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 Need To Know About Coffee Flavor 
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Post Need To Know About Coffee Flavor
Need To Know About Coffee Flavor
by: Samehta Capella

For most of us, the freshly brewed smell of coffee is the morning wake up call. Morning coffee is more than a morning ritual. It is a time to relax and enjoy exotic flavors while buried in the day’s newspapers. With so many different flavors of coffee, it is not possible to figure out which are the better ones. It is also a subjective matter as individual tastes differ. You should experiment with different varieties to see what appeals most to your taste buds. After extensive research market analysts have arrived at the following as some of the most popular coffee flavors: .

Medical experts would say water is definitely better for your health than soda. There is vitamin water available that are no more than bottled water with coloring, vitamins and flavor. Instead of buying this type of ready-made flavored water, you can exercise your imagination and add many things to water at home to make water more enjoyable to drink. Most of us are aware of the term electrolytes used for marketing for energy drinks. Please note that electrolytes are just ions that are found in common table salt. Adding a little bit of salt to water helps your body absorb the liquid more quickly. As long as you add a pinch of salt and not more, the water should quench the thirst, and act as a recuperative agent since the body loses salt through sweat.

Chocolate: That chocolate is the most favored flavor for many needs no reiteration. Chocolate flavors can be either sweet or bitter. The smooth texture that it adds to the coffee is something really extraordinary.

French Vanilla: This is a blend of vanilla and cream that makes coffee a perfect drink. This combination comes in all sorts of types

Espresso: People coming from Europe will settle for nothing less than a good cup of Espresso coffee. In Italy, you can enjoy this cup of coffee with its strong and truly wonderful flavor. The best espresso should have a powerful aroma, and flavor similar to freshly ground coffee. The cream should be dark reddish-brown and smooth, yet thick. A pleasant and aromatic aftertaste should linger on the palate for several minutes after you consume genuine espresso coffee.

Hazelnut: This is yet another wonderful blend of coffee that coffee lovers clamor for. The unique feature of this flavor is you will get an even taste, one that is not too bitter and not too sweet.

Amaretto: This type of coffee will unfailingly offer you a little zing because it is made to taste like the Italian liquor.

Dark Roast: There is something amazing about this flavor and all coffee lovers should try this flavor.

Kona: This is an exotic coffee that is unlike all other known coffee flavors. It has a subtle taste of citrus that is just enough to excite you.

The birthplace of coffee, Africa grows some of the world’s finest coffee beans. From its musky aroma to its floral and fruity taste, Kenyan AA Extra Bold from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is certainly the most prized variety of African coffees.

Island Coconut Coffee from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is appreciated for its fresh, fruity aroma and creamy coconut flavor. Mixed with ice and a splash of coconut rum, this coffee makes a fantastic after-dinner drink.

Sugar Bush Maple Coffee is a true taste sensation for maple syrup lovers. Unlike other blends which make use of cinnamon and maple flavorings, Sugar Bush Maple provides the taste and aroma of pure maple syrup.

The panel of coffee lovers, who had done tasting of different coffee flavors, opined flavors like hazelnut and amaretto topped the list when asked for their all time favorite from among less known flavors.

Next on the list were the dessert coffee types. Of these, the chocolate and raspberry combination seemed to be the most popular, with peppermint is close second. Other popular flavors were caramel and toffee, as well as the ever popular French vanilla.

There were some of the more uncommon types of flavored coffee available in several different fruit flavors. These unusual flavors came in varieties such as Blueberry flavored coffee, orange coffee, and even apple flavored coffee.

About The Author
Samehta is a Copywriter of flavored water, Clear liquid flavor, Bottled water .She written many articles in various topics such as coffee flavors, flavored bottled water, bottled drinking water . For more information visit: .

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