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 Urban Films 
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Post Urban Films
Urban Films
by: Sid Kali

Who is Sid Kali? I've written, directed, and produced two full-length urban features, CONSIGNMENT and IN WITH THIEVES, plus have a third feature in production titled STASH SPOT.

Some people feel that when you attach the word urban to an independent film the story will be based on slices of life that unfold in housing projects or the barrio. Which do provide rich and colorful backdrops that reflect a slice of americana.

On the flip side urban culture has moved beyond the housing projects and barrios. Taking those attitudes and feelings into new environments. This opens up new backdrops for you to shoot urban films. You no longer are forced to only shoot in the inner city to produce urban films.

A few other hits urban movies take is that the production quality will be less than an art house film made on a similar budget. That urban movies don't have well written scripts and they all look the same style wise.

Many innovated filmmakers that love the urban genre are changing the way people think about that. They are putting out high quality urban movies made on indie budgets that are freshly entertaining.

The diversity of the urban genre continues to grow because the storylines are connecting with a larger audience by going beyond what you would expect to see in an urban movie. The elements you can fold into an urban drama are becoming more complex earning these films more respect.

Through networking I've connected with Irish-American filmmaker Mike O'Dea founder of Shamrock Films. He is currently in production with TOWNIES. A film about the Charlestown mob. Looks like a great urban movie being delivered from the viewpoint of Irish-American gangster character they can keep going back to do it the same way. As an artist at heart, I rebelled against this notion. “It thwarts the creativity process,” I railed. Well, turns out that they may have been on to something. While having things too tightly structured may be a hindrance to creativity, having a set way of going about songwriting in general may be a great help. For example, let’s say you are a California band and you really want to emulate the Eagles, so you go into the studio with the mindset that you’re going to write a Southern rock song in 4/4 time only using this standard set of chords. Chances are, you’re going to be a pretty boring band. But, if you go into it saying, this is the style of music I feel comfortable with, we’re going to come in every day at 8:00 a.m., whether we feel like it or not, write until lunchtime, whether what we write is any good or not, and then after lunch write for a couple of more hours. By building that habit of writing at a certain time, for a certain amount of time, you’re creating a process that will produce consistently good songs with some flashes of brilliance. The reason is not because the process itself makes you any better, but it does produce a considerable amount of work that lets you get your ideas down on paper. Later you can separate the wheat from the chaff, and you won’t feel rushed to turn out a masterpiece in a day to fill in that last spot on the CD.

That in a nutshell is what I tell those who ask me for advice on writing music. When I reflect on what else I could have told them I keep coming back to the same conclusion, that if I had gotten down to the nuts and bolts of lyricism and musical structure, it really would not have helped much. All of the knowledge in the world will not help you if you do not have that spark. There’s a certain intuitiveness to songwriting that no one can teach. It’s the same reason that I don’t write music very well. I know chords, scales, structure and theory, but putting it all together escapes me. So I putter along and if I come up with an interesting progression, I go to my friend Steve and he takes it and runs with it. When he’s done, he gives the finished product back to me and I add the lyrics. It’s a system that works well, and although we’ll never be famous, we have fun, because each of us knows our unique gift, and we’ve learned how to use them together.

About The Author

Kenny Auyoung: - Looking for a band? Search through thousands of musician’s profiles to find the right band members in your local area. Find musicians, start a band, and play music -

Copyright © 2001-Present

This article was posted by permission. ¹üÔ
67338f20a8'A New Approach To Old Guitar Techniques A New Approach To Old Guitar Techniques
by: Miguel Comulada

Have you ever felt that you just cannot get ahead on your guitar technique? Like even though there is plenty more to learn, you just cannot seem to make any progress? I know the feeling. It happens to all of us and it is quite natural. It's called getting "stuck in a rut".

