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 "Making Homemade Carp Boilies For Outstanding Big Fish..." 
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Post "Making Homemade Carp Boilies For Outstanding Big Fish..."
Making Homemade Carp Boilies For Outstanding Big Fish Captures!
by: Tim Richardson

I visited a predominantly small fish carp water yesterday for the first time and hooked one of the largest carp in there (one of the few upper thirties) after only 8 hours of fishing. But this was not surprising considering how thermogenically potent and naturally stimulating my homemade baits had been made - as you will see!

The successful bait I used that also caught another 8 fish that day and was Ccmoore Odyssey XXX base mix with liquids including the awesome Feedstim XP liquid and Liquid Super Slop (a range of naturally powerful feeding triggers) from Ccmoore. Extra Ccmoore squid liver extract, fermented shrimp powder, Feedstim XP powder, and spirulina powder was added to boost the base mix.

I added even more Ccmoore de-fatted green lipped mussel extract and added whey protein concentrate to keep my baits hard for a while against the crayfish that inhabited this lake! I would also have added some Liquid Shrimp Extract or Liquid Belachan Extract or Liquid Chilli Extract if I had some available or even the ideal partner for Odyssey XXX; i.e. liquid Odyssey XXX.

All the dry powders were thoroughly mixed together and the liquids and eggs were added next. My hook baits contained extra egg albumin, cork dust and limestone flour for extra resilient hard baits (with a bit of buoyancy to counteract the weight of the hook!) I could have saved myself the effort as Ccmoore sell extra hard hook bait base mixes but I simply had not looked at the site enough to notice them before I had already made them.

Once my baits were made, I steamed them instead of boiling them to retain as much natural nutritional stimulation as possible and dried them off with a liberal sprinkling of super pure betaine, spirulina powder and green lipped mussel extract to make the coagulated proteins in the surface of the baits more enticing. I made a bait dip that included the liquids previously mentioned and added some Liquid Mussel Extract and Liquid Bloodworm Extract and fine sea salt too.

I also chose to include a 50:50 mixture of Ccmoore Crab Essence and Frankfurter Essence flavours, alongside Crayfish Concentrate, Lactose B Plus Concentrate; unusual recipes pay-off big-time! I like to spread the natural triggers profile not just for nutritional value in particular but to strengthen, deepen and enrich the taste and smell profiles of the bait. It seems to work and there is much more to the success of doing this than meets the taste buds, nose or stomach or digestive tract!

Note: By adding low levels of some of the most potent natural trigger-containing additives you can boost cheap base mixes of all kinds; right from the simplest wheat, maize, rice, soya and semolina ones!

The water soluble or free amino acids leaching out of your bait are very effective in triggering intensive feeding and really attract fish to your baits. But it is very important also to include powdered proteins supplying amino acids too. This is so your bait works beyond the time liquid substances and more soluble substances have washed out of your baits. Big fish proven sources, uses and recipe combinations of very many of the most potent most well known triggers and other bioactives (plus much lesser known feeding triggers and attractors) are found in my unique ebooks.)

Finally because of the density and oily nature of some of the additives and ingredients used I added a very special substance to my baits for my trip yesterday. This was a liquid form of emulsifying lecithin. But this was not just any lecithin! The product I used was the highest potency form (and is in effect an outstanding nutritional feeding trigger just on its own!)

The specific lecithin I chose came from Phil at CW Baits (find him on line at CWbaits or carpfishingpellets!) This soluble liquid form of lecithin contributes enormously when you wish to enhance and improve your bait hydration, general bait performance and pulling power and vitally, your bait digestion! For far more detailed information why not see the contents of my unique carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks at Baitbigfish on Google etc; they make highly stimulating reading!

By Tim Richardson.

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This article was posted by permission.

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