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 Tea Party 
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Post Tea Party
Tea Party
by: Matthew Goudge

At all times, Tea is connected as a khaki-colored mixture, brewed from leaves, leaf buds, and additional plant parts served before or after meals, which can be either warm or cool. Just for a few it’s not exactly a simple drinking; it is a path of lifetime, a social bequest, a console, and an art.

In the past if you took "afternoon tea" or "high tea" it was a glint of your swarming abiding. Afternoon Tea was a lightly graceful meal answered between a lightly lunch and late dinner, generally between 3 o'clock and 5 o'clock, and was mainly restricted to the gentry with their easy lifestyle. High Tea was a more satisfying meal, admitting meat and/or fish, and was actually an too soon dinner which easily suitable the center and lower classes after a long day at work.

As times and lifestyles converted, the fame of the elegant afternoon tea declined, but has seen revitalization in recent years as people once again relish its elegance. This elegant break quick built up into a stylish swarming effect and broadcast where afternoon dances were called "tea dances." On the 1880's, comfortable, society women had closets including long robes, glove and hats specially for afternoon tea. Service was extremely stylised, with real particular rites for attending the tea, normally in the drawing room between four and five o'clock. The function called for enjoyable conversation amidst the most beautiful table settings, offering the hostess an chance to flash her best china and linens and to answer her frailest cookies and cakes.

As exercise, tea party was and is rather compact, lasting 1 to 1 1/2 hours, allowing just enough time for a luscious bite and enough of conversation generally regular from mid to late afternoon. An afternoon tea theme may also be in use for a wedding reception, exhibitor, or big afternoon party, as long as the starting time is between 2:00 PM and around 4:30. At a big party, coffee or even punch or iced tea may be expanded the card. Evening teas getting after dinner are also at times regular.

At the party, everything is based on the table .The food is cooked before the invitees come, and is either conferred into a counter style, or by just departure dentures of goodies at the table. This much includes tasty, bite sized sandwiches, scones or biscuits, and sweets. The only thing that demands to be helped is the tea itself, admitting the hostess to have deal of time with her invitees and be made relaxed and delight the case itself rather than running back and forth to the kitchen.

Napkins and little plates are heaped, but cups are based on their saucers, not built. Each person takes a little spoon for agitating the tea, and a spreader, or butter knife for spreading a scone with clotted cream, but knives and forks for eating on interpose on the rest and sociability of the event. The party is held comparatively small so that everybody can be sitting around the table or in armchairs with an end table nearby for them to place their cup and saucer and other table appointments. No invitees answer their own tea, instead the hostess serves everybody, adding sugar and lemon or cream as requested. At one time it was customary to first decant small milk into the teacup. It was thought that the alright porcelain cupful may crack if the warm tea was pelted flat into the empty cup. At bigger parties, admirers of the hostess are asked to serve. It is all the same believed an honor to be asked to "pour" or serve tea at someone's tea party.

Tea Party Preparation

If you want to make your tea party to be unforgettable, here are some propositions and formulations that will help:

1. Prepare and begin with originative invitations.

2. Purchase or borrow the essential items for your tea gatherings.

- 1 or more china teapots
- Cups and saucers may with a variety of patterns.
- Cutlery this includes teaspoons, small fork for lemon slices in a dish, serving utensils for cake, forks, and - knives for jam.
- Sugar bowl with tongs for serving sugar. Always use sugar cubes
- Milk Containers. Serve milk, not cream.

3. Pick out for classical or vintage type of music.

4. Use candles to create ambiance.

5. Plan and prepare a colorful variety of petit fours, scones, sugar cookies, and of course, chocolate.

6. Set out corsages of pink and white flowers.

7. Take Polaroid snapshots of invitees to add to the fun and chatter.

8. Ask invitees to dress up complete with heels, hats, and gloves

Tea for the Party

Teas are sold either in tea bags or loose tea leaves. At a time, loose tea with its big leaves had a master flavour as tea bags were built with broken in tea leaves and siftings that acquired a harder, darker tea. The introduction of good quality tea bags has exchanged that and at once the choice between easy tea leaves or tea bags is based more on personal preference.

There are fantastic classification good teas usable now. The three main types are: Black, Oolong or Red, and Green Tea. Assam, Ceylon, China Caravan, Darjeeling, Earl Grey, English breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Keemun, Kenya, Lapsang Souchong, Nilgiri, Orange Pekoe, Rose Pouchong, Russian, and Yunnan are Black Teas. Formosa/China Oolong and Formosa/China Pouchong are Oolong or Red Teas, and Gunpowder and Jasmine are Green Teas Tea.

Caddies can be accustomed stock both tea leaves and bags. A little container, once lockable to keep servants from creeping the expensive tea leaves, it keeps tea leaves fresh for up to 2 years and tea bags for approximately 6 months.

Tea Preparation:

1. Allow at least a pint of tea for each person; this is sufficient for three average tea cups-full.

2. Fill up a tea boiler with purified water and set on stove to boil.

3. Warm up your china teapot by running hot water thru it from the faucet. This will keep your tea warmer for a bit longer.

4. Add your teabags or tea-filled infuser to the teapot using 2-3 tea bags for 4 guests.

5. Pour the boiling water cautiously into your teapot and wait 5 minutes, then move out teabags

6. Remember that China Teapots are better at keeping tea warm. Surround teapot with a stylish tea cozy for extra insulation.

I hope you have learned a little history of tea parties and how to throw a tea party like a champ. Enjoy your party and save a cup for me.

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About The Author
Matthew Goudge is the mastermind behind the formation of the Pro Chef 360 platform.

Chef Matthew has been in the culinary field for a mere 21 years.

His first steps in the field of article writing began at the tender age of nineteen; whereby he contributed a weekly story for a local newspaper in coastal New South Wales, Australia.

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