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 "How To Make Cheap Carp Boilies Using These Powerful..." 
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Post "How To Make Cheap Carp Boilies Using These Powerful..."
How To Make Cheap Carp Boilies Using These Powerful Bait Secrets!
by: Tim Richardson

Everyone wants cheap bait these days but the big problem is that cheap often means rubbish! So how can you make a unique relatively cheap bait yourself that will catch loads of fish and fit your own budget that seriously ionises the water and impacts upon carp senses? Here are a few very big secrets every thinking carp angler who wants to keep ahead of the crowd needs to know!

The idea for this article came from my making a bait to test for myself today. Basically I was making baits using the flagship boilie bait base mix from Ccmoore called Odyssey super-boosting the mix to trigger as many carp senses as fully as possible simultaneously. But my problem was that there are crayfish in the lake I am going to fish and I did not fancy wasting much of my extremely high quality bait on bait-robbing crayfish! Of course I could simply use specially protective hook bait netting or shrink tubing over my hook baits but to me that is just not effective enough presentation-wise and I wanted my hook baits to be as natural as possible.

Now as I looked at possible ingredients to use there were many choices that would either harden the baits or make them more resilient to crayfish attentions. Things like extra casein, whey protein concentrate, blood powder, egg albumin, whole egg powder, whey gel, maize meal, and many others came to mind.

Recently I have been doing very well using homemade baits made based primarily on CW Baits carp pellet powder and their unique seriously potent salmon protein, their outstanding feeding trigger and emulsifier which is a high PC form of liquid lecithin added to their premium grade of Scottish salmon oil. This bait has a reasonable content of very cheap maize flour to help it bind along with more nutritional binders to harden it. And for me this has formed the cheap basis of a few very successful baits for big fish (and these baits go hard,) so this was another different option to use. (CW Baits is run by a koi feed specialist who really knows practical carp nutrition in bait design terms.

Now on the crayfish water where I will be fishing, I have tested these CW Bait ingredients-based baits and they have been really productive - hooking the biggest fish in the lake on the first day which was an upper thirty! Some of the secrets to this bait are a bit technical, and this cheap bait has a few more goodies added that make all the difference but more is revealed below! Those guys who already know a bit about the nutritional profiles of additives, ingredients and liquid substances for instance will certainly be interested in what I have to say.

So I added various low levels of specially chosen additves, liquids and other ingredients which are more expensive but used in low levels bring up the performance of the bait tremendously. Now the secret to these is not purely their nutritional profiles when combined, (nor their nutritional attraction,) but how they impact upon the water surrounding the bait and within the bait, added to what happens in regards to their components when contacting all those variously specialised and sensitive carp receptor cells.

To put things very simply, carp are not merely sensitive to substances and weak electrical fields in water, they are very sensitive to changes in water as a whole and in more isolated ways. In fact many commercial bait designers will deliberately exploit very cheap substances mainly to produce differences in water that attract carp and it is not necessarily the substance itself that attracts the carp directly; the majority of the cheap (and certain expensive) fishing flavours are very relevant here among many other examples of bait additives, ingredients etc!

OK now think of all those foods in the kitchen that go off fast due to bacterial action, them think of all those substances that preserve themselves against these effects! Now consider all those foods and ingredients that seem to cake or even turn to a liquid once the tin, box or packet has been opened. Here I am referring to just a few of many very powerful and well proven corner stones of effective bait design and bait-making including the way carp most efficiently absorb certain very short-chain peptides which are formed in part by beneficial bacterial enzyme action within their own gut.

Also I am referring to highly ionising substances and highly bioactive substances and things like metabolic and immunity stimulants etc, and those substances that contain significant concentrations of components carp are very highly sensitive to and which naturally trigger intensive feeding! (What about monosodium glutamate in Chinese meals or stimulatory nucleotides in Oxo cubes, among so many other familiar potential bait ingredients everyone can easily relate to!)

