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 "Making Homemade Carp Bait Boilies And Secrets Of..." 
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Post "Making Homemade Carp Bait Boilies And Secrets Of..."
Making Homemade Carp Bait Boilies And Secrets Of Betaine And Sweet Ingredients!
by: Tim Richardson

The more carp you can pull to your baits the more carp you will catch! Betaine is a big buzz word in carp fishing and listed as an extremely potent ingredient in boilies and pellets and other baits and liquid complexes etc too. Read on to discover more about how it works, how to use it far better - and catch many more fish!

The betaine most often offered for use in carp fishing baits is the commonest natural form usually referred to as glycine betaine or trimethylglycine; the free base form. (This is a quaternary ammonium compound related to the amino acid glycine.) This product is the familiar white sweet-tasting crystalline stuff often called the anhydrous betaine form. It is stable up to 200 degrees Celsius - so boiling it in baits does not damage it!

The white crystalline form of betaine and betaine HCL salt forms look very much alike; so much so that just by looking it can be almost impossible to distinguish between the 2! Like many other great carp additives and other ingredients pure betaine and betaine HCL crystals are extremely hygroscopic. They will draw into themselves water molecules from the air which is why you need to store them in water-tight containers or sealed bags etc.

The advantages of hygroscopic characteristics are many-fold. Like powder-form LO30 fish protein, fermented shrimp powder, malt extract, squid and yeast extracts, powdered palatants and taste enhancers, glycerine and salts for example, these substances absorb water into their molecular structures forming a solution. It is this effect that allows things like Belachan which is high in salts to be so effective by rapidly dispersing attractive salts and highly stimulatory amino acids and other feeding triggers over a wide area. The carp detect this solution around them and follow its concentration gradient back to its source – i.e. your hook baits and free bait, so you can see just how central this effect really is in effective carp fishing in pulling stimulated fish to your hooks!

In some cases this absorption is total and infinite such as in the case of glycerine (of glycerol flavours fame for instance,) which is 100 percent hygroscopic and fully soluble in water. Other substances are similar and may be hygroscopic to various degrees such as many sugars such as glucose, maltose, and lactose.

Glucose syrup is a great hygroscopic sweetener that gives the carp an instant energy hit and many similar sugars and syrups are ideals for carp bait use including all those fruits in tins that come in syrup. Sugar is a very cheap ingredient and I use lots in my baits with very good reasons! The famous milk sugar lactose has many direct and indirect effects in carp (both internally as well as externally,) and can be even be added to readymade baits using new particularly potent methods and additive combinations.

The efficient hydration or baits or the act of baits becoming part solution throughout is one of the great secrets to baits success as this enable the passage of attraction and stimulation out of baits as water is sucked into the matrix of the bait and is absorbed into the molecules of the various ingredients dependant upon their solubility and hygroscopicity and so on. Of course hydrated baits are going to be digested faster than dry baits and many open texture baits are extremely effective.

It might be noted that much of the success of purely milk protein baits is dependant upon the extremely high water solubilities of milk fractions and derivatives such as whey protein isolate, lactalbumin, sodium and calcium caseinates and lactose etc.

Course bird food ingredients such as crushed hemp seed and crushed egg biscuit alongside the use of powdered flavours for instance assist in hydrating baits allowing water to more easily enter the baits quickly making baits swell with water; so releasing all the attraction that needs to enter the water column and disperse in order to pull fish effectively to baits. Of course alcohol based flavours among others are outstanding in such baits because they are so highly soluble.

So much of this obviously relates to that vital ion-exchange when baits are in solution and this aspect is particularly important in low water temperatures; betaine used with salts and betaine plus alcohol flavours for instance with additional hygroscopic substances all combine to produce a superior-performing winter.

Free-form amino acids and amino acids combinations are obviously key examples central to the effective performance of a huge variety of carp baits either readymade or homemade. These are invariably best added to baits after boiling or steaming so they are neither heat-damaged nor wasted by being boiled-out, (although some amino acids are more or less affected in different ways to different degrees by heating.)

It is a very wise move to add as much liquid proteins to your baits as possible and adding as much as 150 millilitres or more to a kilogram of dry base mix is something I really recommend for optimum bait performance. Adding extra ion-exchangers to your amino acids liquid protein complex obviously boosts ion-exchange effects and boost bait palatability too. Mineral and water-soluble vitamin mixtures should not be over-looked in this respect as these are extremely well proven carp catchers!

Betaine has so many effects and is found in so many forms and as various substances. There are a huge variety of methods you can utilise to make all your baits even more potent using natural betaine in its many forms I have even written a massively researched ebook on it! (For more information, see my free articles and bait secrets ebooks website Baitbigfish, and my biography right now!)

By Tim Richardson.

About The Author
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