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 "How To Make Homemade Carp Boilies Totally Irresistible..." 
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Post "How To Make Homemade Carp Boilies Totally Irresistible..."
How To Make Homemade Carp Boilies Totally Irresistible To Big Wary Fish!
by: Tim Richardson

Protein based baits are famed for their attraction to big carp, catfish and barbel etc, but the protein impacts and effects in pellets, particles, boilies and various ground baits are very much enhanced with unusual extra ingredients and substances that you might not have associated with such fishing baits ever before! So find out more and catch more big fish on cheap thermogenic homemade baits and ground baits and improve your options for life!

One of the old traditional paste and boilie protein ingredients is sausage meat. This has a long proven record for catching carp and other big fish with a high energy need and is an oily bait ingredient that is made easier to digest with the addition of various spices (more on the reason for this below!) Proteins such as in sausage meat, poultry meal, the various molluscs and crustaceans such as mussel and krill and fish such as salmon and tuna for example, all have a thermogenic effect on the body.

These in effect raise the temperature of the body due to the heat energy resulting from chemical reactions during various processes that release the vital energy that sustains survival; such as the burning of glucose in cellular respiration. Other processes related to this are the burning of fats in the body and digestion and assimilation of food and the associated raising of the metabolic rate in the body.

Very many thermogenic substances enter the bloodstream directly and are instant in effect in humans and carp for instance! Basically, by leveraging thermogenic ingredients and substances in your carp baits of all kinds, you can raise energy levels in your carp, encourage them to feed much more on your baits and so improve your catches short and long-term!

Thermogenic substances and thermogenic elements of foods are very familiar common to us and include Aspirin. Aspirin is an anti-inflammatory and the subject of anti-inflammatory substances and effects in relation to metabolic rate and efficient energy generation are extremely significant in fishing bait design! In fact an element of krill (canthaxanthin) is one of the ingredients used in some of the leading weight-loss pills available today (alongside caffeine and ephedra,) and is so many say one of the reasons that the legendary carp bait additive called Robin Red, is so very effective! I believe ephedra of ephedrine fame in James Bond books for instance, is illegal in the UK (but who knows until you try getting hold of some!)

In thermogenics, fat is burned off by the body to enable various processes to happen such as digestion. Because the cells in your body are alive and breathing they need oxygen and the metabolism rate is adjustable to ensure you always get the right level of oxygen and energy supplied to keep your cells alive; very many carp bait substances do this.

Included in this list are fruit powders think of mulberry, acai berry, goji berry, cranberry and strawberry for instance, and garlic allicins for example. Cheese and garlic both have thermogenic effects so it is no surprise these are great in winter baits where carp metabolism rates benefit from them in low water temperatures. As it happens I have no doubt whatsoever that much of the success of the famous flavour called Tutti Fruitti is indeed due to its potent thermogenic and other bioactive impacts on fish far beyond simple smell and flavour implications!

You will most often experience very obvious thermogenic effects on your body when eating a hot curry. Again, it is no surprise that so many fruit, herb and spice extracts and essential oils are so effective when used in carp baits in winter! Think about it; what do you crave and what turns you on and gives your body an instant burst of energy? The caffeine in Coke, in chocolate, Red Bull and coffee and tea are easy examples but there are very many potent others besides for use in carp baits.

It has been suggested that the leading carp bait and ingredients supplier Ccmoore, use nettle powder in certain ground baits for the same powerful reasons and why they have developed their own extremely potent liquid additive called Red Venom and their Cantax Red 365 pellets designed for all year round use, and exploiting canthaxanthin. I have a bag of ginger powder I dip into for bait and cooking use for the same reason and red chilli peppers are probably the most well known example in terms of current fashions that have powerfully attractive impacts on carp in many ways, including long range attraction providing a protein-feeding response and obviously raising the body temperature and metabolic rate and naturally improving your chances of takes even in low temperatures in winter!

Ccmoore chilli extract is a very instant way to instantly give your bait an extra bioactive kick not just for winter baits and very importantly all ground baits and particles too, but all year round. You might well find that combining a number of essential oils together in your baits of all kinds also raises fish metabolism and your catch results big-time (these have produced bonus big fish for me again and again.) Ccmoore has chosen in their range the most reliable performing thermogenic and potently antioxidant (a vital factor in immunity-boosting) essential oils. It includes the legendary carp attractor aniseed oil and the popular but much over-used black pepper oil of course, plus geranium essential oil, clove oil and thyme oil. There are many others which simply just do not get known often because the sensible and more secretive anglers do not want others to be using them on their waters too (I have mentioned very many more of the top most potently reliable ones in my ebooks!)

You might not realise that components of essential oils are used in the production of some of the very most successful flavours and this includes the terpenes and phenols. (Thyme is very significant contribution in some great flavours!) It really makes scientific sense to add the most reliable and well proven thermogenic essential oils to your baits that need all the hep they can get for their proteins to perform at their best; essential oils really help in many various ways!

So if you want a very cheap homemade bait you might simply choose to make a very cheap soya and semolina bait, boosted with some whey protein concentrate or lactalbumin, or more economical poultry meal. (Poultry protein meal is highly thermogenic and equal in protein in many respects as many fish meals; chicken type baits have been extremely popular in recent years for big carp, catfish and barbel for instance!)

As an attractor combination, using enzyme-treated yeast with corn steep liquor powder and Feedstim XP powder is a bit different and each element is very highly proven! You will do very well using it alongside Ccmoore Liquid Salmon and Krill Extract, Liquid Super Slop and Liquid Red Venom for example. I have produced my own versions in the making baits ranging from homemade pellets and pastes to homemade boilies to making boosted readymade base mixes, like the Odyssey XXX, Meteor and Live System.

But even a cheap soya and semolina bait can be boosted with the addition of just a couple of additves. For example predigested fish meal, soluble fish protein, krill meal, squid flesh meal, blood powder, crunchy kelp meal, or even the highly attractive and soluble sodium and calcium caseinates (that like so many milk derivatives and fractions include special addictive properties!)

Adding chilli powder, blue cheese powder and concentrated garlic powder for instance, are great ideas for very many applications; from making cheap all year round baits, to bait dips, to boosting pellets and particles with unusual and potent homemade glugs that will really work! Why not see details of my unique carp and catfish bait making money-saving secrets ebooks right now at Baitbigfish (on Google etc) - they make very stimulating reading!

By Tim Richardson.

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