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 Making Everyday a “Green Diet Day” - Part 2 of 2 
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Post Making Everyday a “Green Diet Day” - Part 2 of 2
Making Everyday a “Green Diet Day” - Part 2 of 2
by: Bob Kobra

(Check out the first part of this article on this site, or at )

To enjoy a healthy daily meal, you should also include organic fruits and vegetables in your menu. Your favorite natural fruit juices can also add to your daily fruits and veggies. It has been researched and found that due to nutrient depletion from over farming land, the nutrients found in an apple today, contains about 20% of the same apple 20 years ago. People today must work hard at getting the vital nutrients and vitamins their bodies need, and many find it best to use homeopathic supplements. This ensures that our bodies get what they need, and saves the body from the toxins and chemicals they would otherwise ingest.

The land being over farmed is creating more than just nutrient depletion problems. It is also a large cause of soil erosion. Layers of top soil being washed away due to lack of roots, and being stripped away. Farmers on the cutting edge prefer naturally grown items. Many crops are being used to replenish the earth and soil with nutrients, such as hemp and bamboo. These types of crops not only restore nutrients, but can be grown very quickly and with no harmful chemicals. They are found to be far superior to current crops and plants being used for food, medicinal purposes, building materials, and clothing.

Unless your food is certified organic, chances are pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers have been used to "aid" in the production of your food. This is mainly done to maximize a farmers output and quality. The irony of this is that in fact, it is dumping poisonous substances into our bodies. It does not stop with our crops either. From chicken to fish to beef, animals these days that are farmed for food, are given hormones, steroids and other drugs to keep them healthy, and aid them in growing faster. Once again, at the sacrifice of the consumer. Many of the ill effects from these toxins can go unnoticed for long periods of time. This simple fact is the only reason I can possibly imagine why it is aloud at all. That, and money of course. Just to show how much money has an influence on our farmers and what we eat, note that the food pyramid, you know there one which most people use to eat "healthy" every day, was created by dairy farmers.

Many people suffer every day due to illnesses they cannot figure out, or that are mis-diagnosed. Several of these illnesses and ailments can be avoided and cured by getting into the simple habit of minimizing processed and chemically altered foods, and maximizing nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fresh organically grown foods. Eating and cooking in a natural way and not relying on artificial flavoring and ingredients, will be a prelude for your healthy living.

Just remember it is a great accomplishment and comes with a feeling of superb satisfaction when we make everyday a healthy green diet day.

About The Author
Kobra is a regular person who likes to voice his opinion on several topics. He is devoted to helping others, in any way possible and tries to do so in all of his articles and businesses. One of his current projects is working on the organic clothing store, . They strive to bring organic and earth friendly clothing and accessories to people who care about the planet and keeping it a beautiful place. Please share your opinions here, as well as at his blog at

Visit the author's web site at:

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This article was posted by permission.

Thu Dec 09, 2010 11:43 am
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