be addictive in effect to carp (see my ebooks,) I will discuss ways to make them different to normal by adopting a few substances and ideas I use in a few of my boilie, pellets and ground bait and bean, nuts and seeds particle preparations.

One of the easiest ways to make tiger nuts different is to soak them and cook them in a solution that contains substances not commonly or ever before used for this purpose. The old use of betaine and Talin plus other sweeteners for example is over-used in my opinion. After all similar tiger nuts prepared like this are pumped into carp waters all over the place all year round. Although these things enhance and compliment many aspects tiger nuts naturally offer in various ways on different levels far more can be exploited; in fact the list is massive!

However in choosing what to use it seriously helps to appreciate exactly what those substances will do when mixed together, what happens to them in water when you nuts are cast out and what occurs when fish sense them and consume them.

Just adding a single substance to tiger nuts when soaking them or even at the cooking stage is not rocket science. What can be more involved is uncovering and exploiting the internal effects that any particular substance can have possibly in very beneficial ways within carp that seriously multiplies your catches compared to normal! Some of you might be thinking about amino acids or the oleic acid or vitamins already present in tiger nuts or impacts of its soluble fibre, enzymes or sugars. You can easily boost impacts and effects that most carp baits of most forms already have, from nuts and seeds and meat baits, to natural baits, fake baits, paste and dough baits, boilies, pellets and even good old bread.

One of the oldest known carp bait additives is honey. You might think this sweet stuff is just sugar food for the bees but it is far more than this and science has yet to uncover many of its secrets! One of its effects is to promote relaxation. Many carp substances or potential carp substances do this. Think about it; a more relaxed carp is easier to catch than an anxious nervous carp that is very much more on the alert in sensing suspect baits with hooks!

Honey is one of those substances that can make you want more of it for very specific reasons, but this feel-good factor is certainly well-proven with carp. I remember using it in my bread paste fishing for carp in the seventies and the difference in catches using it and not using it was dramatic. The reason for is very complex and far-reaching too. One part of its success is the unique aroma compounds released into the water column from honey. It is highly water-soluble and is effective all year round even in temperatures around freezing point. It is a nutritional food due to the special substances it contains apart from its sugars, minerals etc.

OK now just how many guys have you met who use tiger nuts prepared without Talin but high potency honey and CC Moore Ultrasweet intense sweetener for instance? I am putting in this particular intense sweetener because it is a different form to those used for many decades and is extremely effective even as the only enhancer or sweetener in a bait. In this case it enhances the honey in various ways and as a result it prolongs the richness and power of impacts on carp senses – so making carp desire your baits even more.

By getting creative you can begin by simply looking at the features and characteristics of a substances and boost it. In simple terms of sugars, some minerals and forms of soluble fibre and their positive effects for instance, tiger nuts have similarities to bananas and many other fruits and vegetables. Just one example of creativity born of frustration with times of merely average catches on ready-prepared tiger nuts was to prepare my tiger nuts using liquidised over-ripe banana and clay purchased for modelling purposes (I used to make miniature carp models as a hobby in clay and carved plaster of Paris.) I also added very significant levels of a very rich health tonic and a special nut extract (for more on this see my ebooks!)

Maybe this is new to some anglers but carp ingest the base rock called clay that naturally line many waters because not only is it extremely rich in essential minerals and other related factors, but it is rich in very beneficial bacteria and other micro-organisms. You might think that soil or as some call it dirt, or pure clay is dead and devoid of life. Well clays are formed in many cases from fine alluvial and water-course deposits; some of which have formed the basis of some of the richest waters on the planet.

The top koi breeders know all about the powder of clay in promoting fish health and vigour and boosting not only scale colours but fish immunity and even naturally cleaning and balancing water. Obviously some clays are much richer in certain components than others or contain different ratios of them. Clay offered for sale to enrich koi ponds is ideal but you would be surprised how easy it is to mix clay in re-hydrated form.

Such secrets can make all the difference to your results when fishing against competing baits and wary big carp. Today it is normal for the biggest fish most anglers want to catch to be among the most very wary so being able to use the kinds of edges and information that average anglers do not have is essential.

Whether you choose to be dependant on readymade baits or want to make just as potent and more economical homemade ones of any kind from boilies to ground baits to particles etc you can always improve your catches by getting the kinds of secrets 99 percent of anglers overlook or are ignorant of. (For even more information on making, adapting, designing and boosting your baits see my see my bait secrets ebooks website Baitbigfish right now - and improve your catches for life!)

By Tim Richardson.

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