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 "Martial Arts Book Review: Krav Maga-How to Defend..." 
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Post "Martial Arts Book Review: Krav Maga-How to Defend..."
Martial Arts Book Review: Krav Maga-How to Defend Yourself Against Armed Assault by Sde-Or & Yanilov
by: Shawn Kovacich

Being the author of several books on the martial arts and fighting, I am always looking for books of exceptional quality to add to my library. If I have a book in my library, it's definitely worth owning. One such book is Imi Sde-Or and Eyal Yanilov’s, "Krav Maga: How to Defend Yourself Against Armed Assault."

This book starts out with a basic definition of Krav Maga and the basic principles behind the self-defense system and the techniques in which it encompasses. I am a firm believer in the underlying principles being far more important to a particular technique than the technique itself, and I am glad to see that the authors of this book feel the same way. Throughout the entire book, each section begins with the basic principles on which the techniques are based and how they are to be applied. This is a true sign of an excellent martial arts/self-defense book.

The next chapter takes a look at various ways of holding a knife during an attack. As well as, a few defenses that can be used against an imminent knife attack. These defenses are primarily against stabbing attacks. One negative comment that I must make concerning this book is the authors’ use of high section kicks to the head as a counter to a knife attack. Although I will be the first to admit that it is possible, it is not something that I personally would recommend that anyone try, even if you are extremely adept at high section kicks. It would only take one small mistake for you to end up a hen instead of a rooster, if you know what I mean.

The following chapter goes over several various techniques that can be used when you are threatened by someone with a knife. This is quite a bit different than being attacked by someone with a knife, and is some cases, is a lot more dangerous. This is followed by a chapter on various defensive techniques that can be used if you are attacked by someone yielding a stick.

The next couple of chapters really bring out the meat and potatoes of Krav Maga. That is the sections dealing with defenses against an opponent armed with a firearm. The first section briefly explains the difference between a revolver and an automatic pistol. It then jumps right in on how to deal with threats from an attacker yielding a handgun, and how to disarm them. The second section deals with how to defend against attacks with a rifle, shotgun, and submachine gun. Although these things may seem a rarity in American society, they are all too real in Israel where Krav Maga was born. Therefore, I tend to believe that these can be effective. However, in my opinion, you should only try them as a last resort.

I found the next chapter to be quite unique, especially the section on how to deal with a hand grenade. I surely hope that I never am faced with a situation where this becomes an issue, but if it does; this book shows some very practical ways to deal with it. After the hand grenade portion, this section goes into a detailed look at how to handle a situation where you aren’t the person directly threatened, but a third party is. For example; say a friend or loved one. Now I have numerous books in my personal library and have read even more, and I don’t recall ever having read a book that dealt with this particular subject. Even though it was a brief section, I still found it very insightful and worthy of an entire volume on its own.

The authors also include a small section on the use of common everyday items that you can use as weapons to defend yourself against an attacker. The items mentioned in this chapter include the following: pens, forks, mops, pencils, keys, coins, etc.

The next two chapters go over some basic defensive uses of the stick against an attacker with a knife, and also against an attacker with a stick. As with all the technique chapters in this book, the very first thing that is discussed by the authors is the principles behind the techniques. This is followed by some basic defensive maneuvers that you can do with a stick to defend yourself against an armed attacker.

This next chapter, like the previous one on dealing with a third party being attacked instead of you, was very unique in that it deals with how to defend yourself against an attack by not one, but two armed attackers. Even though it was a brief section, I still found it very insightful and worthy of an entire volume on its own.

Now I have to admit to a bit of confusion concerning these next two chapters, “Principles Behind the Defensive Techniques” and “Dealing with a Violent Incident” would, in my opinion, been more effective right at the beginning, rather than at the end. But that’s just me.

The book finishes off with separate sections devoted to various training methods, safety issues in training, and a brief history of Krav Maga. This system is one of the few newer systems to come around that was actually born and developed on the modern day battlefield. This was done by taking various components from other fighting arts and incorporating it into their own unique fighting system. This makes it a very effective means of self-defense, not only on the battlefield, but also on the street. To learn more about the authors and/or Krav Maga visit this web site:

About The Author
Shawn Kovacich has been practicing the martial arts for over 25 years and currently holds the rank of 4th degree (Yodan) black belt in both Karate and Tae Kwon Do. Shawn has also competed in such prestigious full-contact bare knuckle karate competitions as the Shidokan Open and the Sabaki Challenge, among others. In addition to his many accomplishments, Shawn is also a two time world record holder for endurance high kicking as certified by the Guinness Book of World Records. Shawn is the author of the highly acclaimed Achieving Kicking Excellence™ series and can be reached via his web site at:

Copyright © 2001-Present
[Note: Due to a size limitation, the title, above, had to be abbreviated. Apologies to the author and - Admin]
This article was posted by permission.

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