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 Benefits of Splenda over Sugars 
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Post Benefits of Splenda over Sugars
Benefits of Splenda over Sugars
by: Mike Cole

These days, choosing to substitute Splenda for other types of table sugar can make a huge difference for many people. From cutting calories to making it possible to enjoy foods that would otherwise be off hazardous to our health, Splenda is well worth the consideration to include in your daily diet. There are many benefits associated with Splenda that make it the ideal choice over other sugars.

Without a doubt, one of the most appealing benefits of using Splenda over other sugars is the taste factor. Compared to other artificial sweetening options, Splenda is easily considered the better option. Because the taste is almost identical to that of granulated sugar, many people are hard pressed to tell the difference. In fact, there are plenty of people that tend to report less of an aftertaste with Splenda, an effect that is often experienced by anyone who tries to use an artificial sweetener instead of table sugar.

Splenda is capable of providing health benefits for you that other sugars simply could not adhere to. While there are a number of sweeteners that work well in cold substances, finding something that will retain a pleasant taste when used for baking is very difficult. Splenda can function equally well in both cold and hot recipes. While the applications vary, the sweetener does make living without sugar a lot easier to manage.

Because Splenda measures exactly like granulated sugar, it is easy to substitute the product in many different recipes. Along with sweetening drinks, it is also possible to substitute the sweetener in any recipe, where the sugar does not add to the texture. For example, preparing meringues and whipped toppings for desserts are simple, requiring nothing more than minor alterations to the original recipes. Baked goods such as cakes and muffins can be prepared by using Splenda with a decreased amount of sugar or honey, effectively cutting the caloric intake by half or more. Pies, custards, and even homemade ice cream can remain delicious while still keeping the calories within reason.

Calories are one of the main concerns of people who desire to slim down. With zero calories per teaspoon, Splenda can help cut daily caloric intake in a variety ways. For example, this sweetener can be used instead of sugar in your morning coffee and perform the same function in iced tea later in the day. People who love soda but want to avoid the extra calories found in most soft drinks can easily choose a diet drink that is sweetened with Splenda. Dry, soft drink mixes can also be prepared using this artificial sweetener instead of table sugar.

For some people, the benefits of Splenda are not about keeping the intake of calories in check. Anyone living with Type I or II diabetes is well aware that sugar is a carbohydrate that can cause blood glucose levels to spike, sometimes to dangerous levels. For this reason, many diabetics avoid or severely limit the use of table sugar. Without a viable sugar substitute, this can mean that many favorite foods must be removed from the diet as well. Splenda can change that and allow many diabetics to once again enjoy their favorite sweet treats. With a taste that is easily superior to other sugar substitutes, the sweetener makes it possible to still avoid consuming too many carbs during the course of the day and still enjoy something sweet now and then. It is not unusual for diabetics to prepare homemade treats, such as cookies, while using Splenda. When paired with an alternative flour, such as garbanzo bean or oat flour, the use of Splenda produces a low carbohydrate treat that helps satisfy the sweet tooth without causing blood sugar levels to soar.

With the approved endorsement from The American Diabetes Association, Splenda is also ideal for use in puddings, cheesecakes and different types of custard. It is even possible to bake a cake using Splenda by adding in a half cup of dry milk and a half teaspoon for every cup of Splenda used in the recipe. This approach eliminates more carbohydrates from the final result, making it possible for anyone with diabetes to enjoy a slice of their favorite cake from time to time.

There is one other area where Splenda has an advantage over other sugars. Unlike table sugar and similar options, Splenda does not leave behind a residue on your teeth that can help promote tooth decay. As a result, the specific bacterium that actually causes the decay never has a chance to develop. People who want to enjoy sweets, but are trying to watch out for their dental health, would highly benefit from using Splenda instead of other options.

As the popularity of Splenda has grown, cookbooks containing recipes using the beneficial sweetener have become very common. The manufacturer of Splenda, McNeil Nutritionals, has also offered many recipes to interested customers. Other recipes have been developed by the consumers, people who know and work with this amazing product daily. If you need to cut calories, or watch your intake of carbohydrates, learning to cook with Splenda can greatly benefit you in many ways.

About The Author
Mike Cole is a freelance writer who writes about dieting and fitness often focusing on a particular product such as Splenda.

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