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 Play the Native American Love Flute and Make New Discoveries 
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Post Play the Native American Love Flute and Make New Discoveries
Play the Native American Love Flute and Make New Discoveries
by: John Stillwell

The Native American Love flute will enable you to experience yourself in a new way. The Indian flute allows you to interface with a higher reality. Music is a part of the fabric of Creation. When you are making your own music you are bringing the sounds of Love into the physical dimension. Start playing your own music with the Love flute and begin a personal growth process that is beyond description.

The Love flute is not just another object in your life. The Indian flute brings a certain spirit with it. A spirit of integrity and respect for all that is. The optimal musical experience is one that is spontaneous and full of relaxed expectation. There need be no fear and apprehension. Music flows into creation. We can become conduits for the musical vibration to fill time and space with sound.

Allow the child within you to be expectantly present. But, don't be anxious. Center yourself. For a moment just sit quietly and look at you Native American flute. Realize that your flute is here to further a process of growth and transformation. If you stay in this calm inner and outer space good, new things will come into your life.

Now pick up your flute and blow into it gently. Hear your flutes first musical sound. Blow gently and hear the Love flute speak for the first time. What did it feel like? It felt good, a thrill went though your. Musical sound is positively stimulating. This is a feeling that says I'm excited, I'm alive.

We must guard against letting our old programs of success and failure enter into the experience. When you anticipate success or failure your a activating old negative conditioning. Better known as hang-ups. The flute space is a sacred space. We should not let negative thoughts and feelings enter here. If you spot one examine it. And let it go. This is one of the most important lessons that the Native American flute has to teach. Let it go. Life is fun. Remember we are playing music - not working music.

The Indian flute says the music is magic. Not only are we bringing the sounds of love into the world. The Indian flute can be a mirror into the self. Smile in that mirror because everything is all right.

Now put your fingers over the holes. This is where the programming can start to really kick in - a place we feel anxiety about getting it right, about being good. Oh my god what if I fail. Just let it go. The flute music will take its own time to reveal itself. When you start learning to play the Indian flute your body will begin to develop new muscle memory. . Muscle memory is a fascinating thing. The body just loves to learn new things and memorize new physical activity. As you begin to play you are starting to create an instrument on which the flute can play itself.

When you start opening and covering the holes of the Love flute the body begins to program itself. Now no one does it perfect the first time. It takes a different kind of effort when we try something new. The important lesson here is that you're just fooling around like a kid discovering a new toy. No uptightness, just play. Think about the word play for a minute your playing you're playing with a flute. What could be simpler or easier than that? When you are done with your flute playing however or long it may be remember to thank your God for this opportunity to experience the life and love of our beautiful world.

About The Author
Hello, my name is John Stillwell. I make and play Native American Love flutes. I live and work in the Mojave Desert near Joshua Tree California. the Indian flute is a continuing source of discovery and enjoyment. For information about me and the craft of making Indian flutes visit my website
The author invites you to visit:

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This article was posted by permission.

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