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 Learn About The Best Chef-Knife 
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Post Learn About The Best Chef-Knife
Learn About The Best Chef-Knife
by: Kathy Smith

The purpose in sharing the contents found within the article would be to help you get hold of the ultimate superior quality kitchen knife at a very reasonable price.

I adhere to one personal and special theory that many people don't usually think of when they're ready to buy their knives. What I believe is rather than buying that seventeen piece set that promises you would need every one, I'd prefer to buy a minimum number of quality knives which will definitely ensure 99% completion of any knife related tasks.

Your cooking style wouldn't dictate the kind of knife you'd be getting, but always stick to anything basic when you are buying knives. The two most useful knives would be: a serrated & a chef's knife.

A chef's knife holds a characteristic of having a very straight and very sharp-edge feature, usually measuring approximately eight to ten inches in its span. This type of knife is definitely useful in approximately 80% of knife related duties.

Serrated knives should include features like: long, sharp and jagged edges which will allow the knife to cut through soft and tender objects such as tomatoes and bread.

The two mentioned knives cover approximately ninety five percent of any kitchen duties. I may opt not to use other knives because the 2 ones would already be sufficient.

Although there are certain instances that it is important to get specialized knives to perform certain tasks that both these knives wouldn't be performing accurately. Some examples would include a paring knife/kitchen scissors. But then again the 2 basic knives would still be better in performing any special tasks.

If buying any of the 2 basic knives we have been mentioning be keen in checking those forged-blade knives rather than those stamped-blade ones. Telling them apart is easy; their difference lies in their handles, a forged-blade's knife's hand-molded., while the stamped-blade knife was pressed using some machine.

The forged-blade knife naturally comes superior compared to that of a stamped-blade knife. Its huge advantage would be their durability. When using a stamped-blade knife especially when its blades are loose, you might cut yourself accidentally. While using a forged-blade knife together with appropriate care and maintenance, will last one lifetime & by far safer to use.

By now you have understood the qualities to check for when you buy a forged-blade knife, other contributing factors in searching for the ultimate best knife includes the dimensions of the knife.

As a 'rule of thumb' whenever choosing the knife's size. Check the length of the cutting or chopping board that you'd use often, and then measure the board diagonally. Purchase knives which are approximately equal or perhaps one to about two inches less than the total size of your cutting or chopping board.

Always think that during buying knives, this kitchen equipment is truly a huge investment. Imagine the convenience it would bring the user. Together with quality and appropriate care and maintenance a forged-blade knife could last one lifetime. Also check the knife's maintenance-package and really take extra care with it by reading the instructions and following them carefully

When sharpening your knives, there are many tools available today. But my most favored would be that steel-sharpening rod & that two-stage 'knife sharpener', I usually don't prefer using those electric ones. What's also great when using regular sharpening models is that they actually cost approximately half as much and performs equally the same superior job.

When looking in enhancing kitchen productivity, getting quality knives is the ultimate best step to achieve that. I did suffer using those cheap stamped-blade knives. It was only recently that I realized that together with great techniques and that quality superior-knife. I now can definitely cut about 1/2 the time on my slicing, dicing & chopping duties.

Good Luck!

About The Author
Kathy is a food lover! You can check out her very popular Best Recipes on where she shares some of her Best Dessert Recipes and Best Dinner Recipes on ... t-recipes/ and ... r-recipes/

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