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 How to Make the Most Out of Your Storage Kitchen Supplies 
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Post How to Make the Most Out of Your Storage Kitchen Supplies
How to Make the Most Out of Your Storage Kitchen Supplies
by: Arianna Jordan

No matter how large or small your kitchen is, you probably find yourself often thinking that you wish you had more space! When your kitchen space is limited, storage can become an annoying problem. There are a few suggestions you can follow, however, that will ensure you get the most amount of space out of your kitchen storage.

Using Vertical Space:

When your bench and cabinet space is becoming limited, it might be time to start thinking outside the box, and to start using up your vertical space. If it is possible, start storing items on top of wall-mounted cabinets. They are often a great place to store larger items such as cake pans, big crock pots, and pitchers. If this spot is difficult to reach, try to store items that you will not need to use very often. Alternatively, you can invest in a small step ladder, which you can usually pick up for around $50 to $70, for a hardy well-wearing ladder that you can use all over the house.

Another great way of making the most of cabinets is with organizing supplies that allow you to take advantage of all that unused vertical space. Plate cradles are a perfect example of this. Plate cradles allow you to store dinner plates and salad plates in an upright position, ultimately giving you more free space in your cabinets. By using vertical cabinet space, you free up space that would be used if those plates were stored horizontally. This will enable you to fit more plates in the same space, or use the extra space to store other items. You can pick these up for well under $15 a piece, making them an extremely cost-effective way of increasing storage capacity.

If you find yourself constantly hunting for small packets and cans, pouches and boxes, then expanding step shelves are the perfect solution. These three-tiered shelves fit neatly inside a cupboard or cabinet, and they are completely expandable, so you can fit them to most sized storage areas. By using up vertical space that would otherwise be wasted, these handy tiered shelves allow you to easily see all those smaller items that would otherwise get lost. They are a steal at well under $20 per shelf.

How to Deal with Odd Spaces

Every kitchen has at least one of those odd-shaped spaces where nothing will fit. Usually the space that is there is wasted because there is no easy way to organize it. Gaps between appliances and cabinets, and bench-top corners are prime examples of this. Those corners tend to become a catch-all for kitchen junk, circulars and other items that do not really belong there. The clutter most of the time just ends up giving your kitchen a disorganized.

Luckily, there are a lot of ways you can use this space in a more organized fashion, so you do not start falling victim to the clutter. One way is with a tiered corner shelf that sits snugly in that once un-useable corner. It is a great spot to hold condiments, salt and pepper, recipe books, vinegars and oils, and any other items you want to have close at hand.

Another once wasted space in your kitchen is those gaps between the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets. Often, you will end up with a space up to a foot wide that just will not fit anything useful. In many cases you just end up with space that is entirely wasted and looks unsightly. A ten-inch wide pantry caddy is a great item to fill up that space, and with half a dozen roomy shelves of differing heights, it is the perfect way to eke out a little more space in your kitchen. The caddy rolls on sliding casters that make it easy to roll in and out to access items, and it looks great in almost any kitchen. At just under $100 it is definitely better than choosing to remodel your entire kitchen.

More than Just a Door

Utilizing the space that cabinet and pantry doors take up is another good method for expanding the storage capacity of your kitchen. A door-mounted lid organizer that sits snugly on the interior door of a cabinet helps keep lids organized without taking up too much space. Add a pantry door rack to one or two pantry doors to instantly add extra storage space for bottles and packets, cans and pouches. You can view everything in a single glance and every item is easily accessible.

Do not forget that many wall-mounted organizers can just as effectively be mounted on the inside of a cabinet or pantry door, as long as they are a good fit. One example of this concept is an organizer for foil, plastic wrap, and other similar items. Wall-mounting these wraps is a great space-saver, and even more so if you mount the rack on a door that would not ordinarily be used as storage space.

About The Author
Arianna Jordan is a freelance writer who writes about cooking and baking, offering recipes and tips such as using certain kitchen supplies

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