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 "Essential Big Carp Bait Tips To Improve Your Readymade..." 
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Post "Essential Big Carp Bait Tips To Improve Your Readymade..."
Essential Big Carp Bait Tips To Improve Your Readymade And Homemade Baits!
by: Tim Richardson

Is this you? Too carp anglers are in the same boat in that they cannot afford to buy the very most top quality HNV readymade baits in the volumes that they really need to compete on many big fish waters! Most of us have been or are now in this situation so here are just a few tips that will set you free of this problem for good, save you a fortune and catch you many more big fish!

Many carp anglers have a highly developed brand loyalty which companies actually strive to foster and develop to the degree that you might even feel guilty if considering changing brands! There is nothing wrong with brand loyalty because successful fishing is all about fishing confidently. However there are incredible catch-boosting benefits in using products from different bait companies in regards to your bait performance especially!

The unique combined effects of unique combinations of potent ingredients and additives never experienced before by carp improves your catches and even allows you to develop your own unique methods, rigs, baiting practices and strategies that will put you ahead of most other anglers who are generally stuck in a rut of conventional thinking!

Over the past 3 decades in my carp fishing I have gone through many phases of bait testing and as a result have quite a knowledge of what to combine with what differently in order to achieve many more potent competitive edges over both the fish and in many situations over fellow anglers to seriously improve my results.

Examples are many including the following! I remember applying very many kilograms of Hinders tiny high betaine Elipse pellets and crushed tiger nuts soaked in intense Talin and Thaumatin sweetener and tiger extracts and oils to catch the biggest carp and catfish from one Essex water with a leather carp to 46 pounds and a catfish of 68 pounds. You might like to try out crushed Mainline readymade baits like Active 8 mixed with other of their baits such as Fusion and Cell soaked in betaine HCL, Protaste sweetener and Nash Squid extract. A 1 foot long rig with small double pop-up baits straight off the lead is a well proven edge of mine for catfish. Nash Whiskey liquid is a useful additive I have mixed with PPC type amino complexes to great effect for big carp and when targeting big catfish too with homemade ground baits and boilies.

Dynamite Baits Halibut pellets soaked in Richworth liquid yeast with added Honey Yucatan and Tutti Fruitti combined with pure salmon oil plus some varied gustatory stimulants and digestive enhancers from a variety of companies has really done well for me. How many angler have tried pure maple syrup and Ccmoore Feedstim XP in the Mainline Grange CSL bait base mix for instance?! (Give this unique tip a try; perhaps as crushed homemade boilie baits and pastes in your PVA bags for instance!)

You might like to try out a homemade bait that will be very different, perhaps the new Mainline Cell base mix with added Tackle Box Ming Oil for instance with added Ccmoore blue cheese powder and garlic concentrate for instance.

Willis Worms have an outstanding Robin Red substitute that some major UK bait companies now include in their readymade baits. Because its great price I can absolutely pack it into my ground baits to awesome effect along with other of their very competitively-priced products including their worm extracts, squid andronone and CP70 fish protein for example, plus some of their custom liquid protein complexes.

I have been using products from Newfields Baits for a while and their green lipped mussel extract is simply amazing. I cannot choose between this and the high-impact de-fatted green-lipped mussel extract from Ccmoore!

I have used a very special combination of high grade hydrolysed salmon protein, with a high PC liquid lecithin and premium grade Scottish salmon oil, in a variety of baits and application. These products are all very economical yet have been incredibly effective over this last spring and summer and even in winter in the cold substituting the salmon oil for betaine HCL! All these particular additives have come from a leading premium carp and koi pellet supplier and unique bait ingredients supplier called CW Baits and Carpfishingpellets (as found online.) Phil the company boss tells me he is presently looking for bait testers for a uniquely refined HNV bait; so why not contact Carpfishingpellets right now!

I have done very well mixing together ingredients from all kinds of companies to stretch my bait money further and improve my results. I have been making my own homemade baits since I started carp fishing in 1977. In the present economic climate more and more thinking carp anglers are getting into homemade bait making in order to save a fortune on readymade baits – and who can blame them?! My unique ebooks on carp bait secrets have very quickly brought far more carp anglers into the league of highly successful anglers who can compete with readymade baits using their own unique homemade baits. Obviously I am very proud of this fact because it helps bait companies exploit a return to an already previously proven established trend and helps angler get more big fish on a budget they can more easily afford today!

I used to use very many products from Rod Hutchinson and I absolutely trust all his products as he has been designing and refining incredibly successful baits since before probably 90 percent of UK carp anglers today were born! Who has not heard of Scopex for instance? A great tip is trying his Mulberry Florentine in hook baits or his nutritional Maple Steep Liquor supplement and flavour in very elevated levels in your free baits. I can tell you that Mike Willmot Essential Baits Natural Squid is a genuine winner and by adding cork dust to his and other readymade pastes will give you the ability to produce instant critically-balanced baits that will act as though they are boilies that have been in the water and are breaking down – just like wary carp like them!