How can I get out of this? you may ask. Well, I have found over the years that the best way to snap out of it is to look back. Yep, that's what I do. I go back to some older licks and try to incorporate them into my playing in a different way. I preferably go back to those guitar licks that I consider to be "too easy", or just "boring" for my current playing level and therefore I don't even play them anymore.

See, sometimes it's better to just take what you already know and sort of reinvent it.

Let me give you an example of what I'm talking about.

A few weeks ago I was going through a practice session. I was trying to learn this monster lick by Eric Johnson. I have been trying to get this lick down for over a month, and it didn't seem to be working out. Frustration was mounting, and with that - of course - my motivation level was going way down. It was like my playing ability had reached a plateau. Everything that I played seemed boring and pointless. Except that lick, that lick sounded new and refreshing, but for the life of me I couldn't get it down.

I decided to just put that lick to the side and try something else. I realized that sometimes is just better to walk away from it and try it later rather than getting burned out and frustrated. What I like to do is go back to some of the techniques that I know I can dominate and just try to give them a different voice.

I found this tape that I had recorded back in 1993 - that right there shows you the importance of recording your guitar playing. I suggest that you do so at least every other practice session and just listen to yourself, but thats a different article all together. Back to the subject!

There was some stuff on that tape that I didn't even remember I knew, and let me tell you, these old licks that I had left behind came back with a vengeance. It wasn't very hard to get them back since they were way more simple than the stuff that I was currently trying to learn. But the fact that I had forgotten about them, made them seem new.

Try playing those old licks in different keys, maybe an octave lower or higher. Try to add a bend here, a trill there and that type of thing. You might find some hidden jewels that you had all along.

Now go play!

About The Author

Miguel Comulada has been playing the guitar for over 20 years. He is the driving force behind the successful guitar community site Guitar Arsenal.

Copyright © 2001-Present

This article was posted by permission. øüÕ
2b288325c4.Automated Lead Systems Online with BurnBuilder· Automated Lead Systems Online with BurnBuilder
by: Peter Jones

Would you like to make money in the music business? Well with BurnLounge you can! BurnLounge is a company that is literally transforming the landscape of the way music is retailed throughout the world. Enjoy the real time fresh leads with automated lead system of BurnBuilder. BurnBuilder offers strong platform to run your customized online music business.

Burnlounge presents an unlimited potential for dynamic growth. The real time lead generated by automated lead system has made this business favorite of all music lovers. Be a part of this digital revolution and join us. You will find, making money has never been so easy and exciting before. It is never to miss business opportunity for all music lovers worldwide

BurnLounge has partnerships with the biggest names in the music business like Universal, Sony BMG, EMI, Columbia and Warner Bros and enjoys full access to their music catalogue. BurnLounge offers an incredible opportunity of having your own customizable music store together with customized playlists, song archives and more. Start selling music online with shared play list and earn just sitting at home. Every time a user purchases music from your site, you will earn money. BurnLounge offers the best way to have a recurring income.

If you write music, play music, record music and love music then BurnLounge is for you. For the first time ever, a business model that creates wealth for all – the musician, the retailer, the rights owner, the consumer.

Any new business will take time to surface, generate leads & sales and profits. A lot of efforts are made by marketing, sales and business promotion department to build a platform for consistent flow of leads and sales. But what if you have a readymade automated lead system in place to do all this for you?

BurnLounge offers funneled and qualified leads that have highest probability of conversion. The total process of managing your sales process has been automated – from putting up your back office, to marketing your site and generating leads. The leads generated by BurnBuilder automated lead system remains yours only. They are not sold or traded to others.

The professional experts at BurnBuilder use varied marketing tools to maintain consistent flow of qualified leads and this helps in ac gangster by putting him in a bandana and a flannel buttoned only at the top. You see that type of phony wardrobe in some really bad urban movies.

Whatever happens keep the show rolling.

About The Author

Slice Of Americana Films was formed in 2005 by Sid Kali to produce quality urban movies.

Copyright © 2001-Present

This article was posted by permission.

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