Anyone can make very cheap and effective homemade carp baits when some key secrets are properly understood and when the implications of their power are appreciated in practical terms. Ultimately everything comes down to energy! All atoms are hold together by subtle forces on a quantum level. These energies are actually what keeps us alive and what ultimately we eat food for - and it is just the same for carp.

Of course there has been talk about making baits very highly digestible and as energy-efficient as possible in recent publications, but this is really only a small part of the formula that you can exploit – for there are very many more that appear to be ignored completely maybe by a degree of ignorance; after all, absolutely no-one knows it all!

If your bait is sorted down to the first 3 limiting amino acids this will provide more energy to carp and carp are basically extremely efficient at getting the most from amino acids when compared to humans, but remember the aim is to hook fish not feed them. Most anglers want to catch fish instantly and not spend fortunes on readymade fishing baits to do it either!

So consider salt for a second. When you leave a bowl of it in air it ends up absorbing water molecules in the air and this forms a solution. This effect may seem strange in terms of carp baits but it is a crucially important factor in making baits perform better! This is in part due to changing the nature of water entering the baits and in changing water surrounding baits as a result of substances leaching out from baits that will potently impact upon carp senses and incite positive feeding!

There are very many ways to induce carp feeding in short and long terms, some very simple and others far more complex, but all exploiting various carp behaviours, re-training carp conditioning, and even altering adaptive senses and even exploiting addictive substances. These can exploit especially powerful hormone dumps and induce significant amino acid releases within the systems of the body creating an addictive feel-good factor for example that alters carp behaviours in our favour very significantly! But again let us start in simple terms because things can become as advanced as fast as you like in bait design!

Think about salt in water for instance. Salt is naturally ionic – i.e. it has very strongly electrically-charged ionic bonds. The actual water your carp are swimming about in is not pure hydrogen and oxygen but is packed with minerals (just for starters!) Please ask yourself now – what is salt? Now consider a car battery. When you charge one you can actually see bubbles generated by the chemical reactions going on. You can turn you bait into an attractive bait that purposely exploits subtle electrical energy that makes changes to water that carp very easily detect.

(Logically-speaking, it makes great sense in survival terms that carp are highly attuned to the changes in concentration of oxygen and carbonic acid too and again you can exploit such sensitivities as part of your bait design!)

OK now, salt in baits and ground baits polarises the bonds in water (which are relatively weak,) and this causes dissociation of the water molecules so they break down into ions. Non-technically speaking this forms brine or salt water solution which carp are definitely interested in for very many irresistibly strong reasons and not just due to it being essential in very many processes and roles in carp (and us!)

Similar things go on in terms of how carp detect substances in solution that surround them and they can detect strongly ionising substances very easily. The absorption and adsorption of water into baits is critical in getting your baits to function effectively and this hydration of baits also has very big implications when it comes to efficient carp digestion of your baits. Just how many dry food items low in water content can you think of that carp naturally digest and do you think they are evolved to best digest wet foods?!

This is just one reason why flavours based on bait-hydrating substances like glycerol, alcohol and other solvents are so easily detected by carp involving the permeability of baits and movements of liquids, particles and dissolved bait substances in solution and this is really your bait in action!

In fact this kind of movement and effective dispersal of very highly soluble substances leaching out of baits is just one reason why highly flavoured single-fished baits can be found so effectively when cast to the horizon at random! I could add that a vast number of the most effective bait substances are hygroscopic and this is immensely important – just think of betaine, Belachan, L030 fish protein, etc.

Other senses in combination are utilised when it comes to carp detecting non-glowing fake corn in the dark, but it is all the highly tuned senses of carp working together that we can exploit and use to our advantage or not; it is every carp anglers choice! For more information, all my unique bait secrets ebooks at Baitbigfish have been helping anglers just like you to improve their big carp catches over the past 3 years, so why not take a good look!

By Tim Richardson.

About The Author
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This article was posted by permission.

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