Of course pellets are very important in the bait arsenal today. Combining pellets for specific purposes not just to stimulate carp feeding and pull them into your swim, but to get them to actually make more mistakes on your baits in a very potent edge. I know from long personal experience of catching wary fish that fishing over bait that is fully broken down can be the breakthrough edge required. You might wish to fish bloodworm pellet which are so popular toady, but boosted with Ccmoore bloodworm extract and Red Venom liquid or Feedstim XP or Odyssey XXX liquid.

Personally I find the buoyant behaviour of Ccmoore Milkimin pellets an incredible edge for more wary fish and I recently hooked the biggest fish in one smaller Kent lake at 35 pounds. The point is that this was actually on the first day of fishing and incorporating these in various forms in my homemade PVA bag mixes, homemade boilies and pastes! Just another thought is I recall really hammering the fish at Dream Lake One in France on Squid and krill extract ground baits with blast-frozen bloodworm in my PVA bag mix. Real blood worm goes a long way despite its cost when used exactly how and where it is best applied and I believe it is often superior to so many of the processed ready prepared bloodworm baits and additives available. (You might like to try it mixed with the new Nutrabaits bait called G-Force in crushed bloodworm extract-soaked form in PVA products etc.)

I have often used Nutrabaits Addits to enhance and further predigest my homemade ground bait and boilies and pellets to make them perform fantastically well but I do use much cheaper products plus special methods to further break down my baits even more favourably. This type of preparation stretches the short and long-term effects of my homemade base mixes much further! I often bulk them up with much cheaper ingredients to save on cost and these additves and ingredients are broken down into much more attractive soluble and very digestible compounds such as organic acids and fermenting sugars - among other goodies!

Another example everyone can consider is when I used certain homemade bioactive compound special edges to hook the biggest fish in Rainbow lake; when this fish was at 84 pounds back in around 2006. Spice and herb oleoresins and various other essential oil components (plus complete essential oils in combination) were included in the preparation of my homemade baits for that extremely highly pressured big fish water. Special homemade boosted particles and ground baits preparations plus homemade boilies and boosted readymade pellets were used in this instance. All this sounds like a lot of preparation but it always seriously pays off to make the extra effort at any water where people are well known to blank on and where your goal is to tempt the biggest wary fish!

The amount of competitive edges you can produce for yourself to get around what I call carp danger reference points conditioned into carp by past and present popular carp fishing bait forms, and baiting and fishing practices are legion (but you need to be thinking differently and use your imagination! Ultimately you are never taking a risk in being different with bait because everything is priceless feedback and anything that might seem like a mistake is actually a solution to crack a different fishing problem - 99 percent of the time!

I make my baits with a big focus on protein and amino acids stimulation although I do not always design baits for the long-term and instant baits by definition can be both long and short-term for many reason. With top quality protein additives and ingredients can be very hard to cut costs but it is possible with enough knowledge of bait and you do not always have to group together to reduce personal costs or to get bargains in bulk. It is a fact that high levels of the most potent substances in just your hook baits are often all you need to achieve your goals, and creative uses of cheaper but potently-boosted pellets and creatively-boosted particles as free baits are very often successful in guerrilla-type fishing approaches!

But certainly not all of the most impactful protein-related feeding triggers fall into the bracket of complex amino acids and other amines, and certain natural feeding triggers can be very cheap indeed! In fact you can make extremely competitive baits with no fish protein, no milk protein and no sign of conventional expensive readymade amino acid complexes at all, because with the right bait-making know-how you can make them all for yourself (including making homemade flavours, flavour components and unique flavour-infused oils too!)

You might think that knowing more about fish senses in regards to exploiting them with bait substances is not really needed today with the amount of commercial quality bait available now. But I can assure you that if saving a fortune in your bait costs (literally for life,) improving your catches, and staying ahead of the fish and competing anglers are your goals, then this fish senses and bait substances exploitation (of all fish senses) knowledge combined, is a huge advantage!

This is something few anglers will never understand nor appreciate the true power of because so many will simply be lazy and ignore it so offering you a huge gaping area to exploit in order to always stay ahead! For much more information on bait making, homemade and readymade bait adapting, and on improving the performance of homemade baits and readymade baits of all kinds that saves you money and that you catch more big fish, why get my unique carp bait secrets ebooks now at my dedicated site Baitbigfish!

By Tim Richardson.

About The Author
Now why not seize this moment to improve your catches for life with these unique fishing bibles: “BIG CARP FLAVOURS FEEDING TRIGGERS AND CARP SENSES EXPLOITATION SECRETS!” “BIG CARP AND CATFISH BAIT SECRETS!” And “BIG CARP BAIT SECRETS!” For these and much more now visit Baitbigfish; home of world-wide proven readymade and homemade bait success secrets bibles and free bait secrets articles!

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