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 Carp Fishing Bait Success With Cheap Unique Recipes! 
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Post Carp Fishing Bait Success With Cheap Unique Recipes!
Carp Fishing Bait Success With Cheap Unique Recipes!
by: Tim Richardson

Here is an account of my latest carp fishing exploits and catches by refining my cheap homemade baits and includes details of natural flavours, feeding triggers, nutritional attraction, enhancers, essential oils, new attractors (and much more besides) to boost my catches!

I have not been fishing recently although last time I fished the local pond with some of my homemade baits and hooked 3 out of the ponds estimated 6 residents - in just 2 and a half hours! Having previously hooked just 5 of them in total in 10 visits shows I did something very right regarding the baits used, rig preparation and actual fishing and baiting approach this time because these fish are very clued-up and constantly fished for by anglers often using very fine tackle and tiny baits.

I was using a bait based on premium grade koi carp pellet powders. To this was added lots of herbs (such as borage, nettle and mint) and various spices and spice extracts. I also included Carpfishingpellets premium Scottish salmon oil, their liquid lecithins and salmon protein, plus liquid pig protein, powdered palatants and glycerine and mineral and vitamin supplements. I also added ground up Ccmoore Milkimin pellets, Amino Green 365 pellets, betaine HCL and some abalone powder at about 10 percent of the mix, plus seaweed (local bladderwrack) pieces and granules.

Personally I consider that a bait oriented around purely abalone and rich seaweeds and yeast will work if only for the huge amount of glutamine such a bait contains; regardless of other nutritional attraction, palatability enhancing capabilities and so on! (And glutamine is a great carp feeding trigger.)

I have gradually been making diverse batches of baits for future trips this autumn. I am working on the theory that if I make each batch different even if only slightly then it will make it harder for fish to identify hook baits (actually it is not a theory because I use this trick a lot and it really works wonders.) Therefore some of my baits have lots of betaine HCL, some loads of salmon protein, some loads of robin Red, some contain liquid flavours, some contain powdered flavours only, some have lots of cheap mixed nut oil, and some have lots of salmon oil and lecithins, or have corn steep liquor and cheap milk powders etc.

Some of the boilies contain high levels of pearl barley, cracked corn and hemp, some have lots of rolled oats and mini pellets, some have lots of bird seeds like those in Trill and others have more CLO etc. Some baits Phillips Yeast Mixture (yes it is still available,) plus bacterial enzymes and a proportion of whey protein and extra high quality fish protein too.

Some of the baits have various different forms of chilli powders and black pepper powders and oils. Some have lots of blue cheese powder and garlic concentrate and have mint and eucalyptus essential oils added; others have menthol added.

Some have more seaweed and have added kelp granules and spirulina powder are green in colour. Various of the baits are red in colour while others are yellow or paler in colour. Some have been dyed black with edible dye. The density of the baits vary considerably as does their buoyancies too and their actual weights as some have more limestone powder and screened sterilised smooth sand to add weight; conversely some baits contain lots of egg biscuit krill meal and dehydrated shrimps and insects.

Some baits have been rolled into balls and dried and cut in half, others have been rolled into sausages and chopped into pellets or odd shapes.

Various of the baits have simply been air-dried and not boiled. Some baits have merely been scaled, and some boiled for 1-3 minutes. Some have been dried in milk powders, others in betaine HCL or icing sugar or Feedstim XP powder or fermented shrimp powder or Belachan among other things. It is not merely what you put together with what and at what levels and ratios, but how literally everything acts all together in the water, at carp receptors and actually within the carp, that makes all the difference to your catches!

I'm hoping to do a 5 day long session somewhere in late September (just where is the question at the moment!

I really rate ground baits summer and in fact all year round and I am not a great fan of just fishing over a bed of pellets for instance, but mixing it up and breaking up the carp reference points to make things as difficult as possible for them to identify hook baits!

If you are aiming to make cheap baits I have had decades of years of practice - I reckon the very cheapest attractor baits only need 1 potent ingredient to do the major work in a bait; whatever the bulk carrier binding ingredients are! A simple example is using lots of kelp powder in a maize meal and semolina based bait. Adding a natural flavour packed with natural esters is a nice edge too!

For boosting my cheapest homemade baits I find natural cream flavours used on their own or mixed with perhaps a crab or a smoked flavour for example are very effective - in summer and winter too! For much more information see my bait secrets and homemade bait making secrets ebooks website (Baitbigfish) right now!

By Tim Richardson.

About The Author
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