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 Turn Your Environmental Protest Into Action 
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Post Turn Your Environmental Protest Into Action
by: Robert Holland

It seems a little odd that oil can help the environment and save you dollars at the same time. Imagine going 25,000 miles on one oil change, better protection for your engine, and eliminating eight trips to the Oil Chaell as gaining access to over 400,000 manufacturing firms for every conceivable product you can dream of. I will go over why you should ALWAYS get a Provisional patent for anything you ultimately want to patent and or sell.

My name is Dave Korpi and I have been playing in the Patent game since I was 15.

I have always liked Patents. I think they are super cool! I like the "syntax", the drawings, and the "old fashion" look of them as well as what they represent.

I wrote my first "patent" (imagine a 15 year old writing it) in High School for a lock picking device for the 7 pin tumbler tubular "Ace" lock. I machined one in metal shop and went to a locksmith to show him how cool it was… Long story short, he told me I was a dope for making a lock pick that picked the lock in 45 seconds and allowed the lock pick to be put in a key cutting machine to make a new key in another 45 seconds.

He told me when someone loses a key to an Ace lock he made lots of money telling his customers that the locks were high security and could not be picked. Therefore, he had to use a $22.00 single use end mill to cut out the tumblers, ruin the $20 dollar lock, and install a new lock and cut 2 more keys for a total of $150 including the "service call". Or, should he have them watch him pick their lock in 45 seconds and cut new keys for only $12? Silly me! That was one locksmith's opinion. In the end someone REALLY did patent something like my idea.

Lesson: Get a provisional patent and believe in your idea. I will show you how it is done and you do not need hard to fill out PDF forms or "kits" to do it as I have seen discussed in various places.

What have YOU got to lose? Go for it and get it done now….Or someone else may do it before you and boy would that be a bummer!


Dave Korpi

About The Author
Dave Korpi is an EE and ME and holds over 12 patents for various fields of study and has written his 6 latest patents and 3 provisional patents for new inventions to be sold to various companies. Watch a short video about getting a provisional patent here:

Copyright © 2001-Present by
This article was posted by permission.Lüi
2273613d56.Ten Tips to Keeping Your Head During a Divorce by: Tomer Harel

Everyone gets married thinking it will last forever. We marry in hope, we marry in love. You planned a life together, decorated your house, you raised cats and dogs and rabbits and children. You've lived a life together. So no, it's not a happy day when you decide to get divorced. It can be dreadful, you can feel like an utter failure, and if there are children, it's even more difficult to retain composure. Unfortunately, there are so many wild emotions often involved in divorce, that many of them turn very nasty, as we can read in the scandal tabs every single day. Accusations are yelled, old secrets are blurted out in anger, and the upheaval can wreck everyone in the vicinity. So how is it remotely possible to get through this divorce without anyone losing their head?

The following ideas can help you keep the volcano under control... and make sure there is no permanent damage to anyone's emotions, especially the children.

1. Don't wait until the very last minute to discuss your relationship or the end of it. If issues are not discussed between you and your spouse and are aired only during the divorce proceedings, it can get nasty. Honesty and communication should be your guards during the relationship, and when it ends. Make sure you communicate between yourselves, and not through the children.

2. Take care in selecting the best solicitor for you. Often, family law solicitors get over enthusiastic and are a bit eager for the fight. Creating a scene in front of your ex-spouse and their solicitor is a very bad idea. It is preferable that you and your solicitor are in the same wavelength regarding the amicability of the separation.

3. If necessary, work with a marriage counselor during the divorce proceedings to work out the kinks, issues, resentments and bad blood between you. Try to avoid bringing these emotional issues to the divorce proceedings. This also enables you to find a way to communicate about and share your custody of the children, and can help avoid using the children as weapons during the proceedings (a big, huge NO NO).

4. Take personal responsibility for your part in the breakdown of the marriage. Nothing is ever one sided, and taking personal responsibility helps in being able to come to terms with the disintegration of the union. The divorce process is gut wrenching enough without flinging blame at one another. That saying "it takes two to tango" is true. It's never only one party's fault. Sometimes, it's no one's fault.

5. Find forgiveness in your heart. Both sides have done wrong. What is important now is you and your children's future. Concentrate on building a new life rather than harping on about the old.

6. In the event that you've accumulated a great deal of joint property, make sure you take the time to reach an equitable division of assets. If your wife cared for you during your professional years, take it into account. If you both worked and accumulated wealth together, divide it in such a manner that neither feels slighted. Try to understand emotional attachments that your ex-spouse may have for certain things, and find ways to work around them. This, of course, goes both ways.

7. If you cannot come to a reasonable division of property on your own, by all means hire a mediator. Mediators are professionals, often times solicitors, who assist people mediate their differences before they appear in front of a Justice. With a mediator, it is possible to reach common ground and avoid a wasteful prolonged battle in court.

8. Make absolutely sure you do not say nasty vengeful things about y

Mon Nov 09, 2009 10:33 am
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