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 Sweet News To Crumble Chocolate Myths 
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Post Sweet News To Crumble Chocolate Myths
Sweet News To Crumble Chocolate Myths
by: John Arthur

Or Mind-Blowing Myth Busters to Dispute10 Crazy Choco Superstitions and Why Chocolates Make PerfectGift Ideas!

If you are currently experiencing xocolataphobia, stop reading now! This is bad for your mental health. For the rest of us who crave, dig in and be saved. Discover how these sinful delights perfect as personal and corporate gifts can really send you to heaven.

MYTH 1: Chocolate is all sugars and lacks any nutritional value.

CRUMBLED: Since chocolate is produced from a plant, cacao tree, it contains healthy plant benefits like flavonoids and phytochemicals. It is also a good source of iron, magnesium, copper, and zinc.

MYTH 2: Chocolate is high in saturated fat and is bad for your cholesterol.

CRUMBLED: Fat content in chocolates do not significantly increase your cholesterol level. Of the three oils present, only one, palmitic acid, is a saturated fat. The other two, oleic and stearic acids even have health benefits.

MYTH 3: Chocolate is high in caffeine.

CRUMBLED: The caffeine content in chocolate is significantly lower than that in tea or cola and is equivalent only to that of a decaf.

MYTH 4: Chocolate causes cavities.

CRUMBLED: Cavity is formed when bacteria metabolise any sugars left in the mouth and transform it into acid that attacks the tooth’s enamel. Therefore it is a result of poor hygiene. Scientists have even found out that cacao contains beneficial phosphates that minimise the effects of sugars on the mouth and antibacterial properties that help counteract tooth decay.

MYTH 5: Chocolate causes headaches.

CRUMBLED: A study by the University of Pittsburgh revealed that there is no link between chocolate and headaches.

MYTH 6: Chocolate causes acne.

CRUMBLED: Dermatologists doubt that diet plays a vital role in the development of acne, so why blame chocolates? Turns out, acne is caused by high bacteria levels and oil on skin or when pores are blocked and infected.

MYTH 7: Chocolate causes weight gain

CRUMBLED: Contrary to what everyone thinks, most overweight do not really take in excessive amounts of sugar-rich foods. Most people tend to overestimate the calories in chocolate when a normal bar has low amount of sugars. Occasional intake of chocolate is even helpful because it reduces the risk of severe bingeing that occurs when you feel deprived of your favourite foods.

MYTH 8: Chocolate causes heart disease.

CRUMBLED: Chocolate contains a class of chemicals called phenolics that help lower the risk of heart disease. A small bar of dark chocolate everyday may even help keep the heart and cardiovascular system run well.

MYTH 9: Chocolate causes allergies.

CRUMBLED: Other types of foods actually cause allergies to different people and scientists say allergy to chocolates is very rare, around 1 in 500.

MYTH 10: Chocolate causes cancer.

CRUMBLED: Chocolates,especially dark chocolate, contain flavanoids or antioxidants that protect the body from aging caused by cancer-causing free radicals. So theyin fact help prevent the growth of cancer cells.

Who would have thought something this sweet actually has many benefits? Now you know gobbling those bars of chocolates should not make you feel guilty. Go ahead and surprise your loved ones with that mouth-watering sensation. You can even give them as business gifts to keep working relations healthy and sweet.But as always, remember to take everything in moderation.

About The Author
Box of Treats is an online store offering the best chocolates and lollies made from Australia. Whether you’re looking for personal or business gift ideas, Box of Treats provides staggering choices of only the best quality from the most trusted brands. They deliver Australia-wide.
The author invites you to visit:

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