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 Making Addictive Carp Fishing Baits That Catch More Fish! 
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Post Making Addictive Carp Fishing Baits That Catch More Fish!
Making Addictive Carp Fishing Baits That Catch More Fish!
by: Tim Richardson

There is far more to carp baits than meets the eye (and human senses) and these hidden factors can easily give you those edges you need to catch a big very wary fish or catch you far more than your fair share of fish over all; so read on for some surprising carp bait secrets!

I never got on with chess as a kid but I sure loved watching fish. All those videos all over the place showing carp feeding in the presence of free baits, and then in the presence of free baits plus a baited rig illustrate only to a limited degree what could be going on in your lake with your fish!

And to accurately scientifically competently explain why the fish do what they do and how to counter these behaviours as a carp angler, are totally your unique choice as an individual carp angler. For me this is one of the most exciting parts of carp fishing because in effect it is we that train our fish and that means to a great degree we can control their behaviours.

I am well and truly into leveraging bait substances in this regard. The reason for this goes back to the hair rig female hair hormone thing. Whenever a carp senses your baits, all those receptor cells and nerves firing off and brain activity result in hormone releases which influence carp behaviours immediately. Some much more familiar bait substances may result in a bait being rejected well before it is ever at a stage of getting tested by a carps barbels or fins or lips. The fact is that carp move through various stages of excitement – as stimulated by many various baits substances each having their on unique and combined impacts upon fish metabolism and behavioural responses.

These days when I go shopping in a supermarket I joke to my other half (my good half Debs,) that three quarters of the so-called food there should be moved to the darkest corner and placed under the counter. There they should be sold as under the counter drugs; but why?!

Have you noticed that the so-called health food section in a super market is so small? The fact is that food manufacturers want to train you to buy more of their own products not their competitors products or other food groups; consequently they put all kinds of substances into their foods to condition your senses. This includes packing it with salts which force your taste buds to change sensitivities and refined sugar (which is proven to alter your DNA although not in necessarily healthy ways!)

Of course nuts are habit-forming too but they have far more healthy impacts upon balanced health and improved natural vitality and longevity than the bulk of the so-called foods packed with all kinds of unhelpful extras. These are literally everything included to make you buy more than you need, and eat more than is healthy for you; so the manufacturer make more fatter profits and more often than not making you fatter in the process!

I make a habit of reading food labels of everything I eat and have done since I was still at school in the early Eighties. It is surprising how many carp baits you can find that are called food in your local supermarket but in truth and in effect are very well marketed legalised drugs! From the alcohol in your cheap beer and plonk to caffeine and sugar-packed drinks, to flavour-enhancer packed crisps and chocolate coated products of all kinds, soups, ready-meals etc; you are most likely being drugged.

Many tricks are used to get you hooked. Just how many pre-cooked meats are packed with salts plus other hidden goodies – I know many butchers who would never buy their meat from supermarkets because they know what tricks have been applied! And what about the masses of sweet products like biscuits, cakes and sweets packed with flavours and spice extracts high in oleoresins for example!

Chocolate containing vanilla contains vanillin (a potent oleoresin exploited for decades and decades in the food and drink industry and in carp baits too.) Whether you go for milk chocolate or plain; it is addictive. Just investigate the hormones released in a female brain when eating chocolate and you will understand why so many women habitually use it as a substitute for certain other activities (i.e. sex!)

Part of the obesity epidemic is simply that people are going out buying foods containing far more sugar than their lifestyles can burn off – forget the fat; often the so-called low fat foods are packed with sugar to make them more palatable to make you eat more. Who can blame people for getting fat or getting diabetes when they are bombarded every single day with so-called foods that very often have barely any nutritional food value left in them at all after cooking but which are packed with sugar that their food-stressed long-unbalanced systems cannot deal with normally any longer?

I call white bread the food of the diabetic; if you know a diabetic you probably know why. Needless to say it is very wise to check out the rate each carbohydrate food is converted to blood sugar (blood glucose) in your system. (Look-up the glycaemic index for each food because constantly over-loading your body with such converted sugar dumps causes the majority of diabetes in people both young and old!)

Often you will discover upon reading a label, that a low fat product will actually contain even more sugar than a corresponding normal fat level product. But worse than this often the low fat product will make you fatter over all because of its calorific value owing to the sugar levels it contains. This kind of trick is used in many high price as well as low price foods.

Try buying enough food for a week that does not contain any salt, saturated fat, sugar, wheat, milk or milk derivatives, yeast extract, MSG or similar, or other natural, nature-identical or synthetic additives that all are at least habit-forming (if not downright addictive.) You will find it a huge change – I know because I try and do this every week for the sake of my health! However the way food is produced to make us eat more is quite an experts guide to making far more competitively-performing carp baits.

Part of the puzzle in making habit-forming carp baits is in knowing the substances found in natural ingredients and additves that individually or combined have profound impacts on the fish either in the very short-term or long term or both. These impacts can over time get much stronger meaning that carp literally get into the habit of not just consuming your baits but actually looking for them.

Kevin Maddocks did not use a high proportion of icing sugar in one of his successful recipes for homemade boilies that he used at mega-hard water Ashlea Pool just for sweetening - and not just to open up tightly-binding milk protein bait ingredients either! If you dip your finger into icing sugar and test it by tasting it, it is very likely that test taste will be followed by another, and another, and another! (I hope you are getting the point!)

Check out the fact that the first thing a puff of nicotine does is induce a glutamine dumb throughout the bloodstream and body that instantly relaxes you; but that is just the first stage of one of the most potently addictive substances in the world. The important thing is that it firstly relaxes you; release of bodily tension is energy efficient and just as addictive as the hit of hormones you get when enjoying strenuous exercise!

Relaxing your carp to make them easier to catch is just one angle of approach of course. Note of course that nicotine is seriously fatal and just one drop on the tongue of the pure stuff will kill you; plus it is the tar and cyanide compounds etc from burning fag paper that really does not help you live longer either! If it helps there is far more bioactive compounds in the leaf than the seed of cannabis plants and this is why hemp seed is less potent than it might be while the original Coke herbal tonic drink made people high as kites.

Perhaps ask yourself why one of the biggest most successful brands in history is called Coke – perhaps the answer is in the question! (But I would never claim Coke has certain leaf extracts in legal amounts included would I!) Just a side point; Coke is a better formula to Pepsi for use as a great additive for hemp seed!

I guess by now you have probably realised that I know more than a little about making habit-forming (and even to a degree addictive) carp baits, and putting them into action big-time. (For much more information see my bait secrets ebooks and bait-making and bait-boosting website Baitbigfish right now!)

By Tim Richardson.

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